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New Zealand Dirt Track Speedway Action (crash)
New Zealand Dirt Track Speedway Action (crash)

10 years ago    31,805 views    PETROLFUMES
336 Fifth Gear - Dirt Track
336 Fifth Gear - Dirt Track

7 years ago    15,686 views    J1MZ
2700 horsepower. Dirt track racing
2700 horsepower. Dirt track racing

11 years ago    16,575 views    guest
Formula Rally X and the Lancer Ralliart Sportback
The Smoking Tire enters the newest form of dirt competition, Formula Rallycross, in a Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart Sportback. Will Dan, Tom, or Matt be the fastest around the 1.5 mile dirt track?

6 years ago    29,429 views    TheSmokingTire
Yamaha yfz450 gytr vs Ktm polaris outlaw 450 mxr sand pit quad movie W
First Add Add Add on hard snow with Polaris KTM outlaw mxr 450 and Kawasaki KFX450Rktm Polaris 450 mxr sx yfz450 kfx540r trx450r yama...

4 years ago    4,521 views    WCRTeam
Sand pit videoclip, outlaw mxr 450, kfx450r, yfz450, 450r, warrior, 30
First Add Add Add BelleauRassemblement aux pit de pont-rouge ( pit de la tour et pis de la station ) de la Wreck Crew Racing.Polar...

4 years ago    4,481 views    WCRTeam
Girl Racers E03
Girl Racer NZ, Who will win. This week Dirt Track Stock Car racing

6 years ago    5,594 views    neurite
kxf450 vs Outlaw 450 vs kfx450r sand pit WCR
First Add Add Add on sand pit with Polaris KTM outlaw mxr 450 525 and Kawasaki KFX450Rktm Polaris 450 mxr sx yfz450 kfx540r trx450r y...

4 years ago    3,806 views    WCRTeam
Fifth Gear - Season 14, Episode 3 — (Full Episode)
Season 14, Episode 3 — Originally aired on August 25th, 2008 * Shootout: Jason puts two powerful wagons head-to-head, the Volkswagen Passat R36 and the Audi A4 3.0 TDI * Vicki investigates how Kia’s new hatchback, the Pro Ceed, stacks...

6 years ago    3,663 views    CaspersZ06
We Get You Going - Falken Tire
WE GET YOU GOING is what Falken stands for: A dynamic, competitive, “in-your-face” company that is ready to compete with any and all comers. Falken continues to prove its performance on the race track and develop excellent product for the...

6 years ago    26,806 views    FalkenTire
Girl on dirt bike track

2 years ago    3,471 views    barrister
Big Daddy Supra hits the wall - TX2K12
I just caught the Big Daddy Supra right when it hit the wall. The worst part was all the rocks and dirt it threw all over the track, when the track is sticky that stuff doesn't just sweep off.Look for more TX2K12 videos! and look for the DV...

3 years ago    3,483 views    hightechcorvette
Big K poker dirt bike poker run 2006 Helmet Cam
Big K poker dirt bike poker run 2006. Great single track and a crash or two. Helmet Cam

8 years ago    3,175 views    PhilKTM
dodge neon kickin a$$ - dirt circle track race
dodge neon kickin a$$ - dirt circle track race

10 years ago    2,767 views    guest
Dirt track Hobby Stock Racing
GoPro ride along with Dustin Smith at Algona Raceway

3 years ago    2,268 views    WesleysYard
Nissan GT-R On-Board Crash @ Carolina Motorsports Park
Striving to set another winning time, Nissan GT-R pushed too hard before the tires were ready and touched the dirt, spun across the track, and impacted the tire wall hard at Carolina Motorsports Park.

5 years ago    2,681 views    GTRfanboy
'67 BIG BLOCK CAMARO at Swedish dirt track
Big block and 4 spd manual.

6 years ago    33,159 views    JohnnyMayday
Track day Dirt - Ford Sierra - La Faloise
La Faloise (France) - Dirt track with road cars - Club ford Cosworth - Ford Sierra 2.0 GT - Sierra Cosworth 4WD. Drivers: Nicolas & Yves

7 years ago    1,733 views    Yves88
JESEL SPORTSMAN SERIES SHAFT ROCKERS you still spending aggravating hours adjusting your stud rockers only to have to repeat the procedure the next weekend? If t...

4 years ago    1,571 views    DragNuts
ZR1 Mike goes for an off track excursion just entering T-7 at Auto Clu
I can attest that ZR1 Mike's Michelin Super Cup Sports were getting down there and the rear end finally cut lose as Mike drove into T-7 on the ROVAL and spun. Check out this cool video by Canyon Run Video as the dirt and grass fly into the ...

3 years ago    1,347 views    CanyonRunVideos
Truck Mud Racing!
Take an oval dirt track and add a few thousand gallons of water to it. Then get some trucks to race on it and you're guaranteed plenty of action, plenty of mess and plenty of crashes - brought to you by our friends at Skyjacker Suspension!

5 years ago    2,082 views    SummitRacing
Dirt track Hobby Stock Racing
GoPro ride along with Dustin Smith at Algona Raceway

3 years ago    337 views    WesleysYard
dirt car 21 1 on 1
( dirt track racing )

4 years ago    115 views    skeet11s - PRI 2010 Bilstein's Double Adjustable Shocks
Bilstein introduces a double adjustable shock for both street and racing applications, including circle track, here at the PRI Show. These adjustable shocks allow you to fine tune your ride for the track, street, or dirt.http://www.streetle...

5 years ago    130 views    PowerTV
Done for the Night? NOT so Fast!
Where there is a MAD Dirt Track Driver there is a WILL to get back!

6 years ago    857 views    hugh009
2010 Tierra Del Sol 4x4 with Falken Tire
Last weekend marked the 48th annual Tierra Del Sol Desert Safari in Ocotillo Wells, CA, and Falken Tires first year as an event sponsor and supporter. Despite forecasts of inclement weather, enthusiasts in RVs and Off Road vehicles were out...

6 years ago    39,789 views    FalkenTire
Lucas Oil: Flat Track
The crowds at the Sheboygan County Fair Park in Wisconsin are in for a ride as the riders hit the dirt for the Flat Track main race. the motorsports authority for NASCAR, Formula 1, auto racing, moto racing, cars, bikes, automotiv...

4 years ago    225 views    SpeedTVSpeedX
Dirt Cars Track Mishap!
Dirt Cars Track Mishap!

4 years ago    230 views    GTRfanboy
The Dirt Track Racing Family of Atlanta
One of the most well known Dirt Track Racers is Alan Brewer and his sons Daniel and Michael. Here they are racing at Dixie Speedway in Atlanta.

6 years ago    192 views    hugh009