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School Bus Dragster In Jackson South Carolina
School Bus Dragster In Jackson South Carolina

9 years ago    939,342 views    guest
"Drifting a bus"
"Drifting a bus"

8 years ago    264,745 views    VovaN
VW T1 Bus that OWNS everything on the track !!Ri
VW T1 Bus that OWNS everything on the track !!Ricers, lotus Elises, Beemers... EVERYTHING !

7 years ago    180,432 views    8c40e1f2
pimp my ride volkswagen bus
pimp my ride volkswagen bus

5 years ago    35,123 views    speedboy
Bus Crash Test
Have you ever wondered what a bus looks like when its crash tested??Thanks to the TRC team for their contributions to the NHTSA Database. Visit my YouTube channel at:

6 years ago    49,616 views    carpro1017
Bus Crashes into Audi
Bus Crashes into Audi

8 years ago    65,382 views    Boosted Dub
2010 Toyota Prius Unintended Acceleration Fix
2010 Toyota Prius brake problems. Easy fix, amazing documentary. This is for all the idiots out there that belong on the bus, get off the road, and stay off if you can not stop your car.

4 years ago    21,426 views    DaPixelater
Bus driving house in Vilvoorde: 4 injured
In Vilvoorde is around 15.00 a De Lijn bus wheeled into an apartment building. Four people were injured. Two of them are terrible state, the others were lighter injuries. The first bus was hit by a car which the bus departed from his job.

4 years ago    49,605 views    JoeCarren
VW Bus with Big Block. Crazy!!

2 years ago    12,470 views    glonk
Top Gear Season 12 Episode 5
Race: Powerboat vs. Ferrari Daytona – Portofino to Saint-Tropez • Finding the best bus for British city streets: Trial by motor sport

3 years ago    41,256 views    TopGearFan22
same bus in Spa! BEST VW PROJECT EVER!!! 1962 bus
same bus in Spa! BEST VW PROJECT EVER!!! 1962 bus with porsche 993BiTurbo engine with almost 500HP!!! 10 Inches larger to fit porsche tecnique. NJOY!

7 years ago    37,996 views    typeratte
airborne vw bus
airborne vw bus

8 years ago    33,334 views    2low4hoes
GreyHound Bus Soars Thru Air!
Check out my profile for more vidoes.

3 years ago    22,983 views    69Chevelle454
Bus Falls Off Cliff in Bolivia!!!
Bus Falls Off Cliff in Bolivia!!!

2 years ago    11,943 views    GTRfanboy
UK Driver Soaks Kids at Bus Stop
Look, like most extremely funny things, this little prank comes at the expense of someone else. In this case, it's a bunch of kids who get completely soaked when this chick drives through a puddle. Apparently, charges might be filed. Though...

4 years ago    47,931 views    JohnnyMayday
bus accident.very bad :(
bus accident.very bad :(

8 years ago    30,596 views    krmgk
Bus Driver Crashes While Texting
What an idiot!!!

5 years ago    27,428 views    OnMy2ndGP
11 SEC SCHOOL BUS bio diesel, twin turbo 671, 500hp NOS (salinas speedway puertorico)

5 years ago    25,663 views    WorldFastestCompacts
11 SEC INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL BUS ponce speedway puerto rico (best time 11.8@116mph 1/4 mile)

6 years ago    33,431 views    WorldFastestCompacts
School bus crash
School bus crash

6 years ago    22,173 views    levy_240
Episode 109: VW fun: Rabbit destroys 996TT and Sup
Episode 109: VW fun: Rabbit destroys 996TT and Supra, VW bus owns the track and pimp your auto.

7 years ago    21,759 views    VODCars
Top Gear - 20x06 - 2013.08.04
-Richard drives the Ranger Rover Sport.-James drives the London Bus.-Jeremy drives the Jaguar F-Type.-The guys check the status of motoring industry in Britain.-SIARPC: Mark Webber

1 years ago    16,811 views    husyk
MCI Bus | 1999 | Frontal Bus Crash Test | NHTSA | CrashNet1
1999 GreyhoundMCI D-Series Bus Crash Test102EL3 MOTORCOACHImpact speed: 35 MPH44250 lbKinetic Energy= 1.8 million lb-ftEvaluate seat mounting criteria in a high energy crash.Build body of knowledge of motor coach crashes.Severe Test: 36% Mo...

1 years ago    14,968 views    CrashNet1
Don't Mess with a Bus Driver !

6 years ago    17,938 views    Roma007
DSM Mexican Bus Compilation
DSM Mexican Bus Compilation

9 years ago    18,872 views    95DSM
Ed's DragBus
Ed's VW Bus with a Small Block Chevy

6 years ago    14,399 views    781ac4d8
Bus Plows Through Flood
While cars pile up behind a road that has been flooded, a single bus drives through it to the other side.

3 years ago    9,837 views    BusDriver16
3000GT Crashes Under A School Bus!
Someone was trying to pull a little Fast and Furious and ended up wrecked.

2 years ago    9,318 views    89FoxBody
VW RSR BUS....2.7L 911 RSR turbo in this '73 westf
VW RSR BUS....2.7L 911 RSR turbo in this '73 westfalia...240km/h

8 years ago    12,632 views    petevw