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Track and street drifting in japan
Track and street drifting in japan

9 years ago    85,331 views    073234
Ebisu: The Soul of Drift
True Street Drift Culture at the spiritual home of Drifting: Ebisu Circuit in Japan.

7 years ago    68,613 views    SpeedHunters
Toyota Supra Tire-Smoking Brutal Drift in Japan!
Drifting Supra on a track in Japan, burning every turn with monstrous noise!

5 years ago    24,402 views    GTRfanboy
Episode 2: Osaka Street Drifting
Touge drift in the mountains of Osaka, Japan.

8 years ago    50,377 views    TheRing
Dangerous Drifting in Japan
Totally sketch

6 years ago    57,585 views    JohnnyMayday
Team Orange Triple Drift in Ebisu, Japan
The world's most famous drift team demonstrates their triple drift skills at the spiritual home of drifting: Ebisu Circuit in Japan.

7 years ago    35,402 views    SpeedHunters
Japan D1 drivers street drifting in Yokohama
Japan D1 drivers street drifting in Yokohama

9 years ago    34,712 views    TokyoJoe
Episode 3: Ebisu Drifting in Japan
Ebisu Drifting in Japan.

8 years ago    26,548 views    TheRing
Drifting in industrial square in Japan Various Car
Drifting in industrial square in Japan Various Cars

11 years ago    36,193 views    guest
Mustang Drift: Japan Chapter 01 - Touge: The Roots
He's a drifting phenomenon. It's the place where drifting was born. So it only seemed right that Vaughn Gittin Jr. and a modified 2010 Mustang GT should head a few time zones west to put their talents to use.See the journey form Taylor, Mi...

7 years ago    24,941 views    MustangDriftsJapan
Awesome RC Drifting in Japan
Awesome RC Drifting in Japan

4 years ago    6,715 views    GTRfanboy
Falken Tire Driver Feature: Vaughn Gittin Jr.
falkentire.comBased on having spent a quarter of his life drifting, one might say Vaughn Gittin, Jr.’s name is synonymous with the popular sport. Indeed, Vaughn has enjoyed a strong relationship with both Falken and Ford, showing the world ...

7 years ago    20,735 views    FalkenTire
Skylines etc drifting in Japan
Skylines etc drifting in Japan

9 years ago    17,467 views    2ddc37d7
drifting in japan plus lots of other bad ass cars
drifting in japan plus lots of other bad ass cars

9 years ago    15,121 views    ad15ab54
Great DRIFT Show!!!
Great DRIFT Show!!! Sideways Action Nissan Skyline, Silvia, 240SX, Lexus, Bikes, Japan, One of the Best Drifting Vids!

7 years ago    11,158 views    Roma007
Fredric Aasbo - Supra Drifting
Norwegian drifting champion Fredric "Halllon" Aasbo rips it up in a Japan Auto backed Supra! Footage from Prodrift European Series round 3 at Sturup, Sweden and King of Europe/Nordic Drifting Series round 3 at Botnia Ring, Finland.Video cou...

7 years ago    10,477 views    HungarianDriftAssoci...
2014 Nissan GT-R Track Edition Only 150 lucky people will be able to own a 2014 Nissan GT-R Track Edition. But we can still drool over the hardcore built for track GT-R in this video. Related: Nismo GT-R confirmed

3 years ago    9,456 views    GTChannel
DriftMonkey Eat-Sleep-Drift
DriftMonkey Clothing is the first complete clothing line for drifters. T-shirt’s, hoodie’s, hat’s… in good quality and cool designs. Inspiered by drifting and drifters from Japan. Directed by Stephane Ben...

5 years ago    36,000 views    Clashprod
This BMW E30 Drifting better than the whole countr
This BMW E30 Drifting better than the whole country of Japan!! Who can do an 8 by drifting!! Awesome!!

9 years ago    14,418 views    BMW_MODIFIED
Two AE86 Touge Drift in Japan Akagiyama, going dow
Two AE86 Touge Drift in Japan Akagiyama, going down hill. after 4 runs going up and down, the rear tire puncture during drifting, this video is taken on the 4th run.

9 years ago    7,906 views    louiswun
D1 Drifting (USA vd Japan)
d1 drifting all over the world

7 years ago    5,506 views    crazyviolent69
fun drifting in japan.....visit
fun drifting in japan.....visit

9 years ago    7,405 views    ad15ab54
Show UP Asashi: Sexy Knights drifting in Japan
Sexy knights drift team on the stretts of japan. Drift Society

7 years ago    4,177 views    DandDWorks
Drifting in Japan. The white Skyline is an America
Drifting in Japan. The white Skyline is an American tearing it up with the best of them.

8 years ago    5,156 views    89bdfb0c
The Racing Insiders Episode 3 Air date May 16 2013
Joey Redmond of Wrecked Magazine & Canadian Rally Driver Antoine L'Estage on this week's "The Racing Insiders" show on MAVTV "The Racing Insiders" airs on MAVTV @ 2 and 5 PM EST. and again on Sat, @ 12:30. So get ready to pull up a chair or...

2 years ago    3,382 views    GoRacingTV
Behind the Smoke 2 - Ep 18 - Super GT Malaysia - Daijiro Yoshihara for more exclusive videos. 2011 Formula Drift champion Daijiro Yoshihara takes a trip to Malaysia to test drive a few M7 Japan tuned cars with fellow Drive Energy sponsored driver Manabu Orido. After some time beh...

3 years ago    3,007 views    GTChannel
Drifting Nago Japan
Nago Bull ring in Japan, weekend drift session with the locals. Watch in 1080P, filmed on gopro song is MT Eden sierra leoneRake loves it !

3 years ago    2,991 views    BOOSTEDimporter
Drift japanese drift (new video)
Brazillian guys drifting in japan

4 years ago    2,495 views    MikeQuan
Joey Redman Interviewed on The Racing Insiders
Joey Redmond Interviewed on The Racing Insiders, with Hosts, Bill Wood, Peter Keane and Jim Daniels. Joey is the Head Editor Wrecked Magazine will tell us if U.S. drifting has peaked. Many think it has in Japan, the birthplace of drifting. ...

2 years ago    2,118 views    GoRacingTV