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unbelievable street race between two Ducati 916
unbelievable street race between two Ducati 916

10 years ago    254,627 views    guest
Ducati vs Lambo
It's a test on a track in the UK of which is the fastest car or motorcycle.

11 years ago    88,842 views    guest
Ducati Desmosedici D16RR Street Video from TVmoto
This is the teaser video my good friend Joel of TVmoto and I are working on, It is all shot in the San Francisco Bay area of California. I'm the one on the Desmo D16rr. Please keep in mind, this is just the intro of the 20 min. show we're w...

7 years ago    64,567 views    TVmoto
Ducati Truck @ SEMA 2008
Ducati Truck @ SEMA 2008

7 years ago    64,398 views    SEMA-2008
AKA Rally 2008 Teaser 1
This is a tiny taste of the madness that was AKA Rally 2008 from my camera alone. Look for the 6 part series on SPEED channel, and the full uncensored experience on DVD available soon.You know you are on a unique rally when you are pulled o...

7 years ago    41,801 views    RedlineHeart
R35 GT-R vs Ducati 1098
Nissan GT-R vs Ducati 1098

7 years ago    40,713 views    soujiroseta
Ferrari 458 Italia - Modified
Ferrari 458 Italia, modified by Oakley Design & tested by Performance Direct Motoring News. We were invited by French based Option Auto Magazine to CERAM test circuit to test out the modified Ferrari 458 and matching Ducati 1198 'Carbon Edi...

5 years ago    41,913 views    PDMotoringNews
Nice Ducati's??
Nice Ducati's??

10 years ago    24,851 views    Duuucaaaatiiiii

9 years ago    19,655 views    CBRDRIVER
Crash with style
Sylvain Guintoli crash during FP3 in Phillip Island. Accident occurred during the free trial. Result: fractured left scapula. Despite his injury, he continued the race.Australian Grand PrixPilot: Sylvain GuintoliTeam: Alice Ducati

7 years ago    17,212 views    Bibifoc
6 bikes vs Supra: gsxr1000 2007, r1 2007, 636, 2x6
6 bikes vs Supra: gsxr1000 2007, r1 2007, 636, 2x600cc, ducati 1098. Most first gear roll ons.

8 years ago    14,968 views    racerxvids
Christian pheiffer´s final run at stunriding world
Christian pheiffer´s final run at stunriding world championchip 2003. Ducati monster, wheelies, stoppies, burnouts (24MB)

10 years ago    25,308 views    guest
When Troy Bayliss, 2006 World Superbike Champion,
When Troy Bayliss, 2006 World Superbike Champion, steps onto the top of the podium after taking another win on the track, it is a triumph for the whole Ducati Xerox team. Behind him are the engineers and support staff who build and prepare ...

8 years ago    13,011 views    Lionel74
08 Ducati 1098 Sport Bike
08 Ducati 1098!!!

7 years ago    14,105 views    TurboMR2
Ducati Pike's Peak iPhone Video
This entire video was shot with an iPhone 4 of the Multistrada during Pike's Peak 2010.

5 years ago    39,542 views    Daily_Commute
Ducati DesmoSedici Sound
Ducati Desmosedici (first Street Legal Moto GP) revving up... finally i can play with it and listen to that magic sound... the power is totally outstanding... 201bhp of which 185 at the rear wheel... only 360pounds!

7 years ago    9,631 views    CrazySte
Ducati - La Bella Donna! A bit slow, but it REALLY
Ducati - La Bella Donna! A bit slow, but it REALLY makes fun...

10 years ago    10,910 views    Aramis
KTM Superduke & Ducati Hypermotard
KTM Superduke & Ducati Hypermotard

7 years ago    10,365 views    streetfighter
Fifth Gear Season two episode one - full episode
Fifth Gear Season two episode one - full episode*Quentin and Tiff help a self-made millionare chose some new cars for his collection : an every day car, track car, a gentlemen's car , and a super carTown car choices: Honda Jazz, Mini Cooper...

7 years ago    6,097 views    CullPearlYellowTT
Skyline GT-R vs Ducati 1098 puts a Skyline GT-R against a Ducati 1098.

6 years ago    25,338 views    JohnnyMayday
Promo Girls Georgia Graham & Hayley Sams - Performance Direct Top Gear
Performance Direct proudly introduce promo girls Georgia Graham and Hayley Sams who represented the Performance Direct Insurance quote station at the MPH / Top Gear Live shows in London and the Classic Motor Show at the NEC Birmingham. Alon...

5 years ago    5,997 views    PDMotoringNews
Fifth Gear Season 12, Episode 3 Full Episode
Season 12, Episode 3 — Originally aired on September 17th, 2007 * Australian cricket player Shane Warne gets a track driving lesson from Jason * Fifth Gear Shootout: Vicki races the UK spec Honda Civic Type R against the harder core J...

6 years ago    5,640 views    CaspersZ06
Cars & Coffee Dallas // August 2nd 2014
Welcome to the August 02nd 2014 Cars & Coffee: Dallas Video! This is the first time I took the new HDR-AS100 Action cam to Cars & Coffee!In this edition: a clean R32 Skyline, a DeLorean, Starsky & Hutch, a Maserati gets a little sideways, a...

1 years ago    4,824 views    TheDutchTexan
ducati SS soundcheck
ducati SS soundcheck

9 years ago    6,117 views    ac8e7fb9
5th gear shoot out between Lamborghini Gallardo su
5th gear shoot out between Lamborghini Gallardo superleggera and a Ducati 1098. Enjoy!!!

8 years ago    8,525 views    slovenskiB15
Ducati 1098 vs R35 GT-R
AutoCar mag shows off a Ducati vs the R35. Guess who wins and why. Comment away but you may want to watch before you do.

7 years ago    4,815 views    mindlessoath
Me on my DUCATI 998
Me on my DUCATI 998

9 years ago    8,720 views    ALPINE5TURBO
Auto Shangahai 2013: VW Konzernabend
Am Vorabend der Auto Shanghai 2013 hat der Volkswagen-Konzern bei seiner traditionellen Group Night nicht nur die automobilen Highlights seines Markenspektrums gezeigt, sondern auch seine Verbundenheit zum Standort China unterstrichen. Ist ...

3 years ago    3,934 views    UnitedPictures
Performance Testing - Ducati 1098S vs. Aprilia RSV pitted the Ducati 1098S versus the Aprilia RSV1000R at the track, dragstrip and dyno. Watch the video and then read the full test at (more)

8 years ago    3,862 views    motousa