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Tim Allen's 1968 Camaro 427 COPO - Jay Leno's Garage
Check out this cool video of Tim Allen's Detroit Speed Equipped 1968 Camaro from Jay Leno's Garage. Did you know Tim Allen is a car guy? Check out the muscly Camaro of his teenaged dreams, exquisitely upgraded with a 505 hp 427 and lots of ...

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Detroit Speed, Inc. - Optima USCA Promo
Watch Kyle Tucker discuss the new Ultimate Street Car Association racing series presented by Optima. Detroit Speed Road Rally.

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MIG welding a hydro-formed subframe
Jason Salter of Detroit Speed & Engineering walks through the process of MIG welding a hydro-formed subframe using the Millermatic 212 Auto-Set MIG welder. Jason uses a stitch weld for aesthetics and alternates welding from side-to-side and...

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How its made | Time laps assembly of 20 Detroit Speed Camaro Shocks by
At JRi Shocks, our guys work FAST. Our street performance manager is cranking out some Detroit Speed Camaro shock. We offer shocks for a host of racing and automotive applications from on and offroad, to short track, drag racing, NASCAR, ...

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Detroit Speed, Inc - Tech Series - The Hydroformed Subframe
Watch Detroit Speed, Inc President and Co-Founder, Kyle Tucker discuss Detroit Speed's Hydroformed Subframe. The DSE Subframe is the only frame in the aftermarket with hydroformed frame rails.

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Detroit Speed, Inc - OPTIMA Search for the Ultimate Street Car
Check out the latest promo for Optima's Search for the Ultimate Street Car. If you haven't signed up for an event, don't hesitate, get signed up and come join us out on the track!

2 weeks ago    147 views    detroitspeed
1969 Camaro "Lou's Change" Detroit Speed Deep Tub Install Video V8TV - 314.783.8325 - We wanted to run some big Forgeline wheels shod with Toyo Proxes R888 tires on the "Lou's Change" Camaro, but stock wheel tubs dictate the largest tire size on first generation Camaros. To gain mo...

2 months ago    551 views    V8TV
Detroit Speed, Inc. - Tech Series - Pinion Angle
Watch Detroit Speed Sales and Technical Associate, Dan Oddy, walk you through the steps of setting your pinion angle to maximize the performance of your Detroit Speed suspension.

2 months ago    442 views    detroitspeed
Detroit Speed, Inc. - Mustang Installation DVD Preview
Join Detroit Speed's Paul Morgan as he walks you through the installation of Deep Tubs, Subframe Connectors, the QUADRALink™ and the Aluma-Frame for the 1964.5 - 1970 Mustang.

3 months ago    667 views    detroitspeed
Detroit Speed, Inc. - Forged Anti-Roll Bar Arm
Take a look inside of the forging process of a Detroit Speed Forged Anti-Roll Bar Arm. This is just one of many Detroit Speed parts that are manufactured right here in the U.S.A. See the component on our Hydroformed Subframe for the 196...

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1902 Holley Motorette Shawnigan Lake Show & Shine 2012
1902 Holley Motorette Filmed at the Shawnigan Lake Show & Shine 2012 Holley began in Bradford, Pennsylvania in 1896 when brothers George (1878-1963) and Earl Holley started a company to produce a small one-cylinder three-wheeled vehicle t...

4 months ago    1,130 views    timelapseproduction
1969 Camaro ZR9 MagnaFlow Exhaust Installation Tips Video V8TV - We're building a 1969 Camaro featuring an 804 horsepower LS9 supercharged LS7 427-based MAST built V8, and we needed it to breathe freely! Our solution was to install a MagnaFlow 3" stainless exh...

4 months ago    662 views    V8TV
Detroit Speed, Inc. - PittRace Complex - In Car Video
Check out Stacy Tucker and Kyle Tucker take on the road course at The Pittsburgh International Race Complex.

4 months ago    268 views    detroitspeed
Team Kyle Busch Motorsports CamRally: Finish Line in Sight It's crunch time. Kyle Busch Motorsports and Parker Kligerman rush to the SEMA Show finish line with the CamRally. Watch this episode to see how Detroit Speed, Inc. is turning a Camry into a Turbonetics-turbo...

5 months ago    1,439 views    detroitspeed
CamRally Inside Tour
Parker takes you for a tour of all the features that Detroit Speed incorporated on the inside of his #CamRally. Like what you see? Go to and vote daily now through Monday so that Parker can help bring the ...

5 months ago    793 views    detroitspeed
Vote #CamRally
After a long wait, we can finally show the world Parker's #CamRally. Detroit Speed did an amazing job with this transformation from a stock Camry. Voting is now open, and we need you to 'Rally' behind us and go vote at www.ToyotaDreamBuild....

5 months ago    743 views    detroitspeed
CamRally Outside Tour
Parker Kligerman takes you on a tour of his favorite features that Detroit Speed incorporated into the outisde of his Toyota #CamRally. Like what you see? Go to and vote daily now through Monday so that Pa...

5 months ago    985 views    detroitspeed
Team KBM: Toyota Camry Transformation The Toyota Dream Build Challenge is at the halfway point. With just a few more weeks until the SEMA Show, will the teams get their vehicles done in time? Kyle Busch Motorsports is building the CamRally at Det...

6 months ago    1,773 views    detroitspeed
Introducing Team Kyle Busch Motorsports Team Kyle Busch Motorsports and star driver Parker Kligerman team up with last year's winner of the Toyota Dream Build Challenge, Detroit Speed, Inc., to take on a Camry project that will rock your world. Wil...

6 months ago    1,938 views    detroitspeed
Detroit Speed, Inc. - Tech Series - Steering Components
Watch Sales & Technical Associate, Dan Oddy, walk you through the ins and outs of Detroit Speed Steering components including DSE's 'Detroit Tuned' Rack & Pinion, the 600 Steering Gear and Power Steering Pumps and fittings. For DSE's comple...

6 months ago    1,074 views    detroitspeed
Detroit Speed, Inc. - Fifth Gen Camaro Coilover Conversion Kits
Engineered. Tested. Tuned. Manufactured. Perfected.See the complete process of the new Front and Rear Fifth Generation Camaro Coilover Kits. Find out more here:

6 months ago    582 views    detroitspeed
Detroit Speed, Inc. - Nova Installation Preview
Watch Detroit Speed Fabricator, Andy Stapp, as he walks you through the steps of installing Detroit Speed Deep Tubs, QUADRALink™ and Subframe Connectors on a 1968-1974 Nova platform. The full instructional DVD will be available Fall of 2013...

7 months ago    920 views    detroitspeed
g-Force Rival Track Performance -- One Lap of America testing with Det
With incredible grip and responsiveness, the g-Force Rival is made for the racetrack. But it's also legal for the street. Street or track. If it's paved, own it.Find your fitment at caught up with Detroit ...

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Detroit Speed, Inc. - Mustang Week 2013
See some clips from Detroit Speed's first ever visit to Mustang Week in Myrtle Beach, SC.

8 months ago    1,483 views    detroitspeed
Detroit Speed 2013 Toyota Dream Build Challenge is Under Way
Last year, Detroit Speed took the win with @KyleBusch in the @ToyotaRacing #DreamBuild Challenge. Parker Kligerman and @KBMTeam join forces on a #CamRally that’s going to take the contest by the horns. Watch the weekly videos and look for ...

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Detroit Speed, Inc. - Goodguys Columbus 2013 Recap
Check out the Detroit Speed recap video from the PPG Goodguys Columbus Nationals July 12th - 14th 2013. DSE Owner, Kyle Tucker, captured the Sponsor Shootout top prize and DSE Engineer, Ryan Mathews, captured the Pro Class Shootout Victory....

8 months ago    775 views    detroitspeed
Project American Heroes 3 Chevelle V8TV
Project American Heroes 3 is a fantastic 1970 Chevelle built by Route 66 Motorsports to be auctioned off to raise funds for the Armed Forces Foundation. Our buddy Shafi Keisler caught up with Bill Jelinek at the Muscle Car & Corvette Nati...

4 years ago    25,687 views    V8TV
Detroit Speed, Inc - Tech Series - Leaf Springs
Watch Detroit Speed Sales and Technical Associate Dan Oddy explain the difference between stock and Detroit Speed's 2" or 3" drop leaf spring and which height will work perfect for you and your vehicle.

10 months ago    553 views    detroitspeed
An Interview With Goodguys AutoCross Racer, Kyle Tucker of Detroit Spe
Goodguys Pro-Class AutoCross Racer, Kyle Tucker of Detroit Speed, talks about what Goodguys AutoCross means to the hot rodding industry, the latest happenings at Detroit Speed, how you can get involved in AutoCross and more!

11 months ago    1,067 views    detroitspeed