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How to ADD 300 HP to a FORD GT
Our debut StreetFire TV Episode! Available via Podcast worldwide in the iTunes Store!One thing to note: The white GT in the video that reached 190 was not actually stock, it was the Hennessey 850hp (at the fly) package GT! A stock GT woul...

6 years ago    105,290 views    Autograf
Corvette Engine Build Experience -- Experience the LS9 Build (HD)
Watch as a 638 horsepower 6.2L super-charged LS9 engine is hand built from start to finish at the GM Performance Build Center in Wixom, Michigan. The LS9 is made for the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 and the most powerful engine General Motors bui...

4 years ago    44,148 views    Chevrolet
2009 Corvette ZR1 LS9 Engine Build
Automobile magazine team follow along with Skilled Engine Builder Bruce Blomfield as he assembles one of the first production 2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 LS9 V-8s at GM¹s Performance Build Center, and they even give him a hand here and ther...

6 years ago    32,523 views    cammedLs1
MyOrlandoDreamHomes@gmail.comOur Team Realtors are Experts in Single Family Homes, Villas &Townhomes,as well as New Construction Builders where options & custom features areState of the Art Exceptional Energy Rated products represent the le...

8 months ago    12 views    webmasterbd
Takumi: The Master Craftsmen behind Nissan GT-R
On every GT-R engine, the seal of its master-craftsman builder is applied; here is their story.

11 months ago    706 views    glonk
Teaser: Stephanie's Power Shop Season 3
Almost 300,000 views later, Stephanie is back at it for Power Shop Season 3 featuring Proform's Engine Builder Tools! These aren't just any ordinary hardware store tools, these are the kind of tools that are developed specifically to make ...

1 years ago    1,674 views    ProformMuscle
Easily Measure Installed Spring Height
Stephanie shows just how easy it is to measure valve spring installed height with one of PROFORM's billet aluminum height micrometers. The video pretty much says it all! 4, 6, & 8 cylinder universal models available in the Engine Builder ...

10 months ago    20 views    ProformMuscle
1934 Ford 3 Window Coupe for sale at Gateway Classic Cars in our St. L
Stock #5618-STLUp for sale is a beautifully built 1934 Ford 3-Window Coupe. This hot rod Ford is essentially a new car! The build has just 256 miles and was finished early 2013. Under the hood is a 350 CID V8 with a 4-BBL carb and a 700R4 a...

1 years ago    1,736 views    GatewayClassicCars
Royal Purple 2013 Outperformer - Nicole Lyons Mini Doc
For Nicole Lyons, every day is race day. Not only is Lyons one of the world's premier female professional race car drivers, she is also the ultimate multitasking machine. As she continues to make her mark as a racer behind the wheel, she al...

1 years ago    156,793 views    RoyalPurple
Fully built Evo IX: It's Alive! (Boostaholics Teaser) - Experience the JDM tuning dream with a teaser to the Boostaholics reality show! What is it like to blow your engine and then have it rebuilt? After about two months and roughly $5,000 worth of parts and labor, ...

1 years ago    2,140 views    Tampa_Sports_Car_Exa...
2013 Outperformer Nicole Lyons - :15
Drag racer, race car driver, engine builder, and business woman. Nicole Lyons is the epitome of the Outperformer.

1 years ago    16 views    RoyalPurple
2013 Outperformer - Nicole Lyons Mini Doc
For Nicole Lyons, every day is race day. Not only is Lyons one of the world's premier female professional race car drivers, she is also the ultimate multitasking machine. As she continues to make her mark as a racer behind the wheel, she al...

1 years ago    0 views    RoyalPurple
1974 Volkswagen Beetle Truck for sale at Gateway Classic Cars in St. L
For sale is something you might have never seen before, a 1974 Volkswagen Beetle Truck. This custom vehicle is comprised mostly of a Volkswagen body with a 1952 Ford F1 back glass and sheet metal. You will not find any fiberglass here. Who ...

1 years ago    168 views    GatewayClassicCars
1968 Ford Mustang for sale at Gateway Classic Cars in St. Louis, MO
For sale is a 1968 Ford Mustang with a 351 Cleveland engine under the hood! This vehicle is a true 70s custom Mustang. The exterior is coated in a beautiful gloss red paint. The car also offers fender flares which assist in that muscle car ...

1 years ago    12 views    GatewayClassicCars
Most Powerful Dodge Challenger SRT-8 In The World
Cranking out over 1000 SAFE & STREETABLE horsepower, this supercar comes complete HHP 440 c.i. Stroker Motor built by renown engine builder Tony Bischoff with our custom BES sheet metal intake, ProCharger F1A Supercharger, Paramount Transmi...

4 years ago    5,944 views    moparturbo
traktor racing volvo terror
out drift with Volvo terror with b21et engine from Volvo 240 turbo first test builder named Rickard Nilsson filmmaker named Mikael Karlsson swe news

1 years ago    695 views    volvo97 Can Your Mini Do This? client and master builder Paul Ireson stopped by the offices in Fort Myers to show off his 1975 Mini Cooper. It has been highly performance customized and has a Honda Vtec Engine and a turbo from Master Turbo!Check ...

6 years ago    4,258 views    Car Sponsorships
Are your pushrods straight? Better test them.
Ideally pushrods should be straight and stay that way, but in reality things happen. Stephanie demonstrates how the Proform Universal Pushrod Straightness Checker's simple. Put your push rod in, spin it a few times, and you'll k...

1 years ago    512 views    ProformMuscle
Pontiac Performance from Butler Performance V8TV
Certain engine builders specailize in specific brands, and for Pontiac power, Butler Performance is in the forefront. We visited Butler to get the lowdown on the latest in hi-po parts for Pontiac V8s and to spec out a motor for project "...

6 years ago    3,550 views    V8TV
57 GMC 347 drop-off
57 GMC 347 drop-off to the engine builder

1 years ago    223 views    Elderly_Iron
Team Schrick Episode 2 (english subs)
Team Schrick Episode 2, 11.05.2009The fitness trapWork on Tim's car is progressing. With the help of Darius, a longtime friend and engine builder, Tim removes the engine and transmission from the secondhand Aston Martin V8 Vantage. These st...

5 years ago    2,296 views    Suedschleife
Team Schrick Reloaded Episode 1 (english subs)
Team Schrick Reloaded (Season 2) Episode 1, 03. November 2009The reloadWhich flaws did the crew miss ahead of the 24-hour race? Why did the Aston Martin give out so soon after the start? Tim and his team start the second attempt with an in-...

4 years ago    1,993 views    Suedschleife
Cutting an oil filter with PROFORM's Universal Filter Cutter
Troubleshooting your oil management system requires a look at the filter. That's now easier than before with the PROFORM oil filter cutter. Think of a simple can opener and you've got the concept behind this trick tool. Lock-down holds your...

4 years ago    1,484 views    ProformMuscle
Learning to build a race engine LT1 Trans Am Build
Made Friends w/ Engine Builder threw the school, I was planing on Rebuilding the LT1, Trans Am. And this is Where I am. Maybe Foreced Induction Next? Turbo? Supercharged or NOS?

6 years ago    2,358 views    Transamdrifter
Team Schrick Episode 4 (english subs)
25.05.2009The setbackTeam Schrick is dogged by bad luck. The second Aston Martin Tim bought especially for suspension testing, still isn't working right. The engine doesn't output its full power. The tight schedule allows the team only a si...

5 years ago    1,306 views    Suedschleife
The T-rex by Campagna
Campagna T-Rex is a 2-seat, 3-wheeled motorcycle that combines the look and handling of a car with the fuel economy of a motorcycle, created by Canadian auto/bike builder Campagna Corporation located in Quebec. Using a 1.4 L, 4-cylinder eng...

5 years ago    2,324 views    CarDomain
Steph & the Hot Rodders of Tomorrow rotate engines!
There are plenty of times during the engine building process where the engine needs to be rotated. The PROFORM engine rotation adapter (p/n 66782) is a quick and inexpensive way to to do this when your balancer is already installed. For m...

3 years ago    1,031 views    ProformMuscle
Radical 1965 Corvette Road Racer Video Feature V8TV
This awesome 1965 Corvette built by the team at Performance Restorations in Mundelien, IL, was originally going to be a show car, but builder Brent Jarvis has been bitten by the road race bug. The result is a show quality car that sports ...

3 years ago    937 views    V8TV
Slow Burn” 1936 Auburn Boat-Tail Speedster
At this year’s SEMA show, James Hetfield and car builder Rick Dore presented a custom 1936 Auburn Boat-Tail Speedster with a smoldering torch singer paint job and a name to match. Slow Burn. The 1936 Speedsters, model number 852, came with...

4 years ago    928 views    6SpeedPaz