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SPEED Test Drive: Ford F-150
Tommy Kendall is at Homestead Miami Speedway to get the low-down from EcoBoost Program Manager, Jim Mazuchowski about the Torture Test Ford inflicted on a randomly selected EcoBoost engine. the motorsports authority for NASCAR, F...

5 years ago    4,105 views    SpeedEngineBlock
Tour of Ken Block's Gymkhana Three Ford Fiesta #43
You've seen the hoonage, now see the car! Take a close up tour of the Ken Block Gymkhana 3 Ford Fiesta like you've never seen before. Powered by Ford Racing and built to withstand utmost punishment, upon closer examination you can actually ...

3 years ago    3,001 views    Michael_Berenis
C7 Corvette Engine Revealed - Autoline Daily 1000
Ford estimates it will lose over one billion dollars in Europe this year as even more cuts are announced. GM debuts the all-new Corvette small block in Pontiac, MI. Volkswagen is considering building an all-new SUV designed specifically for...

3 years ago    2,502 views    Autoline
More Production Leaves Japan - Autoline Daily 919
A strong yen continues to drive auto production out of Japan as Toyota and Nissan announce planned production cuts. Ford releases the F-150 Limited, the new top o the line truck is set to cost more than the Platinum Edition's $44k price ta...

4 years ago    2,058 views    Autoline
OnStar Starts Car Share Program - Autoline Daily 929
OnStar's people behind the blue button are looking at enabling their customers to rent out their cars while not in use. BMW will start building their X1 CUV in China, freeing up capacity at the X1's German plant for export to the USA. Opel ...

3 years ago    1,989 views    Autoline
How Ford Plans to Sell 3-Cylinders - Autoline Daily 1030
A Chinese company bought battery maker A123 Systems, which is good news for one EV manufacturer. Japanese automakers are still having trouble in China due to anti-Japanese sentiment. Daimler AG is investing $100 million in its Detroit Diese...

3 years ago    1,884 views    Autoline
U.S. Use of Alternative Fuels on the Rise - Episode 1109
The Energy Information Agency reports the use of replacement and alternative fuels in the U.S. is on the rise. Volvo now offers a new fuel injection technology for its diesel engines. Reports indicate Ford will offer a new EcoBoost engine f...

3 years ago    1,727 views    Autoline
Autonomous Cars Could Lead to More Sprawl - Autoline Daily 1344
- Global New Car Sales Up- Another EcoBoost Engine- Opel Pulled From China- Mercedes Has Lowest Recall Rate in U.S.- World's Fastest R/C Car- Unintended Consequence of Autonomous Tech.Get more video everyday at

2 years ago    1,510 views    Autoline
Volvo I-See - Autoline Daily 920
Car buyers are paying an average of $500 less on new vehicles compared to a year ago. Volvo has developed a new fuel-saving system for commercial trucks called I-See that harnesses a truck's kinetic energy to save fuel. A test drive of For...

4 years ago    1,606 views    Autoline
DYNO VIDEO Ford Riley Dayton Prototype 3 5L EcoBoost Engine on 17G D
Dyno Pull of the 3.5 liter EcoBoost Engine by Ford

2 years ago    1,209 views    civicdelslow
SEMA 2013 Ford Racing EcoBoost Engine
Engines equipped with EcoBoost technology are designed to deliver power and torque consistent with larger engine displacement, naturally aspirated engines while achieving approximately 20% better fuel efficiency and 15% reduced greenhouse e...

2 years ago    694 views    SIMedia
Updated Ford Explorer & Chevy Traverse Revealed - Autoline Daily 857
Ford released information on the new Explorer Sport, which is getting a 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 engine. The Blue Oval’s cross-town rival, Chevrolet, just spilled the beans on its latest three-row crossover, the Traverse. Prices of the prec...

4 years ago    257 views    Autoline
EcoBoost Popular in Europe - Autoline Daily 674
Carlos Ghosn, the head of Nissan and Renault, raked in almost $11.5 million dollars last fiscal year, which makes him the highest-paid executive at a Japanese car company. Ford is working to increase capacity at its plant in the United King...

4 years ago    863 views    Autoline
Toyota Loyalty Remains High - Autoline Daily 712
Toyota owners remain loyal to the brand despite problems of unintended acceleration and production disruptions due to the earthquake in Japan. Porsche’s CEO says the company plans to develop a vehicle to compete with Ferrari. A look at Ford...

4 years ago    361 views    Autoline
Ford EcoBoost 2.0 engine display - What makes the EcoBoost engine so powerful? Take a look at how close the turbo is to the head and the design of the exhaust manifold and you will quickly see how easily it is for the 2.0 EcoBoost to spool it...

4 years ago    323 views    CarDomain
Ford F-150 New EcoBoost Engine
The 2011 F-150 is coming with your choice of four new engines. And everyone is a leader. And for the latest in innovative powertrain design, coming in early 2011 is the EcoBoost™ engine combining the efficiency of Direct Injection technol...

5 years ago    391 views    FordTrucks
EcoBoost F-150 Selling FAST - Autoline Daily 632
More first-quarter earnings are in. We’ll take a look at the financial numbers for Daimler, Kia and BorgWarner. Ford says demand for its EcoBoost engine in the F-150 is stronger than expected. Mazda North America announced that Robert Davis...

5 years ago    187 views    Autoline
EcoBoost's Secret Sauce
Stricter fuel-economy standards are forcing automakers to rethink their vehicle strategies. The price of oil is also playing a big role in this upheaval. One way OEMs can meet these tough new laws -- and keep consumers from going bankrupt...

5 years ago    726 views    Autoline
2013 Cadillac XTS - Autoline Daily 765
Cadillac is teasing us with a shot of the production version of its XTS sedan, which will formally debut next week at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Suzuki previewed a new small-car concept that supposedly gets up to 75 miles per U.S. gallon. ...

4 years ago    292 views    Autoline
2012 BMW 6 Series - Autoline Daily 598
We know a little bit more about the new CFO at General Motors, Daniel Ammann, and here’s the best part, he owns a ‘61 Cadillac convertible and drives a CTS-V wagon. General Motors announced it will bring the Chevy Captiva Sport to the U.S. ...

5 years ago    183 views    Autoline
2013 Ford Escape in Arlington Heights and ...
Be sure to visit: for more information on the 2013 Ford EscapeThe Escape has been a best-seller for Ford since its debut in 2001. For 2013, the Escape is getting a modern makeover. The exterior is m...

3 years ago    48 views    AHFord
2013 Ford Escape in Arlington Heights and Schaumbu
Be sure to visit: for more information on the 2013 Ford EscapeThe Escape has been a best-seller for Ford since its debut in 2001. For 2013, the Escape is getting a modern makeover. The exterior is m...

3 years ago    1 views    CarDomain
28 MPG for 2012 Ford Explorer - Autoline Daily 690
European automakers are posting exceptionally strong earnings today and we hit some of the highlights. The UAW wants a seat on GM’s board of directors. Ford just released some pretty impressive numbers for the Explorer, which is getting a...

4 years ago    197 views    Autoline
Ford F-150 EcoBoost Torture Test Episode 6: Teardown
Check out the video of the Teardown of engine 448AA that endured over 160,000 miles of torture. Watch as engineers Jim Mazuchowski and Phil Fabien discuss the Torture Test program and how the engine held up.

5 years ago    155 views    FordTrucks
Driving Ford’s Four-Cylinder EcoBoost
We’ve reported extensively on Ford’s EcoBoost engines. The story began a couple years ago when the company introduced its twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V-6. That engine launched in the Taurus SHO as well as the Lincoln MKS and MKT. Now, in...

5 years ago    378 views    Autoline
Ford’s EcoBoost Technology
The up-coming 2020 corporate average fuel economy standards have the world’s automakers running scared. The new rules require that they meet a fleet-wide average of 35 miles per gallon. That’s for cars AND trucks. To do it Ford is workin...

8 years ago    822 views    Autoline
EcoBoost Twin Turbo - Autoline Daily 146
Toyota will replace 40 percent of its senior managers and half of its board of directors when Akio Toyoda takes the helm of Toyota next month. Import luxury brand retailers could face big problems in the American market. Chrysler tells its ...

7 years ago    160 views    Autoline
2010 Ford Taurus SHO - 2009 Chicago Auto Show
Ford's new 2010 Ford Taurus gets a red hot injection of performance with the just revealed Taurus SHO. Supplying the added power is Ford's all new turbocharged V-6 engine dubbed EcoBoost, which promises to provide V-8 like performance while...

3 years ago    4 views    MotorTrend
2013 Ford Escape
The 2013 Ford Escape, unveiled this week at the 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show, aims for a big boost in fuel economy, thanks to two optional EcoBoost engine offerings.

4 years ago    1,425 views    Edmunds