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Gymkhana THREE, Part 2; Ultimate Playground; l'Autodrome, France
Shot just south of Paris, France in Linas at l'Autodrome de Linas --Montlhéry, this 1.58 mile oval track, built in 1924, features banks as steep as 51 degrees, which is more than double the standard incline of most NASCAR ovals. Chosen by K...

4 years ago    138,869 views    Daily_Commute
Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport!
With 1200HP and 1106 lb-ft of torque, the new Veyron Super Sport set a new land speed record of 267.81!

4 years ago    260,860 views    Daily_Commute
500+hp Civic EK9 vs 500+hp GTR R35.The final episode of the events leading up to the race.Rhommell only took 67 minutes for the full dyno tune just before the race.The civic is a daily driver, full street car.

6 years ago    187,932 views    EJD
DC and Ken Block present Gymkhana FOUR: The Hollywood Megamercial.GYM4 surpasses the high-production style of Gymkhana TWO with even more spectacular effectsshot in the backlots of Universal Studios, California. Filmed over the course of fi...

3 years ago    56,021 views    Daily_Commute
ULTIMATE SLEEPER goes 10.5@148mph! Still 100% dai
ULTIMATE SLEEPER goes 10.5@148mph! Still 100% daily driven. Streetracing.

8 years ago    130,704 views    guest
VW Darth Vader Commercial
Volkswagen "The Force" commercial for the new Passat with little kid dressed as darth vader

3 years ago    27,962 views    Daily_Commute
Huge Motorcycle JUMP!
Josh Brookes jumps his motorcycle in the middle of the race!

4 years ago    97,545 views    Daily_Commute
In car video of Ryan Woon's WOTM 1600HP daily driv
In car video of Ryan Woon's WOTM 1600HP daily driven street legal twin turbo supra running a 8.88@167 quarter mile

7 years ago    116,349 views    NeverDieEasy
Fast Five Trailer 2
The Second trailer from the all new Fast and Furious movie, Fast Five with Vin Diesel and Paul Walker

3 years ago    20,657 views    Daily_Commute
Dumb NYC Workers Destroy Ford Explorer
Dumb NYC sanitation workers destroy Ford Explorer during the big snow storm in December 2010 with a loader

3 years ago    25,352 views    Daily_Commute
Bullrun is back. Only on SPEED. The ultimate test of mind and machine, pitting twelve teams of two people against each other for over 3,000 grueling miles. The drivers are behind the wheels of their own cars, from American muscle, to exotic...

5 years ago    81,078 views    Bullrun
1011 RWHP 2002 Camaro 427 Turbo...Supra and Cobr
1011 RWHP 2002 Camaro 427 Turbo...Supra and Cobra eater. Daily Driven Street Car!Filmed 7/16/05

9 years ago    59,327 views    2quikk4u
DC and Ken Block present Gymkhana FIVE: Ultimate Urban Playground; San Francisco.Shot on the actual streets of San Francisco, California, GYM5 features a focus on fast, raw and precise driving action. Filmed over four days, director Ben Con...

2 years ago    15,326 views    Daily_Commute
10.43 @ 130 mph Mark at FFW TNT
Daily driven Kenne Bell supercharged mustang

6 years ago    55,207 views    psfracer
403whp Turbo Integra LS. From build up, to dyno t
403whp Turbo Integra LS. From build up, to dyno tune, to in car race videos.My 93 ocatane DD (Daily Destroyer)

7 years ago    48,965 views    adseguy
Fast and Furious 5 Trailer
Fast and Furious 5 Trailer with Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, and lots of behind the scenes footage from the new Fast 5 movie.

3 years ago    13,819 views    Daily_Commute
New Ferrari California Crash!
This is why you don't show off.

4 years ago    63,467 views    Daily_Commute
Ken Block's newest racecar: The Hybrid Function Hoon Vehicle
Ken Block unveils his new racecar, the H.F.H.V., or "Hybrid Function Hoon Vehicle", a unique vehicle made to compete in three disciplines of racing: Stage rally, rallycross, and Gymkhana.

3 years ago    18,924 views    Daily_Commute
Hennessey CTS-V Wagon vs. Nissan GT-R
Hennessey Cadillac CTS-V wagon vs. 2011 Nissan GT-R at Lonestar Motorsports Park

3 years ago    20,998 views    Daily_Commute
Top Gear - 18x06 - 2012.03.04
-The guys see what is the best dedicated track day car then use them for their daily commute to work.-Jeremy drives two vintage cars powered by airplane engines from WW2.-SIARPC

2 years ago    40,681 views    husyk
Chrysler Group Takes Huge Hit to Bottom Line - Autoline Daily 1376
- Chrysler Group Q1 Earnings- Ex-GM Exec Lands Job at Harley-Davidson- Tesla Exempt From Plate Bidding in China- VW Developing 10-Speed Transmission- Interview With First BMW i3 Owner in U.S.- Ward's 6th Annual Interior ConferenceGet more v...

4 months ago    41,419 views    Autoline
Bugatti Veyron Replica!
This is an ugly attempt at creating a Bugatti Veyron. I think the donor car was a Nissan 370Z.

4 years ago    35,854 views    Daily_Commute
Rocket Scooter vs Lamborghini Gallardo!
Rocket Scooter vs Lamborghini Gallardo!

3 years ago    26,161 views    Daily_Commute
NEW Pagani Huayra Unveiled and REVVING!
Pagani's 700bhp successor to the Zonda is finally here and it's called the Huayra. The new creation from Pagani is powered by a 6.0-litre twin-turbo V12 made exclusively for the car by AMG and will carry a £1million price tag.

3 years ago    16,453 views    Daily_Commute
Top Gear USA Clip #2: Lamborghini Comparison
Hosts Adam Ferrara, Tanner Foust and Rutledge Wood each get hold of their favorite lambos and try to convince each other that theirs is the baddest bull of them all.

4 years ago    80,588 views    Daily_Commute
1959 Corvette test drive
1959 Corvette test drive and inspection. Think you can't daily drive a car from the 1950s? Think again! This car proves otherwise. Excellent driver!

6 years ago    38,983 views    buyavettedotnet's Daily driven over 400whp New's Daily driven over 400whp New tiburon (Tuscani)

8 years ago    38,162 views    guest
Playboy Nude Girl Drives Drift Car
Playboy model drives BMW drift car without any clothes! It's her first time driving a stick

3 years ago    21,742 views    Daily_Commute
Paintball Warfare - Epic Paintball Battle'll be coming out with a video tomorrow on the making of this, check it out on my second channel! far as making videos like this, check out my blog on how we make th...

2 years ago    10,629 views    Daily_Commute