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1966 Chevelle Autocross V8TV
This 1966 Chevelle built by the Roadster Shop features their new pro-touring style frame, upgraded Detroit Speed suspension parts, huge tires, and big block Chevy powered. We shot it at the Run Through The Hills III event in Pigeon Forge...

6 years ago    12,311 views    V8TV
Supercharged ZR1 LS9 1969 Camaro "Jackass" Track Video V8TV
Charley Lillard and Mark Stielow teamed up to build one of the most outstanding 1969 Camaros to date. Ride along in "Jackass," a 1969 Camaro powered by a 2009 Corvette ZR1 supercharged V8, stopped by ZR1 carbon ceramic brakes, and riding ...

4 years ago    9,248 views    V8TV
2012 Chevy Camaro ZL1 vs. Mark Stielow's Red Devil '69 Camaro - HOT RO
On this episode of HOT ROD Unlimited, David Freiburger meets up with Pro Touring legend Mark Stielow to compare old and new Camaros head to head. Mark Stielow is a GM engineer with a long history of building vintage, street-worthy Camaros w...

2 years ago    4,836 views    Daily_Commute
1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 428CJ/4-Spd for sale at G
Do you love Mach 1 Mustangs? Well then this beauty is definitely for you! A gorgeous 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 with a 428 Cobra Jet with "Shaker" ram-air and 4 speed manual transmission. The car has just recently finished a multi-year, frame...

5 years ago    4,726 views    GatewayClassicCars
Autocross 101 With Stacy Tucker V8TV
Stacy Tucker is not only the 2007 Goodguys Woman Of The Year, she's a driving force behind Detroit Speed and Engineering, as well as a force behind the wheel. In this video, Stacy takes some time to school our own Kelle Oeste on the ins a...

6 years ago    6,652 views    V8TV
Police high speed chase in Detroit ends in deadly
Police high speed chase in Detroit ends in deadly crash - 13_08_2009

5 years ago    6,958 views    Mix939
1968 Camaro SS "Reloaded" Final Feature Video V8TV - The 1968 Camaro "Reloaded" is on those streets, and we're quite happy with the end result. The car drives and handles better than it ever did thanks to the Detroit Speed suspension and the FAST EZ-EFI fu...

1 years ago    3,739 views    V8TV
Detroit Speed, Inc. - Tech Series - Super Tanks
Watch Detroit Speed Sales/Technical associate, Dan Oddy, discuss the benefits of the Detroit Speed Narrowed Stainless Steel Super Tank 600 and 1000 series.

4 months ago    3,383 views    detroitspeed
g-Force Rival Track Performance -- One Lap of America testing with Det
With incredible grip and responsiveness, the g-Force Rival is made for the racetrack. But it's also legal for the street. Street or track. If it's paved, own it.Find your fitment at caught up with Detroit ...

1 years ago    3,381 views    detroitspeed
Tim Allen's 1968 Camaro 427 COPO - Jay Leno's Garage
Check out this cool video of Tim Allen's Detroit Speed Equipped 1968 Camaro from Jay Leno's Garage. Did you know Tim Allen is a car guy? Check out the muscly Camaro of his teenaged dreams, exquisitely upgraded with a 505 hp 427 and lots of ...

8 months ago    3,336 views    detroitspeed
1969 Mark Stielow's 1969 Camaro "Red Devil" Video V8TV
Mark Stielow builds musclecars that truly raise the bar. The latest, "Red Devil," is a supercharged 427 (based off the LS9) that makes tons of power but retains new-car drivability. The complete Detroit Speed suspension system helps it ...

3 years ago    2,821 views    V8TV
Clean LS7 Camaro Has Pro-Touring Tricks V8TV
This '69 Camaro convertible looks unassuming enough, but don't let it fool you. Underneath that shiny blue paint hides all the latest pro-touring tricks, from the Detroit Speed & Engineering subframe to the GM LS7 V8 engine. Owner Matt G...

6 years ago    7,854 views    V8TV
Are You Faster Than A Redneck - SPEED Promo
Check out the Detroit Speed 1970 Camaro Test Car during the promo for RU Faster Than a Redneck.

1 years ago    2,506 views    detroitspeed
2012 SEMA V8TV VIDEO COVERAGE - MARK STIELOW "MAYHEM" 1967 CAMARO - Mark Stielow has been building some of the baddest first-generation Camaros for years, and the latest (called "Mayhem") is another excellent example. This time, he used a 1967 Camaro, and added a wide assortment ...

1 years ago    2,214 views    V8TV
1969 Mustang BOSS 302.0 Detroit Speed Aluma-Frame Install Video V8TV - It's important to determine the intended usage of a car before you choose the parts. In the case of the 1969 Ford Mustang called the BOSS 302.0, the owner wanted a comfortable driving car on the street, but a...

1 years ago    2,206 views    V8TV
Detroit Speed, Inc. - Mustang Week 2013
See some clips from Detroit Speed's first ever visit to Mustang Week in Myrtle Beach, SC.

1 years ago    2,107 views    detroitspeed
1969 Mustang BOSS 302.0 Detroit Speed Deep Tub and QUADRALink Install - Now that the Detroit Speed Aluma Frame front suspension had been installed on our 1969 Mustang BOSS 302.0, it was time to start the DSE Deep Tub tub and QUADRALink installation. First, V8TV Fabricator John Moss st...

1 years ago    2,307 views    V8TV
Introducing Team Kyle Busch Motorsports Team Kyle Busch Motorsports and star driver Parker Kligerman team up with last year's winner of the Toyota Dream Build Challenge, Detroit Speed, Inc., to take on a Camry project that will rock your world. Wil...

11 months ago    2,106 views    detroitspeed
LSA Powered 1969 Camaro "Lou's Change" Engine Install Video V8TV - In this chapter of the Lou's Change 1969 Camaro build, the V8 Speed and Resto shop crew is installing the LSA Engine into the Detroit Speed subframe, and then the subframe to the car. The challenges included mak...

1 years ago    2,284 views    V8TV
LSA Powered 1969 Camaro "Lou's Change" Detroit Speed QUADRALink Rear S - 314.783.8325 - The "Lou's Change" 1969 Camaro is going to be pushing 700 horsepower, so a stock leaf spring suspension just won't do the job. We chose a Currie 9+ housing and center section and a Detroit...

1 years ago    1,904 views    V8TV
An Interview With Goodguys AutoCross Racer, Kyle Tucker of Detroit Spe
Goodguys Pro-Class AutoCross Racer, Kyle Tucker of Detroit Speed, talks about what Goodguys AutoCross means to the hot rodding industry, the latest happenings at Detroit Speed, how you can get involved in AutoCross and more!

1 years ago    2,048 views    detroitspeed
Supercharged LSA Powered 1969 Camaro Restoration "Lou's Change" Intro - This is the first video in the series where the V8TV crew rebuilds a 1969 Chevorlet Camaro from a stock-type restoration into a Zl-1 inspired fire-breathing supercharged Pro-Touring machine. Plans for th...

2 years ago    2,052 views    V8TV
1969 Mustang "BOSS 302.0 "CJ Pony Parts Quarter Panel Install Video Pt - Our 1969 Mustang project called the "BOSS 302.0" had some crash damage and rust in the bottom of the driver side quarter panel. In this video, we replace that panel and the inner wheel tubs using a new reproduct...

1 years ago    1,987 views    V8TV
LSA Powered 1969 Camaro "Lou's Change" T-56 Magnum Transmission Instal - 314.783.8325 - In this installment of the "Lou's Change" 1969 Camaro build, the V8 Speed and Resto shop crew is installing the Tremec T-56 Magnum 6-speed manual transmission into the '69 Camaro. Altho...

1 years ago    1,804 views    V8TV
Detroit Speed. Inc. - X-Gen Front Suspension Module
Take a look at the Detroit Speed X-Gen Front Suspension Module available with a 53.5" or 59.5" track width to install into your unique application!Click on the link below for more info.

1 years ago    1,955 views    detroitspeed
Team KBM: Toyota Camry Transformation The Toyota Dream Build Challenge is at the halfway point. With just a few more weeks until the SEMA Show, will the teams get their vehicles done in time? Kyle Busch Motorsports is building the CamRally at Det...

11 months ago    1,916 views    detroitspeed
Team Kyle Busch Motorsports CamRally: Finish Line in Sight It's crunch time. Kyle Busch Motorsports and Parker Kligerman rush to the SEMA Show finish line with the CamRally. Watch this episode to see how Detroit Speed, Inc. is turning a Camry into a Turbonetics-turbo...

10 months ago    1,622 views    detroitspeed
Detroit Speed & Engineering Headlight Kit
DSE's RS Headlight Door Kit replaces the stock vacuum actuated system on an RS headlamp equipped 1968 or 1969 Camaro. It also makes converting your non-RS Camaro to hide-away headlights much easier. When installed, this kit will operate the...

6 years ago    1,601 views    CarDomain
Detroit Speed, Inc. - Goodguys Columbus 2013 Recap
Check out the Detroit Speed recap video from the PPG Goodguys Columbus Nationals July 12th - 14th 2013. DSE Owner, Kyle Tucker, captured the Sponsor Shootout top prize and DSE Engineer, Ryan Mathews, captured the Pro Class Shootout Victory....

1 years ago    1,638 views    detroitspeed