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Fifth Gear - 23x07 - 2013.10.28
-Tiff drives the Aston Martin Rapide S.-Vicky drives the Land Rover Defender EV.-Citroen DS3 Cabriolet undergoes team test.-Vicky shows 4x4s you can get on a budget.-Jason visits the Aston Martin Heritage center.-Jonny shows the pros/cons o...

9 months ago    3,940 views    husyk
Land Rover Defender CRAZY Stunt!
Land Rover Defender CRAZY Stunt!

3 years ago    17,696 views    GTRfanboy
Are Gyro Pant Suits the Future of Transportation? - Autoline Daily 123
The Environmental Protection Agency is considering reducing ethanol blend requirements next year. A new study says people are more likely to use a self-driving car from a tech company rather than one of the major automakers. After 67 years ...

9 months ago    784 views    Autoline
Land Rover Defender Crushed - AiirSource
Thumbs up if you think this Land Rover should have been saved!Big thanks to AiirSource for sharing the video with us. Check them out here: - Your source for interesting current and archival milita...

11 months ago    7,017 views    CrashNet1
Wheeler dealers-Land rover defender
Wheeler Dealers Land Rover Defender.avi

3 years ago    21,287 views    hellochas
Mega-Trends in Interior Design - Episode 1185
Automakers post another strong sales month in the American market for July, but not as strong as many analysts were expecting. Some Ford owners are being offered complimentary driving instruction at Miller Motorsports Park in Utah. Land Rov...

12 months ago    1,323 views    Autoline
Tire Rack - Testing Passenger and Touring All-Season Tires
New tires are often named to convey something about their attributes. And with names like Ascend, Assurance or Defender, many of today's Passenger/Standard Touring All-Season tires have strong names in hopes of striking a chord with consume...

1 years ago    587 views    TireRack
Fifth Gear Season 10, Episode 6 Full Episode
Season 10, Episode 6 — Originally aired on October 30th, 2006 * Jason drives the brand new Lotus Europa S * Fifth Gear pick their top 5 favorite Bond car chases with some commentary from Sir Roger Moore * Tom goes crazy in the fina...

4 years ago    11,009 views    CaspersZ06
133 Fifth Gear - Land Rover Defender
133 Fifth Gear - Land Rover Defender

5 years ago    8,985 views    J1MZ
Fifth Gear - 21x06 - 2012.10.08
-Jason finds out if the Mercedes C63 AMG Black can outperform the BMW M3 GTS.-Vicki drives a luxurious Land Rover Defender.-The Vauxhal Ampera undergoes team review.-Tiff drives a Ferrari F40 in celebration of its 25th birthday.-Jonny finds...

1 years ago    3,020 views    husyk
Land Rover Defender 90 in mud
Land Rover Defender 90 in mud

7 years ago    5,614 views    607842
Fifth Gear Season 11, Episode 7 Full Episode
Season 11, Episode 7 — Originally aired on June 11th, 2007 * Tom drives the latest Land Rover Defender around Iceland to a glacier * Jason and Tiff race a Ford GT against a Formula Ford with 150 horsepower * Driven To Destruction: ...

4 years ago    4,462 views    CaspersZ06
Citroën 2CV on bad "roads" which kills a Land Rove
Citroën 2CV on bad "roads" which kills a Land Rover Defender

8 years ago    4,963 views    079546
Some offroad fun in a Land Rover Defender Td5 (Bea
Some offroad fun in a Land Rover Defender Td5 (Beach Drifiting, Speed Trails, 0-110 run)

7 years ago    3,517 views    a4581c3b
Suzuki Jimny vs Land Rover Defender
Suzuki Jimny vs Land Rover Defender

1 years ago    134 views    89FoxBody
Top Gear 1993_12_02
- Jeremy Clarkson drives the Land Rover Defender. - Quentin Willson looks at police cars. - Tiff Needell about the Williams Competition. - Michele Newman roadtests the Subaru Impreza. - Tiff Needell drives the race version of the Jaguar XJ....

5 years ago    3,139 views    Ultra86
Citroën 2CV better than a Land Rover Defender !
Citroën 2CV better than a Land Rover Defender !

7 years ago    2,467 views    189872
#16711 - 1995 Land Rover Defender 90 TAKE OFF
94-95 Land Rover Defender 90, 3.9L V-8

5 years ago    1,264 views    MagnaFlow
A Mates Defender filmed on my phone
A Mates Defender filmed on my phone

6 years ago    525 views    1f565635
Land Rover Defender 110 (LEGO)
Land Rover Defender 110 (LEGO)

2 years ago    142 views    GTRfanboy
Land Rover DC100 Concept @ 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show
Makiing its' debut in Frankfurt, The two-door DC100 offers a clue as to how the replacement for the iconic Defender will look when it goes on sale in 2015.

2 years ago    1,083 views    Edmunds
#16711 - 1995 Land Rover Defender 90 DRIVE BY
94-95 Land Rover Defender 90, 3.9L V-8

5 years ago    634 views    MagnaFlow
KTM Enduro 450 vs VW Race Touareg - Red Bull ...
In 2009, Stefan Everts won an extraordinary duel against the five times world champion Sébastien Loeb on the Wall of Geraardsbergen. This year‚ on April 17th‚ our title defender is challenging none other than Carlos Sainz‚ winner of the 201...

4 years ago    458 views    redbull
All Trac Tuning Run
A collection of the many runs we did while tuning the boost/fuel cut defender.

5 years ago    167 views    Foxglove
Land Rover Discovery 20 Year History
Designed originally to plug the gap between the utilitarian attributes of the iconic Land Rover Defender and the more luxurious characteristics of the flagship Range Rover, Discovery soon became the perfect niche vehicle for the growing dem...

4 years ago    668 views    NadsyNads
Nice Defender

4 years ago    320 views    mond
The Defender getting muddy
François driving the Land Rover.

4 years ago    245 views    CarDomain
Sick Volvo STCC Testing Video
STCC Championship defenders Volvo and Polestar prepare for the 2010 season with testing in Guadix, Spain.

4 years ago    166 views    DaPixelater
Land Rover Defender EV, Alfa Romeo SUV, ...
A South African company builds an all electric Land Rover Defender to sneak up on Lions and other animals in the wilderness, Alfa Romeo sets its sights on an SUV for the North American market, Jaguar approves the C-X75 concept hybrid superc...

3 years ago    126 views    FastLaneDaily