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Chevrolet Camaro
The Chevrolet Camaro is an automobile manufactured by General Motors under the Chevrolet brand, classified as a pony car and some versions also as a muscle car. It went on sale on September 29, 1966, for the 1967 model year and was designe...

1 years ago    261 views    jdmwagon
120 mph (192 km/h) Crash Test
120 mph (192 km/h) Crash Test performed by Fifth Gear Team. All copyright goes to Fifth Gear. HD 1080p

2 years ago    18,962 views    CaliCarGirl
301 Fifth Gear - VW Bluemotion
301 Fifth Gear - VW Bluemotion

5 years ago    88,351 views    J1MZ
TRG Takes on Roar Before the Historic 24
more at: look behind the scenes of TRG, one of the most successful teams in American sports car history, as they prepare for the 50th anniversary of the GRAND-AM Rolex 24 at Daytona. They return with 23 drivers ...

2 years ago    86,249 views    TheRacersGroup
Fifth Gear - Mazda RX8 vs Nissan 350Z
Tiff Needell takes two coupes onto the Fifth Gear test track for a close-fought shoot-out. Can the Mazda RX8, boasting a fresh look and an unconventional rotary engine, beat the Nissan 350Z with its more conventional V6?

5 years ago    71,249 views    Nylx
Climb - Pikes Peak Hill Climb with a Monster
Ride on the bumper of a screaming 910hp, Twin-Turbo, All-wheel Drive, 150 mph Suzuki SX4 as it races up one of the world's most dangerous hills. An attempt by the "Monster" to break his own record of 10:01:41...COLORADO SPRINGS, CO (June 29...

3 years ago    58,446 views    FalkenTire
364 Fifth Gear - Lexus IS-F BMW M3 Girls Test
364 Fifth Gear - Lexus IS-F BMW M3 Girls Test

5 years ago    62,267 views    J1MZ
2011 Falken Formula Drift Test
Coming off a dominating 2010 season in which Team Falken driver Vaughn Gittin, Jr.¸ competing in the Monster Energy/Falken Tire 2011 Ford Mustang, became the Formula Drift Champion, the high performance tire manufacturer will be gunning for...

3 years ago    54,596 views    FalkenTire
Falken Takes 2nd at 2009 Formula D Finale
After a very competitive Formula Drift season that saw Team Falken and its five factory team drivers consistently compete for the championship title amid challenging weather conditions, different tracks and configurations and strong and agg...

4 years ago    58,027 views    FalkenTire
Ferrari 599 China Limited Edition
2009 marks the fifth anniversary of Ferraris presence in China. During this time Ferrari has witnessed, first-hand, the epic changes that have transformed East Asia and to commemorate the occasion, Ferrari has partnered with a prominent con...

4 years ago    55,192 views    JohnnyMayday
Fifth Gear - 23x10 - 2014.02.24
-Porsche 911 Turbo S vs Nissan GTR vs Noble M600.-Jonny drives the Bertone Jet 2+2.-Mini John Cooper Works GP undergoes team test.-Vicky shows Bertone designed cars on a budget.-Jonny attends top seed attempt for an electric car.

1 months ago    6,847 views    husyk
Fifth Gear - 23x13 - 2014.03.17
-Mercedes Benz E63 AMG vs Audi RS6.-Jonny drives the Range Rover Sport.-Seat Leon SC undergoes team test.-Vicki shows super saloons on a budget.-Jonny drives the Volvo V60 Plug In Hybrid.

1 months ago    5,278 views    husyk
Ride Along 5 THE COBRA
Insane and hysterical Host Fireball Tim takes a wild ride with Hollywood Stuntman Allen Robinson in a outrageous 500hp Cobra. The fifth episode in this successfully funny online series.Join Fireball Tim on FACEBOOK!

2 years ago    51,678 views    FireballTim
Fifth Gear - 23x12 - 2014.03.10
-Jonny goes to the IndyCar 500 race.-Tiff drives the Mercedes Benz A45 AMG.-Lexus IS 300h undergoes team test.-Vicki find out the impact of driving a car with used oil.-Jason shows hot hatches on a budget.

1 months ago    5,065 views    husyk
Fifth Gear - Nissan 350Z vs Honda S2000 Review
Fifth Gear - Nissan 350Z vs Honda S2000

5 years ago    49,931 views    carversation
180 Fifth Gear - VW Golf GTI vs. Skoda Octavia VRS
180 Fifth Gear - VW Golf GTI vs. Skoda Octavia VRS

5 years ago    49,649 views    J1MZ
Fifth Gear 23x11 - 2014.03.03
-Vicki drives a Dakar Mini Rally car.-Jason drives the Lamborghini Aventador roadster.-Kia Pro Cee'd GT undergoes team test.-Tiff finds the best race performance tracking gadget.-Jonny shows exciting roadsters on a budget.

1 months ago    4,122 views    husyk
Fifth Gear - Season 23, Episode 14 - March 24th, 2014

3 weeks ago    3,597 views    Johnny_G
Fifth Gear - Season 23, Episode 15 - March 31st, 2014

3 weeks ago    3,337 views    Johnny_G
Fifth Gear 23x10

1 months ago    696 views    Eqla3
Super Car SRT8 Challenger Loud V8 20140111 215008
A fifth time w/out power on 1/11/14 ! The parking lot near to my friends had this sweet Hemi SRT8 Challenger which came n left then returned . Upon leaving n power on again I got it going away . Like , share , subscribe .

4 weeks ago    479 views    GrapheneRTS
Fifth gear on a 340hp Impreza STI
Fifth gear on a 340hp Impreza STI

8 years ago    48,497 views    055347
Fifth Gear - 23x09 - 2013.11.11
-Vicky drives a Euro race truck and attends the race at the Nurburgring.-Jonny drives the Bentley Flying Spur in Beijing.-Skoda Octavia undergoes team test.-Tiff shows British luxury cars on a budget.-Tiff drives a 1000 bhp Ford Mustang.

5 months ago    4,637 views    husyk
EIP Volkswagen R32 w/ stage 4 turbo 600 hp Dyno
EIP Volkswagen R32 w/ stage 4 turbo- Amazing dyno run- Pulls 600 hp in fifth gear- Sounds so sick- Watch the guy sitting on the stool as he begins his pull haha

8 years ago    45,794 views    Kevy213
Fifth Gear - 23x08 - 2013.11.04
-Jonny uses the Volvo S60 Polestar touring car vs the S60 Polestar road car.-Tiff drives the 7th gen Volkswagen Golf GTI.-Ford B-MAX undergoes team test.-Jason shows VW GTI's on a budget.-Vicky drives the Mercedes CLS63 AMG Shooting Brake.

5 months ago    4,507 views    husyk
Fifth Gear Season 15 Episode 1 airdate 01/05/2009
New season of Fifth Gear Top gears arch nemesis is back of 15th season. Not as fun as top gear but its still good.In this episode: * Tiff and Jason put two track day cars head to head — the KTM X-Bow and the Lotus 2-Eleven * Tim does ...

5 years ago    44,683 views    Dean99
Fifth Gear - 23x07 - 2013.10.28
-Tiff drives the Aston Martin Rapide S.-Vicky drives the Land Rover Defender EV.-Citroen DS3 Cabriolet undergoes team test.-Vicky shows 4x4s you can get on a budget.-Jason visits the Aston Martin Heritage center.-Jonny shows the pros/cons o...

5 months ago    3,940 views    husyk
Fifth Gear - 23x06 - 2013.10.21
-Ariel Atom 3.5 vs Caterham 7 Supersport R vs Morgan 3-Wheeler.-Jason drives the Mercedes Benz G63 AMG.-Hyundai Veloster Turbo undergoes team test.-Jonny shows AMGs on a budget.-Vicky does a track day in a Peugeot 205 GTI.

6 months ago    3,592 views    husyk
The new Porsche Macan. Life, intensified.
The much anticipated Porsche Macan compact SUV, the fifth model line for Porsche, was ceremoniously unveiled to a massive international audience during a press conference at the L.A. Convention Center in Petree Hall today. The Macan was the...

5 months ago    695 views    MultiVu