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See Inside Car As Flood Sweeps It Away
See the angle from a man's dash cam video as he accidentally drives into a flooded creek and his car is swept away. from author "This is a view from my D-TEG dashcam. I approached a flooded road and made a quick U-turn rather than driving i...

1 years ago    4,179 views    barrister
Top 20+ Car Crashes Compilation 2013 August
Car Crashes Compilation 2013 AugustTags: "Car Accident" "Car Crash" "Car Crashes" "Russia Dashcam",Vehicle Crashes,April Car Crash Compilation,Car Accident Compilation 2013,Car Crash Compilation 2013,New Car Crash Compilation,Fatal Car Cras...

1 years ago    3,308 views    onlylateesh
High Speed Police Pursuit Chevy S10 Truck In The Rain (Dashcam Video)
Police Pursuits Playlist -

1 years ago    3,123 views    HighSpeedPursuits
Texas High Speed Police Chase Responding Cop Car Crashes (Dashcam Vide
Police Pursuits Playlist -

1 years ago    2,879 views    HighSpeedPursuits
High Speed Police Chase Suspect Shooting At Police (Dashcam Video)
Police Pursuits Playlist -

1 years ago    2,217 views    HighSpeedPursuits
Iowa Police Chase Chevy S-10 In The Rain (Dashcam Video)
Police Pursuits Playlist -

1 years ago    2,348 views    HighSpeedPursuits
Drunk Cyclist vs my car
First - the dashcam is installed to the right of driver's seatplace, so driver couldn't see that MF Second - Police said he was drunk and drived too fast. At the end, there is the end of pedestrian's zone, so this is my way, not his.

1 years ago    2,092 views    dayi
High Speed Police Pursuit Toyota Tundra Through Mall (Raw Dashcam Vide
Police Pursuits Playlist -

1 years ago    1,987 views    HighSpeedPursuits
Beep Beep!
Russian bicycle equipped with dashcam and special horn - grandma is lucky she still has good hearing and reaction.

1 years ago    2,121 views    barrister
Explosive Device set off in Shop Possible Hit
Saturday, September 7, near the metro station "Tsarina", as a lone person walks into the shop that sold cakes and grilled chicken. A little more than 10 seconds later, an explosive device is set off and debris flew side planks and pieces of...

11 months ago    2,076 views    dayi
Police Dashcam Captures Cop Getting Hit While Stopping Truck
Police Dashcam Captures Cop Getting Hit While Stopping Truck

1 years ago    1,442 views    DashCamCarCrashes
Cars Accidents - Car Crash - Dashcam

1 years ago    1,258 views    barrister
horrible multi-car high speed accident with 2 trucks in Moscow
dashcam footage of a fatal accident .. a truck hits another truck at high speed and causes a big mess on the highway

1 years ago    1,504 views    FerrariFF
Dashcam captures bus crash
A dashboard camera from a truck on Interstate 64 captured this video of a school bus careening across three lanes of traffic and into a cement retaining wall.

12 months ago    1,621 views    dayi
Second to last street legals with Chris Bilodeau
O'Hare energy sponsored "Chevstang" of Chris Bilodeau. watch for "dashcam" views!

4 years ago    944 views    604productions
Audi DashCam Destruction!!
Audi DashCam Destruction!!

1 years ago    537 views    DashCamCarCrashes
Edmonton Dashcam: Harsh u-turn
traffic was bad and the guy in the chevy was tired of it so he made a u-turn into oncoming traffic. smooth.

3 years ago    816 views    Bitskyline
Edmonton Dashcam: accident 23ave and terwillegar
2 left turn lanes, focus on the inside didn't see the edge. i didn't even notice it happen just saw the focus going in the ditch after the lexus turned haha. i went around the block and came back to see if they were ok.*im going to get an...

3 years ago    751 views    Bitskyline
Edmonton Dashcam: Firetrucks
after the 2nd truck goes the light is green so the guy beside me floors it... he didn't notice the 3rd truck. when i drove by i gave him a thumbs up and he fingered me haha.

3 years ago    729 views    Bitskyline
Dashcam Head-On Highway Police Crash
Dashcam Head-On Highway Crash.wmv

4 years ago    1,346 views    OnMy2ndGP
Dashcam of patrol car catches rollover crash

5 years ago    2,786 views    OnMy2ndGP
Car Horn In Time- Pedestrian's Close Call With Truck!
Pedestrian's Close Call With Truck. Dashcam driver pressed the car horn in time and saved the life of a pedestrian.

2 years ago    250 views    89FoxBody
Car Insurance Fraud Caught On Dashcam
Car Insurance Fraud Caught On Dashcam

2 years ago    440 views    89FoxBody
Edmonton Dashcam: Z71 trys to drive in exit.
leaving west edmonton mall a chevy trys to make a quick turn into the parkade but at the last second notices it is an exit.

3 years ago    241 views    Bitskyline
World's Oldest Dashcam Footage From 1926
World's Oldest Dashcam Footage From 1926

1 years ago    414 views    GTRfanboy
Edmonton Dashcam: A4 stops traffic
I almost rear-end another A4 that stopped traffic becasue she was in the wrong lane. was only doing about 40kmh the limit is 60kmh. a car behind me was inches from hitting me. just another day driving in edmonton. *and for the idiots out th...

3 years ago    838 views    Bitskyline
Wheel From Truck Wrecks Minibus!
The wheel of a 18 wheeler comes off and hits the dashcam car head on like a deadly bowling ball...

2 years ago    525 views    GTRfanboy
Edmonton Dashcam: Donk
yes there are Donks in Canada. Driving down the Whitemud.

3 years ago    462 views    Bitskyline
Edmonton Dashcam: aftermath of accident
if i remember right a F150 took out this sunbird. i posted this in a local forum and one of the guys standing there is on it and said every one was ok.

3 years ago    398 views    Bitskyline