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Aussie Kenworth T400 2200hp @ 3000rpm - 2800hp w
Aussie Kenworth T400 2200hp @ 3000rpm - 2800hp with nos, 5600 ft/lb of torque. Two V8 92-Series Detroit Diesel engines fitted with two blowers, four turbo chargers and injected with nitrous oxide.

8 years ago    194,889 views    guest
GMC grain truck with detroit diesel 2 stroke. open
GMC grain truck with detroit diesel 2 stroke. open exhaust inside the cab while pulling a 500 bushel load. pretty funny and sounds pretty good.

7 years ago    57,232 views    danetp
Ferrari-Powered Rambler Wagon by Divers Street Rod
Ferrambo is a 1960 Rambler Wagon powered by a 405hp V-8 from a Ferrari 360 Modena created by Tim Divers and crew at Divers Street Rods. Ferrambo won the prestigious Ridler Award at the 2008 Detroit Autorama

5 years ago    57,043 views    StreetFire
Muscle Cars @ SEMA 2008
Some of Detroit's best at the 2008 SEMA Show.

5 years ago    34,321 views    SEMA-2008
2009 Detroit AutoRama Segment 1
For 57 years, the Detroit Autorama has been classified as the America's Greatest Indoor Hot Rod Show. Behind the scenes, some history of the first Autorama show, and a special time lapse shot during setup.

5 years ago    27,203 views    wrenchHEADS
Spy video - Dodge Caliber SRT - seen outside Chrys
Spy video - Dodge Caliber SRT - seen outside Chrysler Test Center near Detroit

8 years ago    24,740 views    guest
Inside the Dodge Secret Garage
The gang at AutoWeek talked Dodge into letting them video a tour of the Detroit-area warehouse where Dodge keeps the family jewels, from Le Mans-winning Vipers to Power Wagons and even the original Neon concept. But why is the big-wheel Hem...

3 years ago    14,176 views    XtremeCarZone
GMC grain truck w/ detroit diesel 2 stroke. Open e
GMC grain truck w/ detroit diesel 2 stroke. Open exhaust and 500 bushel load. Sounds nice!!

7 years ago    25,580 views    danetp
Built by Alan Johnson, this incredible 1932 Ford B400 Deucenberg owned by Doug Cooper of Oyster Bay Cove, New York took top honors winning the Ridler Award at the Detroit 2009 AutoRama. The interior was masterfully crafted by Paul Atkin...

5 years ago    25,845 views    wrenchHEADS
2009 Detroit Autorama ftg. GM Performance Parts!
This rocking video was recorded at the 2009 Detroit Autorama. Crate engines, muscle cars, horsepower, and pure innovation can be found in this video. GM Performance Parts genuine crate engines are featured. Vroom Vroom!

5 years ago    19,645 views    ProformMuscle
View this preview video from the Detroit AutoRama. If you like big cams and loud cars you will dig this clip. Make sure you have a good set of speakers and crank up the sub. Your neighbors won't like you anymore.Produced by Two-Lane Blackto...

5 years ago    19,522 views    wrenchHEADS
Inside Corvette Z06 on the Detroit Grand Prix Trac
Experience the thrill of the E85 Corvette Z06 speeding around the track of the 2008 Detroit Grand Prix. Ride with Corvette’s lead Engineer Tom Wallace as he describes the track and the Corvette’s raw power! Check out IGotShotgun for more of...

6 years ago    27,267 views    IGotShotgun
Detroit Speedworks Cadillac Escalade Turbo
Detroit Speedworks Cadillac Escalade Turbo

7 years ago    17,683 views    micarone
2009 Detroit AutoRama-Segment#3-GIRLS_MUSIC_RODS
In this 3rd segment of the 2009 DETROIT AUTORAMA, you will hear and see some of the meanest cars at the show. Be part of the rat rod culture in the "basement" level of COBO Center and see the pin-up girls, hear some cool music and meet some...

5 years ago    26,616 views    wrenchHEADS
News Report About a Girl at a Car Show
This was the LEAD story on the Fox 10pm News in Detroit.Apparently this chick was showing off the goods a little too close to where Spongebob and Patrick were entertaining the little kids

3 years ago    11,932 views    MotorsportsTube
1966 Chevelle Autocross V8TV
This 1966 Chevelle built by the Roadster Shop features their new pro-touring style frame, upgraded Detroit Speed suspension parts, huge tires, and big block Chevy powered. We shot it at the Run Through The Hills III event in Pigeon Forge...

6 years ago    12,311 views    V8TV
2009 DETROIT AUTORAMA Segment #2
From the Cobo Center in Detroit, see the Great 8 finalists and find out who wins the prestigious Ridler Award. Great music and some very unique vehicles.

5 years ago    21,022 views    wrenchHEADS
GMC 6v-92 grain truck RETURN!!
GMC Brigadier grain truck with a Detroit Diesel 6v-92 2 stroke engine.

6 years ago    10,247 views    danetp
Best 100 Cars of the Century- GM Heritage Collecti
Did you know a hydrogen-powered electric van was built in the 1960's? There's a secret warehouse in the suburbs of Detroit that houses some of the most unique & influential cars of the past century built by General Motors. Streetfire was gi...

6 years ago    7,670 views    StreetFire
Michigan Nationals or (The New Draggin Detroit)P
Michigan Nationals or (The New Draggin Detroit)Please Let me Know If You like my Video or Visit

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Presenting the 2012 ROUSH Stage 3 Mustang. Sleek lines, classic curves and an all new assortment of colorful graphics. Experience the thrill of the ROUSHcharged 540HP powertrain that rides on the ROUSH competition series suspension. Drive i...

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dodge-detroit at tractorpulling in Schoonebeek
dodge-detroit at tractorpulling in Schoonebeek

7 years ago    7,021 views    dodgedetroit
Supercharged ZR1 LS9 1969 Camaro "Jackass" Track Video V8TV
Charley Lillard and Mark Stielow teamed up to build one of the most outstanding 1969 Camaros to date. Ride along in "Jackass," a 1969 Camaro powered by a 2009 Corvette ZR1 supercharged V8, stopped by ZR1 carbon ceramic brakes, and riding ...

4 years ago    9,248 views    V8TV
The "Backyard WrenchHEADS" TV cameras were rolling at the 2010 Detroit Autorama to capture some of the coolest customs, classics and rods. Watch the interviews from both levels of COBO Center where this annual event takes place. Cars, girls...

4 years ago    38,413 views    wrenchHEADS
Driver Arrested for Flintstone-Like Move!
A 24-year-old Detroit-area man who tried using his feet to stop a runaway pickup truck with faulty brakes caused multiple collisions and police say he exhibited "moronic decision making."

3 years ago    11,635 views    GTRfanboy
Supercharged 600+ Horsepower 2010 Mustang GT Unleashed
MAY 2011 VIDEO FOOTAGES!!! 2010 Mustang GT 600 Horsepower build! Must See!Vortech V3 Intercooled, Detroit Rocker Cams, EVERY Bolt-on, Brenspeed Dyno-tune!! !! SEASON 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 ALL DAY UNDISPUTED !! FORD MUSTANG GT 4.6 ...

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05' Nissan Titan V.S. Sleepy Mustang GT - HRP 1/28
05' Nissan Titan V.S. Sleepy Mustang GT - HRP 1/28/07 45F NA run!! Stillen Longtube headers, AEM CAI, Banks exhaust, Detroit TruTrac LSD, AirRaid TBS, M&H Dragradials 275 50 17's,5030 raceweight with driver

7 years ago    8,127 views    Toomnymods
Nissan Returns to Advertising the LEAF on TV - Episode 1121
Last month sales of the Nissan LEAF hit 2,200 units, more than a 300 percent increase. Detroit Electric announces it's teaming up with a Chinese automaker to develop EVs for the Chinese market. Renault Twizy Sport F1 gives the smart forjere...

1 years ago    5,101 views    Autoline
05' Nissan Titan WOT runs after installing Jim Wol
05' Nissan Titan WOT runs after installing Jim Wolf Technologies camshafts and getting retuned by uprev.. 330 RWHP / 367RWTQ Naturally Aspiratedother mods include: Stillen longtube headers, high flow Dynatech cats, 2.5" b-pipes, Detroit Tru...

7 years ago    5,268 views    Toomnymods