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My ws6 Races a c5 427 Corvette, a New C6 Zo6 Corvette, a 383 Camaro, a Mustang with a sprayed Ls1 from a dig, and lots more stuff in this video!Florida Street Racing-Contact me on or

7 years ago    29,696 views    MyWs6
Nissan R35 GTR VS 03 Cobra dig race
Dead stock GTR vs Cobra with bolt ons + smaller pulley + possibly more. GTR was abit delayed at the light

7 years ago    27,510 views    Gleason
Nissan DeltaWing - Petit Le Mans Announcement
It captured the world's attention on its debut at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Now the Nissan DeltaWing is set to race in North America for the first time at the finale of the 2012 American Le Mans Series presented by Tequila PatrĂ³n.The pioneer...

3 years ago    10,774 views    GoRacingTV
Timmy's 2005 Mini Cooper S (bone stock) vs. a Jett
Timmy's 2005 Mini Cooper S (bone stock) vs. a Jetta GLI 1.8T (minor mods)....Round #2!!! Mini clearly won the dig race last week, Jetta clearly wins this dig race.

10 years ago    13,569 views    guest
New Edge GT vs Mach 1 Street Race from a Dig. Day
New Edge GT vs Mach 1 Street Race from a Dig. Daylight Run

9 years ago    8,516 views    grey03mach1
2000 Mustang GT vs 1994 Single Turbo Supra, roll a
2000 Mustang GT vs 1994 Single Turbo Supra, roll and dig races

9 years ago    11,019 views    483445
1969 Chevelle
This is the POS 69 Chevelle that Braddman is afraid to race from a dig in his 811rwhp single turbo Supra.

8 years ago    6,129 views    94cobra69ss396
RICEKILLER.COm - Darkside VS Slick2
RICEKILLLER.COM VIDEO - Dig Race in Mexico - C6 LS3 H/C/E/N20 vs LSX Z28 H/C/E/N20 - Z28 Wins by 2 + cars.

7 years ago    3,561 views    Ricekillercom
Street race from the dig with one of the baddest 3
Street race from the dig with one of the baddest 347ci NA corvettes on the west coast. Definitely a great race.Corvette - VHT Prepped Lane, SlicksEvolution - AWD, Stock TiresEvo taps rev limiter before finish line.. Ran out of gear :(.

8 years ago    2,232 views    evoanon
Spartan600rr vs. JUIC3D Dig Race - GRAB-A-LANE.COM
Join us: http://www.grab-a-lane.comSpartan's modded Honda CBR 600RR vs. JUIC3D LS3 C6 Corvette on nitrous.Thread with race details:!!!!&p=31718#post31718

3 years ago    1,716 views    GRABALANE
440 HP TBSS vs S3 SRT4 & 04 GT, C4 vs 94 Z28 & Ter
440 RWHP Trailblazer SS vs Stage 3 SRT4 from a DIG & more 440 RWHP TBSS vs Slow Cocky 04 GT 94 Z28 vs C4 Corvette, Turbo Tercel, & 04 GT 4 way race (slowness)C4 LT1 Corvette vs 99 Lightning

8 years ago    7,363 views    Speeds8erM1
630whp Turbo 5.0 Mustang vs 619whp Camaro ZL1 and Supra vs LS1 Dig Rac
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3 years ago    1,782 views    GRABALANE
Cobalt SS vs 07 STi - Dig Race
An 07 Subaru STi vs my 2005 Chevy Cobalt SS SuperchargedWe went from a Dig, Three Honks, took it from 0 to 145 mph. We were right about even at 100mph.STi has: Turbo-Back Exhaust, Front Mount, Tune @ 285awhp/315awtqSS has: GM Stg2, 2.8" Pul...

8 years ago    2,515 views    USMCFieldMP
My 355 5-speed '84 Camaro VS '94 Ford Probe w/ JDM
My 355 5-speed '84 Camaro VS '94 Ford Probe w/ JDM KLZE Swap.Race from a Dig, Than a 40km/h Roll Than a Burnout.

9 years ago    4,069 views    MeTaLrOcKeR
EVO II vs NXSGT Mustang: Dig on the Street ($$ Race)
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3 years ago    1,375 views    GRABALANE
Supra vs Turbo LSX Mustang DIG RACE!
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3 years ago    1,700 views    GRABALANE
Single Turbo Supra vs. Z06 from a Dig - Street Race!
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3 years ago    1,676 views    GRABALANE
2007 Scion tC vs. RSX-S and Eclipse GST
2007 Scion tC takes on a RSX-S and a Eclipse GST from the dig... Type-S has I/H/E and the GST has FMIC I/E... But to give credit to the Eclipse owner, he told me just a few days ago that he wasn't trying in the race, and he has A LOT of mod...

8 years ago    8,588 views    DrDriftReturnOfTheJe...
Firebird beats 500awhp Evo from a Dig - Street Race
Click link to Subscribe:'s96Bird vs. JokieMR

3 years ago    1,248 views    GRABALANE
88 Vette vs Prelude
first race from a dig and then a roll race from arond 40

7 years ago    852 views    Greg_Z
My 06 Civic From a Dig
This is on a mild race tune. Tuned on a Mustang Dyno with Greddy E-Manage Ultimate. Camera's kinda shakey. Was holding it myself lol

6 years ago    2,417 views    CarDomain
vr4 vs audi
audi wanted to race from a dig, silly audi

4 years ago    277 views    SXC_HEMI
dig race with auto 03
me and asmir again

8 years ago    2,984 views    fasteddy03
vw vs cobalt ss race 3
from a dig and the vw wins with 1 an half power of a vr6

7 years ago    503 views    saleen540
Sunday Funday 351w Mustang vs. Ls1 Camaro Daytime Dig runs.
All in good fun.. Unfortunate ending to this day.. the Mustang gave up the ghost on the tie breaker race.. You win some, you lose some. Good things to come.

1 years ago    292 views    Ford50forlife
380 hp turbo civic vs stock 03 cobra, two races fr
380 hp turbo civic vs stock 03 cobra, two races from a roll, third from a dig.

9 years ago    4,159 views    BULLW1NKL3
Christine, my LS1 Caprice vs S197 Mustang GT (2nd
Just another friendly dig race with a really nice S197 Mustang GT.

7 years ago    333 views    Henry
Lincoln LS vs Firebird w/ D1SC
Messing around with one of my friends, Quick dig race.05' LS K&N FIPK, X-pipe with SLP's, 251hp/274tq @ the wheelsThird gen Firebird, stock L98 shortblock, procomp heads, cam'd, stealthram, full exhaust, 3X00 stall, built 700R4, D1SC @ 15ps...

6 years ago    438 views    SLP_LS_V8
Redfire vs Whiteghost
Flyby from a 800+whp Turbo T/A, and then Redfires 600+whp Cobra vs WhiteGhost's built and blown Foxbody from a dig!.....turns into a 1/8th race at the end.....

8 years ago    1,563 views    MrFlipflops