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New Corvette ZR1 Tops Out at 205 MPH
The Corvette Development Engineering team took the new ZR1 to the test track in Papenburg, Germany and put the pedal to the metal to see just how fast it could go.

8 years ago    58,754 views    GMnext100
701whp S2000 from Hell
This is a 100% stock motor S2000. T1 Race Development developed the turbo system, and just decided to see how much power the stock F20c could make. And this was the result. A 701whp S2000 from Hell. Borg Warner S372, 1000cc bosch inject...

7 years ago    34,379 views    340072
2010 Porsche GT3 RS Autobahn Shakedown and Overvie
This year at the Frankfurt Auto Show, Porsche is revealing the updated 997 Porsche GT3 RS. Manager of High Performance Cars for Porsche, Andreas Preuninger, gave us the opportunity to ride shotgun as he took the first produced 2010 Porsche...

6 years ago    64,260 views    TVect
Tesla Model S Exclusive Video Here’s a teaser for our world-exclusive, three-part Tesla Model S video series. See the complete episodes beginning June 8 at to get an inside look at the development of this stunning all-electric sedan.

7 years ago    41,942 views    teslamodelsvideo
Heffner Performance Twin Turbo Murcielago Dyno
After several long months of development we have completed our twin turbo Murcielago. As of August 2009 we have tuned the car up to 1 bar of boost which resulted in just over 1100 RWHP. For now we are playing around with the car at various ...

6 years ago    65,538 views    JohnnyMayday
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 6 at Outlon ParkRC Developments 2.4 Stroker KitRC Developments Race Turbo KitHolinger Sequential TransmissionAEM EMS Engine ManagementAIM DashRear Mounted RadiatorBespoke DifferentialsTEIN Super Racing Coilover Suspens...

7 years ago    15,710 views    Clashprod
Rhys Millen: Development of his Hyundai Genesis
StreetFire interviews Rhys Millen and he talks about his New 2009 Hyundai Genesis Drift Car at the first round of the 2009 Formula Drift series at Long Beach.

7 years ago    33,042 views    StreetFire
Dodge Viper ACR-X V-10 Heats up Headers on Dyno!
The V-10 under the hood of the latest version of the Dodge Viper ACR-X race car produces about 640 horsepower. Viper Powertrain Development Engineer Dick Winkles takes us through a test of the V-10 on the dyno at the Chrysler Technical Cent...

6 years ago    59,726 views    DaPixelater
FX Motorsports Development Time Attack NSX
StreetFire interviewed Billy Johnson dirver and co-owner of the FX Motorsports Development Time Attack NSX at the Redline Time Attack at Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch. The car is one of the leading contenders in the Mid-Engined RWD Unli...

6 years ago    37,581 views    StreetFire
Nissan GTR - 'Making Of' Documentary (Part1 of 3)
Nissan GTR - 'Making Of' Documentary Part1. This is the most unmissable video about the GTR. Watch this car take shape from the drawing board, to handling development (against the 997 Turbo), to the finished beast the world now knows and lo...

7 years ago    7,250 views    omarzondac12s
BMW M3 E92 Racing
If ever a production car had a lot in common with Formula One, it is the BMW M3. So it is no surprise that BMW is releasing a racing version of the latest generation of this impressive sports car. After one year development time, the BMW M3...

7 years ago    8,659 views    Zlacker
Vehicle Accessory Computer Interface
VACI is a system that allows the driver to control a 5Channel AV switch, 8 General Purpose Outputs and 2 RGB Glow Channels all from a single touch screen computer. Three months in the development, finally I have something to show for it an...

5 years ago    2,161 views    CarDomain
New M3 Racer Breaks Cover!
The car is making its return to the American Le Mans Series (ALMS) and has been in development for a year.

7 years ago    7,952 views    rawky
Nissan GTR - 'Making Of' Documentary (Part2 of 3)
Nissan GTR - 'Making Of' Documentary Part1. This is the most unmissable video about the GTR. Watch this car take shape from the drawing board, to handling development (against the 997 Turbo), to the finished beast the world now knows and lo...

7 years ago    6,543 views    omarzondac12s
Redline Time Attack Debrief Round 5
Redline Time Attack Debrief: Round 5 from Carolina Motorsport Park in Kershaw, South Carolina presented by Subaru. This episode features the winners of Round 5 including Overall Champion Billy Johnson from FX Motor Development in his Acura ...

6 years ago    8,599 views    RedlineTimeAttack
Nissan GTR - 'Making Of' Documentary (Part3 of3)
Nissan GTR - 'Making Of' Documentary Part1. This is the most unmissable video about the GTR. Watch this car take shape from the drawing board, to handling development (against the 997 Turbo), to the finished beast the world now knows and lo...

7 years ago    5,614 views    omarzondac12s
The new Civic Type R takes on the Nurburgring
Honda WTCC legend Gabriele Tarquini puts the 2015 Honda Civic Type R development model through its paces on the Nurburgring, pushing its 280bph, turbo-charged 2.0 litre engine to its limit.

2 years ago    5,230 views    glonk
McLaren MP4-12C Experimental Prototype Testing
With the MP4-12C's development entering its final phase, McLaren Automotive is releasing a video of the latest Experimental Prototypes (XP) undergoing a serie of tests in Spain's Applus IDIADA facility and on public roads near Tarragona. Th...

6 years ago    5,684 views    NadsyNads
The McLaren P1™: tested to extremes, part 2. Heat. testing programme for the McLaren P1™ has continued at a relentless pace in some of the harshest and most challenging conditions. This summer, the development team pushed the limits of the car t...

2 years ago    4,586 views    glonk
2009 Corvette ZR1's 7:26.4 Nürburgring Lap
GM Development Engineer Jim Mero drove the 2009 Corvette ZR1 around the 12.9 mile Nürburgring in 7:26.4 on June 27, 2008.

7 years ago    5,508 views    CorvetteBlogger
The Racing Insiders Episode 4 Air date May 23 2013
James Sofronas and Todd & Rick Kelly on this week's "The Racing Insiders" show on MAVTV "The Racing Insiders" airs on MAVTV @ 2 and 5 PM EST. and again on Sat, @ 12:30. So get ready to pull up a chair or set your DVR to recordThis Week's S...

2 years ago    3,591 views    GoRacingTV
Superchargers Will Get Gearboxes - Episode 1112
Fred Diaz, CEO of the Ram band abruptly left the company to go head up all sales and marketing for a Japanese automaker whose sales of pickups, SUVs and vans have been a flop. Amid billions of dollars going missing, FAW announces its chairm...

3 years ago    3,074 views    Autoline
New Corolla More Efficient Than First-Gen Prius - Autoline Daily #1210
Volkswagen unveils a concept that's a combination of a compact car and a minivan. Mercedes says it has successfully completed a long-distance autonomous drive using a near-production sensor system. Nissan announces that it's in the final de...

2 years ago    3,135 views    Autoline
Inside Formula 1 Development V8TV
Throughout the Formula 1 season, engineers continually search for innovation to improve the race car's performance. As well as an exhaustive development program at the factory, Panasonic Toyota Racing visits tracks around the world, includi...

8 years ago    6,466 views    V8TV
The BMW M Racing
Video goes over BMW's M division, and BMW's racing history and how it affects the development of M cars.

8 years ago    2,815 views    TheRing
Jeremy Clarkson Interviews Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan (Rainbow Sheikh)
Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear went to Dubai to visit the Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan of the Royal Family. The Rainbow Sheikh has a large collection of cars in his museum. The most notable cars were the Sheikh's seven Mercedes Benz 500 S...

2 years ago    2,419 views    tahmin
Holy Swimming Bugatti
The Galveston Daily News reports the Texan businessman was touring a real estate development when a pelican swooped in front of his $2.5 million Bugatti Veyron, causing him to swerve towards the waterway.

6 years ago    6,498 views    OnMy2ndGP
Dodge Viper ACR-X V10 Engine Dyno Test
Watch the headers glow at 1600 degrees.Viper Powertrain Development Engineer Dick Winkles takes us through a dyno test of the V-10 powerplant under the hood of the Dodge Viper ACR-X race car. The engine generates more than 600 horsepower. ...

6 years ago    4,227 views    ChryslerVideo
JRM Racing LMP1
JRM Racing finishes first Le Mans 24 Hours in sixth overall and second non-works car2012 sees JRM Racing embark on a brand new challenge, as it enters the prestigious FIA World Endurance Championship.Drawing on the success of 2011, when JRM...

4 years ago    2,129 views    Clashprod