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Z06 Dyno...gone wild
Z06 Dyno...gone wild

10 years ago    112,601 views    WolfStrong
Silverado Gone Bad On The Dyno!!!
Run she's going to blow!!!

5 years ago    6,015 views    MPLIGHTNING01
Autograf Shelby GT500 795hp @ 16lbs Dyno
Our shop car has gone under the knife to get Ceramic Coated Pistons, Cams, Valve Springs, and upgraded Fuel System. This, along with the Kenne Bell Mammoth Supercharger upgrade make this Shelby put down some serious power. On the 16lb Pul...

7 years ago    2,745 views    Autograf
Mach 1 VS S197 GT/CS
Both cars are mine. I was driving the Mach and my cousin was driving the GT. He is inexperienced with the GT. The S197 has 4.10s, custom dyno tune, pulleys, CL Intake, Mac Mufflers, STS, and LCAs. It made 308 RWHP/317 RWTQ and runs 13.1 at ...

6 years ago    306 views    Mach1spd
Silverado RST Gone Bad
The drive shaft snaps and bends on the dyno.

7 years ago    3,167 views    07rst
Focus dyno @8psi
Old video I found. The focus is gone now. This video is from March 2005.

6 years ago    186 views    tobylazur
VW 1.9L 439 HP @ 30 PSI
Dyno pull 439 HP - VW GOL AP 1.9L Turbo, pump alchool, fueltech injection, intercooler, street use only ... with 35 PSI the clutch was gone.Kadu Racing - Drag Racing Team ( Brazil )

8 years ago    3,525 views    filipiso