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Bizarre, this car falls from the sky!!!!!!!
A cargo plane was flying over head when all of a sudden the pilot loses control, to regain aircraft stability the plane needed to shed weight. Thinking he was over empty ocean waters, the pilot dumped his massive shipment of cars, if only h...

2 years ago    1,338 views    jackson92119
Neon Burnout with Clutch Blowing Up
Burnout gone wrong. Apparently this little stunt broke the block and crank in half. The piece you see flying out of the hood is the flywheel...

4 years ago    114,219 views    JohnnyMayday
Video of Bugatti Crashing into Texas Lake
Don't see a low-flying pelican. Looks like he dropped his cell-phone and crashed.

4 years ago    106,771 views    JohnnyMayday
X-Games 14 Rally Accident - Evo Flips!
During the Top 8 at X-Games Rally 2008 the ACP Mitsubishi Evolution flipped over after short changing the big ramp by a couple feet. The car goes flipping and flying through the air. NOS had a camera inside the car to see the grueling damag...

5 years ago    108,693 views    DrinkNOS
Alexander Saluk Flying - Turkey 2010
Hoooooj jump by Alexander Saluk during WRC turkey 2010.

3 years ago    75,900 views    stu8975
Arab guy "Mr. Mcgyver" likes to drive his F355 ver
Arab guy "Mr. Mcgyver" likes to drive his F355 very fast. Flying by and doing burnout on a busy street.-From Regulator

9 years ago    103,157 views    guest
LG Motorsports - 2008 LS3 - G6X3 Cam, Idle, Fly-By
LG Motorsports - This video shows a 2008 LS3 C6 Corvette idling, flying by at WOT, and a burnout. Also check out the forgeline wheels, Stop-Tech Brakes, LG Hood and World Challenge Spoiler & Splitter. Check out for all...

6 years ago    93,846 views    LGMotorsports
R32 SKYLINE V R34 drag launch
R32 SKYLINE V R34 drag launch

9 years ago    77,772 views    the flying scotsman
SRT4 Flying of the dyno!!
SRT4 Flying of the dyno!!

8 years ago    75,342 views    nitrocl
Bugatti Veyron Goes Swimming in Texas
Apparently, the driver was distracted by a low-flying pelican, dropped his cell phone, and ditched into the lake. Good work, jackass. At least it wasn't an Enzo...

4 years ago    59,268 views    JohnnyMayday
Motorcycle Jump Over Flying Aircraft

1 months ago    1,100 views    loco290
U by Kotex - Missile Moments
Check out the latest campaign from U by Kotex, called "Missile Moments". Do loose tampons flying from a handbag sound familiar? Tell us about your worst missile moment on Facebook and hashtag #missilemoments to enter the competition.http://...

1 months ago    428 views    thadebras
Plank Goes Through Windshield
Wood falls from truck and goes flying through windshield of this car! This guy is lucky to be alive.

3 years ago    16,421 views    scape_goat
Kneading accident Hyundai Getz in Obninsk
_ - = * Subscribe to our channel and watch the new road accidents every day! * = - _Obninsk. Kiev highway. Hyundai Getz flying at full speed and rams embarked on the left lane "nine" ...

1 weeks ago    199 views    pavlusha112
Accident mopedist kamikaze on opposite line
The driver of the car with DVR miraculously gone from flying at him kamikaze ...

2 weeks ago    185 views    pavlusha112
White Wings
Glider winch launch with old Truck in one of the oldest flying clubs in Denmark

1 weeks ago    80 views    Photophobia
Extreme Motorbike Crash On The Freeway
Speeding motor bike slams into a car and is sent flying across the freeway.

1 months ago    653 views    funham
Business Travel Companies
These kinds of could be used simply by anybody, regardless of what small business you might be in or even what reason you have pertaining to flying. For More Information, Visit:

4 weeks ago    29 views    corporatexy1
The Fast Show 2011 - Santa Pod Raceway - Car Show
Performance Direct were amongst the many exhibitors attending The Fast Show 2011 at Santa Pod. On hand were the Performance Direct promo girls to help guide customers to our quote station to save money on their car insurance. This years Fas...

2 years ago    52,357 views    PDMotoringNews
Flying Chevrolet
Flying Chevrolet

2 months ago    280 views    funham
Rocket Man Vs. Rally Car
Incredible action clip from Top Gear series 18 episode 5, in which Richard Hammond races rocket-powered flying man Yves Rossy against a rally-spec Skoda. Subscribe to see all the reviews, races and challenges: Top Gear ...

3 months ago    543 views    tahmin
Plane crashes into dragstrip at Akureyri, Iceland August 5 2013
F-MYX Beechcraft Super King Air 200, Air Ambulance from Air Myflug crashes on a dragstrip during qualifying before a race in Iceland.3 persons onboard,Captain and Medic killed, Co-Pilot survives with minor injuries. No injuries on the groun...

6 months ago    6,811 views    glonk
DJI Phantom Quad Copter RTF With GPS Navigation and Autopilot System #
So I'm in Boston MA at the Boston University and we finished unloading this morning the Mike ( The Quad Copter Owner ) breaks out his DJI Phantom Quad Copter for some flying fun.The wind was a light breeze out, I was amazed how stable this ...

4 months ago    419 views    RocketDogRc
low-flying IL-76 over the City

5 months ago    1,081 views    fazzer
Tesla's Value Surges - Autoline Daily 1322
- Tesla's Value Surges- Designer to Run Lexus- Honda Drops the Insight- Styling Sells- Camaro's Flying Car Mode- Autoline Garage -- Cabin Air FiltersGet more video everyday at

4 months ago    976 views    Autoline
Super Stock Team Nationals 2014 Night 1
Superstock Teams Action Night 1 highlights: The big hits and flying tanks

4 months ago    887 views    PETROLFUMES
Impossible Game Fly Balloon, Fly! Android App Review and Gameplay Vide
Impossible game, Fly Balloon, Fly! Android app review for a Flappy Bird like game that is super hard. See how far you can get in this free Android game. Download The Impossible Game Fly Balloon, Fly! Android App Now ...

2 months ago    47 views    kirkkelv
Speed Channel Tribute
LETS CONTACT FOX SPORTS AND SAY BRING BACK THE SPEED CHANNELSong: Noel Gallagher's High Flying Eagles - What a LifeFootage shown is owned by Fox, NASCAR, FOM and Dorna. No Copyright infringement is intended.

4 months ago    131 views    motorsportsTV
Dinky Mouse Maze Race - Android Mobile Game
Download on Google Play Store and stay up to date with Dinky Mouse, funny puzzle game released for Android!*****Dinky Mouse Maze Race*****Run fast, beat ...

2 months ago    22 views    makirhalijo