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See Inside Car As Flood Sweeps It Away
See the angle from a man's dash cam video as he accidentally drives into a flooded creek and his car is swept away. from author "This is a view from my D-TEG dashcam. I approached a flooded road and made a quick U-turn rather than driving i...

2 years ago    4,214 views    barrister
High Speed Police Pursuit Chevy S10 Truck In The Rain (Dashcam Video)
Police Pursuits Playlist -

2 years ago    3,221 views    HighSpeedPursuits
Top 20+ Car Crashes Compilation 2013 August
Car Crashes Compilation 2013 AugustTags: "Car Accident" "Car Crash" "Car Crashes" "Russia Dashcam",Vehicle Crashes,April Car Crash Compilation,Car Accident Compilation 2013,Car Crash Compilation 2013,New Car Crash Compilation,Fatal Car Cras...

2 years ago    3,358 views    onlylateesh
Texas High Speed Police Chase Responding Cop Car Crashes (Dashcam Vide
Police Pursuits Playlist -

2 years ago    2,901 views    HighSpeedPursuits
Iowa Police Chase Chevy S-10 In The Rain (Dashcam Video)
Police Pursuits Playlist -

2 years ago    2,452 views    HighSpeedPursuits
High Speed Police Chase Suspect Shooting At Police (Dashcam Video)
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2 years ago    2,250 views    HighSpeedPursuits
Explosive Device set off in Shop Possible Hit
Saturday, September 7, near the metro station "Tsarina", as a lone person walks into the shop that sold cakes and grilled chicken. A little more than 10 seconds later, an explosive device is set off and debris flew side planks and pieces of...

2 years ago    2,089 views    dayi
High Speed Police Pursuit Toyota Tundra Through Mall (Raw Dashcam Vide
Police Pursuits Playlist -

2 years ago    2,012 views    HighSpeedPursuits
Beep Beep!
Russian bicycle equipped with dashcam and special horn - grandma is lucky she still has good hearing and reaction.

2 years ago    2,142 views    barrister
Drunk Cyclist vs my car
First - the dashcam is installed to the right of driver's seatplace, so driver couldn't see that MF Second - Police said he was drunk and drived too fast. At the end, there is the end of pedestrian's zone, so this is my way, not his.

2 years ago    2,120 views    dayi
Dashcam captures bus crash
A dashboard camera from a truck on Interstate 64 captured this video of a school bus careening across three lanes of traffic and into a cement retaining wall.

2 years ago    1,635 views    dayi
horrible multi-car high speed accident with 2 trucks in Moscow
dashcam footage of a fatal accident .. a truck hits another truck at high speed and causes a big mess on the highway

3 years ago    1,543 views    FerrariFF
Police Dashcam Captures Cop Getting Hit While Stopping Truck
Police Dashcam Captures Cop Getting Hit While Stopping Truck

2 years ago    1,461 views    DashCamCarCrashes
Cars Accidents - Car Crash - Dashcam

2 years ago    1,275 views    barrister
Dashcam Head-On Highway Police Crash
Dashcam Head-On Highway Crash.wmv

5 years ago    1,349 views    OnMy2ndGP
Police video shows: Teen takes off in dump truck
Stow police have released cruiser dashcam video which shows a wild, 52-mile pursuit of a stolen dump truck. Officials said a teen driver was behind the wheel of the truck, which can be seen barreling into police and civilian cars in the vid...

5 years ago    1,651 views    MotorsportsTube
Audi DashCam Destruction!!
Audi DashCam Destruction!!

2 years ago    555 views    DashCamCarCrashes
Edmonton Dashcam: crotch rocket
driving down Anthony Henday. the guy cuts between me and a ridgeline. i didn't move to the slow lane because the speed he was going I wouldn't have moved in time. all about speed judgement.

5 years ago    456 views    Bitskyline
Edmonton Dashcam: Donk
yes there are Donks in Canada. Driving down the Whitemud.

5 years ago    463 views    Bitskyline
Edmonton Dashcam: Ricer cavalier
driving on the Anthony Henday and a riced up cavalier "flys" by and doesn't take the bumps on the bridge well. he got air off the bridge and hit something under the car sparked pretty good haha.*im getting an HD cam soon*

5 years ago    369 views    Bitskyline
Edmonton Dashcam: accident 23ave and terwillegar
2 left turn lanes, focus on the inside didn't see the edge. i didn't even notice it happen just saw the focus going in the ditch after the lexus turned haha. i went around the block and came back to see if they were ok.*im going to get an...

5 years ago    755 views    Bitskyline
Edmonton Dashcam: A4 stops traffic
I almost rear-end another A4 that stopped traffic becasue she was in the wrong lane. was only doing about 40kmh the limit is 60kmh. a car behind me was inches from hitting me. just another day driving in edmonton. *and for the idiots out th...

5 years ago    840 views    Bitskyline
Edmonton Dashcam: Harsh u-turn
traffic was bad and the guy in the chevy was tired of it so he made a u-turn into oncoming traffic. smooth.

5 years ago    819 views    Bitskyline
Second to last street legals with Chris Bilodeau
O'Hare energy sponsored "Chevstang" of Chris Bilodeau. watch for "dashcam" views!

6 years ago    946 views    604productions
Edmonton Dashcam: impatient guy in van
merging onto stony plain a guy in a chevy van is impatient and trys to go around on the inside just as the vibe goes and almost side swipes him.

5 years ago    847 views    Bitskyline
Edmonton Dashcam: Z71 trys to drive in exit.
leaving west edmonton mall a chevy trys to make a quick turn into the parkade but at the last second notices it is an exit.

5 years ago    244 views    Bitskyline
Edmonton Dashcam: aftermath of accident
if i remember right a F150 took out this sunbird. i posted this in a local forum and one of the guys standing there is on it and said every one was ok.

5 years ago    402 views    Bitskyline
Car Insurance Fraud Caught On Dashcam
Car Insurance Fraud Caught On Dashcam

4 years ago    442 views    89FoxBody
Car Horn In Time- Pedestrian's Close Call With Truck!
Pedestrian's Close Call With Truck. Dashcam driver pressed the car horn in time and saved the life of a pedestrian.

4 years ago    253 views    89FoxBody