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Neon Burnout with Clutch Blowing Up
Burnout gone wrong. Apparently this little stunt broke the block and crank in half. The piece you see flying out of the hood is the flywheel...

6 years ago    114,664 views    JohnnyMayday
X-Games 14 Rally Accident - Evo Flips!
During the Top 8 at X-Games Rally 2008 the ACP Mitsubishi Evolution flipped over after short changing the big ramp by a couple feet. The car goes flipping and flying through the air. NOS had a camera inside the car to see the grueling damag...

7 years ago    109,065 views    DrinkNOS
Video of Bugatti Crashing into Texas Lake
Don't see a low-flying pelican. Looks like he dropped his cell-phone and crashed.

6 years ago    107,154 views    JohnnyMayday
LG Motorsports - 2008 LS3 - G6X3 Cam, Idle, Fly-By
LG Motorsports - This video shows a 2008 LS3 C6 Corvette idling, flying by at WOT, and a burnout. Also check out the forgeline wheels, Stop-Tech Brakes, LG Hood and World Challenge Spoiler & Splitter. Check out for all...

7 years ago    104,487 views    LGMotorsports
Arab guy "Mr. Mcgyver" likes to drive his F355 ver
Arab guy "Mr. Mcgyver" likes to drive his F355 very fast. Flying by and doing burnout on a busy street.-From Regulator

11 years ago    103,224 views    guest
R32 SKYLINE V R34 drag launch
R32 SKYLINE V R34 drag launch

10 years ago    77,846 views    the flying scotsman
SRT4 Flying of the dyno!!
SRT4 Flying of the dyno!!

10 years ago    75,461 views    nitrocl
Bugatti Veyron Goes Swimming in Texas
Apparently, the driver was distracted by a low-flying pelican, dropped his cell phone, and ditched into the lake. Good work, jackass. At least it wasn't an Enzo...

6 years ago    59,510 views    JohnnyMayday
Plank Goes Through Windshield
Wood falls from truck and goes flying through windshield of this car! This guy is lucky to be alive.

5 years ago    16,501 views    scape_goat
Alexander Saluk Flying - Turkey 2010
Hoooooj jump by Alexander Saluk during WRC turkey 2010.

5 years ago    76,109 views    stu8975
550bhp supercharged 350z race
550bhp supercharged 350z race

10 years ago    35,530 views    the flying scotsman
Flying Horses
Over 100 mph in my 07 GT/CS! This is just the best jump of about 5. Started slow and worked my way up to this to gauge how it would land. I had no damage to the car at all, with only slight scratches on the K-member. I plan on going aga...

7 years ago    33,723 views    UnhealthyStateofMind
Big Block Jet Boat, flying up river with only the
Big Block Jet Boat, flying up river with only the pump in the water (boats)

10 years ago    30,767 views    cobratj
my R34 GTR SKYLINE racing my mates 550bhp stripped
my R34 GTR SKYLINE racing my mates 550bhp stripped out nossed up pulsar

10 years ago    45,704 views    the flying scotsman
Dude Flying Beside the Car
dude flying beside the car

4 years ago    8,008 views    89FoxBody
DeLorean DMC-12 Russian Flying Time Machine
Flying Time Machine inspired by the movie Back to the Future

4 years ago    9,803 views    GTRfanboy
Top Gear Season 18 Episode 5
This video belongs fully to the BBC.It is purely for viewing only.In this episode:Jeremy tests the Maserati Gran Turismo MC Stradale and the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Black Series,Richard races a flying man against a rally-spec Škoda,James and ...

4 years ago    19,391 views    chroniclesofclassics
Top Gear Series 18 Episode 5
Jeremy and James pay tribute to quirky and recently deceased Swedish car maker Saab, Richard races a rocket-powered flying man against a rally-spec Škoda

4 years ago    20,230 views    vieter729
Episode 112: The flying car: Ferrari 599 vs Porsch
Episode 112: The flying car: Ferrari 599 vs Porsche Carrera GT, how not to pull a car, and the affordable flying car

9 years ago    19,387 views    VODCars
DeLorean Supercharged with Stage III
Video was taken in December, 2011. This is the very first paying customer of the supercharger and plumbing and was installed by DMC Northwest, Bellevue, Washington, USA. Supercharger Stage III kit can be installed by any of the DeLorean s...

4 years ago    10,415 views    outatym2001
sweden sportcars koenigsegg,lamborghini,aston mart
sweden sportcars koenigsegg ccx,lamborghini gallardo 360,f430.430 scuderia,f40,599 gtb,612 scaglietti,novitec rosso, viper,aston martin db9,vantage v8,audi R8 S8, s5,bmw M6,alphina b6 cab,bentley continenta gt.g...

7 years ago    17,355 views    Henrikhallqvist
058 Top Gear - Bentley Continental Flying Spur
058 Top Gear - Bentley Continental Flying Spur

7 years ago    17,727 views    J1MZ
LMC Super Cuda 200 MPH!
Lady Luck was on our side last week as the Legendary Team made its way to the Chrysler Proving Grounds in Chelsea, Michigan.An all night drive through a snow storm saw us pull into the proving grounds parking lot at the crack of dawn. It wa...

6 years ago    32,481 views    JohnnyMayday
Biker vs Flying Mattress
Biker vs Flying Mattress

3 years ago    11,759 views    gixxer86
James May's 20th Century ep01 Honey I Shrunk the W
At the beginning of the 20th Century, long distance travel was for the military-minded, the uprooted and the plain rich, but the pioneers of flight were to change all that. To find out how, James May gets his hands on a Vickers Vimy aircraf...

7 years ago    10,111 views    neurite
Crazy suicidal French Air Force Pilots !!!
A mix of sequences of French fighters performing crazy low level flying over deserts and oceans. Features Dassault Aviation Mirage F1, Mirage 2000, Rafale and Super Etendards as well as SEPCAT Jaguars Enjoy !! Enjoy!!

7 years ago    8,886 views    Erictronik
Darrell Russell Fatal Crash
Darrell Russell is killed during the 2004 NHRA Sears Nationals. He was competing in the second round of eliminations when his dragster went out of control and crashed just past the finish line. When the NHRA safety team got to Russell, he ...

6 years ago    10,383 views    Nemechek8
Best of Streetfire - Week of Feb 9, 2009
This week a massive sling shot, a flying mustang, a bike truck plant, a twin supercharged 440 SRT challenger, a chrome Shelby Cobra, a 1000hp Tacoma, and 360 forged wheels Ferrari 430. Top Seven clips of the hottest auto footage on the inte...

7 years ago    11,196 views    bestofstreetfire
Top Gear - 18x05 - 2012.02.26
-Richard rides shotgun in a rally car vs a jet powered flying man.-Jeremy drives the Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale and the Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Black on the track.-SIARPCJeremy and James pay tribute to SAAB.

4 years ago    7,518 views    husyk