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Ricer-Wannabe Tries Drifting - Crashes (NWS - Swe
We had a friend who bought a regular old civic... LX or whatever the base model is... except it had 2 doors, he thought his car was soooo fast and that he could "drift" down this hill. So he and three of my friends (I wasn't there for the e...

9 years ago    127,040 views    guest
Pacific Grand Prix | Drift Invitational
The first Pacific Grand Prix Drift Invitational was a blast! So many good people, live DJ, beer garden, skateboarding, dirt drops, four car tandems. What's not to love?Filming, on the other hand, was quite a challenge. With only a 15mm F/2....

4 years ago    90,380 views    motormavensdotcom
Launch Control: A Cold Start - Episode 2.1
For 2014 the slate is once again wiped clean. Both the Subaru Rally Team USA and Subaru Rallycross Teams have new cars and new challenges ahead. Join us as we once again bring you the inside story on Season 2 of Launch Control. #launchcontr...

3 months ago    38 views    drivingsports
I Love my e30
Songs:1. Aliens Electric Close Vox Remix 2. Big Boi - Shutterbug (VibeSquaD remix)3. LehtMoJoe - SloMo (Motorcycle vs Car Drift Battle 2)Shot with Nikon P100Edited with Sony VegasThanks for watching! and a big thanks to Aly!!!!

7 months ago    785 views    E30MPOWER
Dai Blows the Engine of his S13 at Irwindale - Behind The Smoke 3 - Ep
BTS3 Playlist: Previous Episode: final round of the 2013 Formula Drift season has arrived. Daijiro Yoshihara and his team arrive and prepare to take on Irwindale. Unfortunately, they run into a ...

9 months ago    1,343 views    GTChannel
FD Texas - Round 6 - Dai Is Making A Comeback - Behind The Smoke 3 - E
BTS3 Playlist: Previous Episode: out LORENinHD's youtube channel: Formula Drift Round 6 only a few days behind us, take a look at how Dai managed on d...

10 months ago    5,343 views    GTChannel
Dai Revives His S13 Missile Car - Behind The Smoke 3 - Ep 25
BTS3 Playlist: Previous Episode: the final event of the Formula Drift season looming, Irwindale, Dai and Chris take their newly revived S13 out to Willow Springs for a drifting filled day. Like...

9 months ago    2,761 views    GTChannel
Dai's 2014 Formula Drift Car - Stock Impression and Tear-down - Behind
Comment below with what engine they should put in it.BTS3 Playlist: Previous Episode: take Dai's 2013 stock Subaru BRZ out to Willowsprings International Speedway for a drift impression. Next, we...

10 months ago    6,080 views    GTChannel
UFC 164 Winner Josh Barnett Learns To Drift - Behind The Smoke 3 - Ep2
BTS3 Playlist: Previous Episode: Yoshihara takes the UFC 164 fighter Josh Barnett out for a drifting lesson. Using Josh's own Mustang, Dai is able to help Josh manage the car while doing don...

10 months ago    5,759 views    GTChannel
Formula Drift Texas - The Battles Begin - Behind The Smoke 3 - Ep23
BTS3 Playlist: Previous Episode: main day of Formula Drift competition at Texas Motor Speedway is upon us. Round 6 begins with a nerve racking top 32 battle for Daijiro Yoshihara. The past two e...

10 months ago    3,574 views    GTChannel
FD Texas Rnd 6 - Dai Fights For a Podium - Behind The Smoke 3 - Ep24
BTS3 Playlist: Previous Episode: is ready to take on the competition in Texas. With the sun down the real battles are about to begin. Can Dai make it to the podium for the first time since Long ...

9 months ago    1,654 views    GTChannel
Behind The Smoke 3 - Ep18 - Dai's Travel Show Feat. Melyssa Grace
BTS3 Playlist: Previous Episode: Episode: August 26thDuring our week off we discovered this video in our archives. It seems that Dai wanted to create himself a travel show. He filmed this durin...

10 months ago    4,901 views    GTChannel
The Racing Insiders Episode 10 Air date July 4 2013
Grand Am @ The Glen, Pikes Peak, Global RallyCross, Formula Drift and more on this week's "The Racing Insiders" show on MAVTV "The Racing Insiders" airs on MAVTV, Thursday @ 2 and 5 PM EST. and again on Sat, @ 12:30. So get ready to pul...

10 months ago    3,878 views    GoRacingTV
The Racing Insiders Episode 3 Air date May 16 2013
Joey Redmond of Wrecked Magazine & Canadian Rally Driver Antoine L'Estage on this week's "The Racing Insiders" show on MAVTV "The Racing Insiders" airs on MAVTV @ 2 and 5 PM EST. and again on Sat, @ 12:30. So get ready to pull up a chair or...

10 months ago    3,136 views    GoRacingTV
Putting It On The Line In Seattle - FD Round 5 - Daijiro Yoshihara - B
BTS3 Playlist: Previous Episode: Episode: August 19thHaving qualified 14th, Daijiro and team face Robbie "Bushido Blade" Nishida in Top 32. With Dai's season not going to plan, will he be able ...

11 months ago    3,517 views    GTChannel
It All Goes Wrong In Seattle - Formula Drift Rd 5 - Daijiro Yoshihara
BTS3 Playlist: Previous Episode: Episode: August 5thDaijiro heads up to Formula Drift Round 5 in Seattle with hopes high. With the season winding down, Daijiro and team know the importance of e...

11 months ago    3,115 views    GTChannel
Formula Drift Round 3 - West Palm Beach - Dai Struggles - Behind The S
BTS3 Playlist: Episode: Episode: Coming June 10thThe team make it down to West Palm Beach for Formula Drift Round 2. Daijiro and crew set out to get the car setup right and get Dai comf...

1 years ago    4,125 views    GTChannel
Formula Drift Round 3 - West Palm Beach - Dai Goes Too Hard - Behind T
eBay GT-R Fantasy Car Sweepstakes: Playlist: Previous Episode: Next Episode: Coming June 24th After beating Danny George and his high-powered Mazda Miata, Dai earns a spot...

1 years ago    3,801 views    GTChannel
The Fight Is On In Jersey - Formula Drift Rd 4 - Daijiro Yoshihara - B
BTS3 Playlist: Previous Episode: Episode: July 22ndWith Dai qualifying 30th it means he faces Fredric Aasbo who qualified 3rd in the Top 32. Will Dai have what it takes to take it all the way? ...

1 years ago    3,406 views    GTChannel
Daijiro Yoshihara - Formula Drift Seattle - GoPro Edition - Behind The
BTS3 Playlist: Previous Episode: BTS3 coverage from Seattle returns next weekFormula Drift Round 5: Seattle has just concluded. Enjoy this collection of GoPro shots of Dai at his finest, drifti...

1 years ago    3,074 views    GTChannel
The Drama Unfolds - Formula Drift Rd 4 - New Jersey - Daijiro Yoshihar
BTS3 Playlist: Episode: Next Episode: July 15th With Dai struggling in the last 2 events, it's time for him to get back in form. As qualifying approaches will he be able to take the top pla...

1 years ago    3,019 views    GTChannel
RC Drift Cars in Berlin
RC Drift Cars in Berlin

8 years ago    31,273 views    b51f2ad2
Daijiro Yoshihara Travels to Sepang F1 Track - Malaysia - Behind The S
BTS3 Playlist: Previous Episode: Next Episode: travels to Malaysia to experience Sepang F1 track first hand. Along the way, we catch up with Manabu Orido who makes an excit...

11 months ago    2,469 views    GTChannel
BMW e28 524td with its original diesel engine hand
BMW e28 524td with its original diesel engine handtuned featuring an intercooler and stainless steel pipes doing an burnout. Drift in 2nd gear on a dry street with an diesel car that´s over 20 years old!!!

8 years ago    28,632 views    stupidbychoice
Gert Hoekman and James Fuller - BDC Team Drift - Can we switch it? YES
Gert Hoekman and James Fuller - BDC Team Drift - Can we switch it? YES we can!Here's a quick vid of the awesome qualifying run Gert and James did on Teeside circuit during the BDC team drift event. They where a 2 car team because the third ...

1 years ago    871 views    MLubberts
Team Falken @ Formula D Rd. 2 Atlanta
ATLANTA, GA – Round 2 of the 2009 Formula Drift season saw Team Falken Tires’s Darren McNamara, running his Sears Auto Center Saturn Sky on the proving grounds of legendary Road Atlanta, advance to the finals against Chris Forsberg where he...

5 years ago    28,862 views    FalkenTire
Behind The Smoke 3 - Ep19 - Wheel Give-Away & America's Tire Store Vis
Go here to enter to win: Playlist: Previous Episode: Yoshihara stops by his local Discount Tires/America's Tire to get his new wheels and tires ins...

11 months ago    37 views    GTChannel
Falken Drift Demo - 100% Tuning 2012 - Ahoy Rotterdam
Falken Drift Demo - 100% Tuning 2012 - Ahoy RotterdamThis a annual tuning event which has a small drifttrack to give the fans a very upclose and personal experience.Falken Team EU gave 3 demo's a day with 6 cars. This includes support from ...

1 years ago    2,188 views    MLubberts
Formula Drift Round 2 - Road Atlanta Qualifying - BTS3 - Daijiro Yoshi
BTS3 Playlist: Episode: Episode: Coming May 20thWith round 1 successfully behind them, Daijiro Yoshihara and team make their way into Atlanta. Will they be able to repeat the success th...

1 years ago    3,279 views    GTChannel