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Hot Rod Jim's PT-57 SEMA 2009 Story
The Story of the 4 month build on the PT-57 going to SEMA 2009. Check out more on this bad ass little truck at www.HotRodJim.com1957 Chevy Pickup. C5/C6 Corvette Suspension, LS motor, 6 Speed and 600+ HP.

4 years ago    45,034 views    RatRodRussell
Corvette compilation
Corvette compilation. Z06's, C5's, C6's, and a short look at a C6-R in action. Enjoy.

7 years ago    42,609 views    GarethFoley
My ws6 Races a c5 427 Corvette, a New C6 Zo6 Corvette, a 383 Camaro, a Mustang with a sprayed Ls1 from a dig, and lots more stuff in this video!Florida Street Racing-Contact me on or

5 years ago    29,684 views    MyWs6
Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Top Gear Review
Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Top Gear Road Test and Review by Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear. BBC Top Gear Review of the Chevy Corvette Z06 designed and built by General Motors. C5 Corvette, C6 Corvette, GM, Chevrolet Corvette.

6 years ago    24,778 views    dodgeproblems
EVO 8 67mm@25psi vs C6 LS3 Corvette and C5 Corvett
EVO 8 67mm@25psi vs LS3 bolt on CorvetteEVO 8 67mm@25psi vs cammed LT C5 corvetteLS3 Corvette vs C5 cammed LT Corvette

5 years ago    18,274 views    mofobucs
C6 vs C5 Corvette Dragrace Surprise Result!!!!!!!
C6 vs C5 Corvette Dragrace Surprise Result!!!!!!!

1 years ago    6,018 views    StevenLeerentveld
MOFO-700hp Cobra,S/C'd C6,Turbo 99GT and more..
Turbo GT vs 200 shot CorvettteSupercharged C6 vs 200 shot C5 Corvette

4 years ago    5,725 views    mofobucs
Z06 LS3 Corvettes DSM STIs Evos Srt4 Camaros Cobra Films:DatBoi_LS3 - StockTito911Sti - 35r @ 26psi on MethLeonel - Blue STI w/ 35r @23psiEder-Loco - DSM w/35rHksEvo9 - GT35rPopcorn - 35r Srt4 on MethTurboturd - Built B16 w/ 32r @ 16psiWick3d3vo - Meth/CamsVette Kidd - C5 Z06 ...

5 years ago    12,505 views    frankie7
Supercharged C5 Corvette VS HC C6 Z06 600hp
whole take fast foward to 3:36 for race starts

5 years ago    4,355 views    dascorcha21
sweden sportcars 1 koenigsegg,lamborghini,ferrari,
audi R8,s5,s6,s8,rs4,s3 alfa romeo 8c compratcione bentley continenta gt speed flyingspur bmw m6,m5,m3 e92,alpina b6, cabrio,B5 corvette c5,c6,zo6,stingray,dodge viper srt10,ferrari 328 gts, 456 gt, f355 gt, 360 , 575 superamerica, 599 gt f...

6 years ago    4,594 views    Henrikhallqvist
Dallas vs. Houston 2010 - Street Racing In Mexico
Some good ol street racing in mexico, tons of corvettes, vipers and supras out racing. The silver supra has a 76mm turbo, the red viper is twin turboed, yellow viper supercharged, camaro aps twin turboed, red c6 vette bigger motor and nitro...

2 years ago    2,166 views    briank03
Corvette C5 C6 Full Length Exhaust Headers Installation & Dyno Test
These new BBK Corvette Full length stainless steel headers offer great power gains over the restrictive factory exhaust headers. Made out of high quality 304 stainless steel these full length headers are designed as a direct bolt on and whe...

1 years ago    1,704 views    bbkperformance
Corvettes - The Texas Mile - March 2011
Compilation of random Corvettes at the Texas Mile in March 2011. C6's, ZR1's, C5'sThere were so many Vettes that I just showed quick video clips of each one, it probably would have been cool to add music to the video but then you'd mess up ...

2 years ago    1,714 views    hightechcorvette
C6 takes a few laps, then goes off track! Triple view HD video
Head/Cam C6 Corvette tales a few laps at Willow Springs Raceway, then goes off track!!Nice three angle shot, including speedo...

2 years ago    1,792 views    c5
Tijuana Street Pull!!!
600 HP C6 Corvette Makes a street pull to 140 MPH!

1 years ago    877 views    c5
Corvette C2 Montage
Corvette C2 Montage set to No One Like You By The Scorpionscorvette z06 c1 c2 c3 c4 c5 c6 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 00 2000 01 02 0...

1 months ago    273 views    driver1980
Supercharged C5 Corvette VS c6 z06 w BIG Nitrous s
Supercharged C5 Corvette VS c6 z06 w BIG Nitrous shot 600hp cars.flv

5 years ago    995 views    CaspersZ06
C5 Corvette Z06 vs C6 Corvette Z51
C5Z06 (ziptie mod, tune)(w/ one passenger)V.SC6Z51 (CAI, Catback and Tune)

6 years ago    1,752 views    Savior1974
Corvette C6 vs C5 Z06 race 1
The C5Z had traction issues, so only a 16 second run, the C6 was "paddle shifted" for the heck of it to a slower than normal 11.62 @ 123.88

5 years ago    1,400 views    Evilways
Sweden supercars part 2 koenigsegg 612 sessant f50
Sweden supercars part 2 Audi R8 Audi RS6 bmw m3 E92 m6 b6 alpina corvette c5 c6 zo6 dodge viper hummer h2 mercedes c63 amg cl63 amg sl63 amg r63 amg cls lorniser special edition aston martin db9 porsche gt3 rs martini edition cayenne gts ko...

6 years ago    1,539 views    Henrikhallqvist
Tuesday Night Adventures
Here's some footage of a few runs we had on Tuesday. Featuring 3 SRT4's, a Corvette c5, a corvette C6, an 04 Cobra, a Cammed Camaro, GSXr 600 and a few others....

6 years ago    752 views    Savior1974
Corvette C6 vs C5 Z06 Race 2
REMATCH!!! C5Z06 vs C6 Corvette! C5 is stock(405 HP), C6 has 405rwhp and on factory runflats.

6 years ago    3,128 views    Evilways
April 26, 2008 Auto-x
Turbo 350z, Audi S4, WRX, EVO VIII & IX, Civic Si, Mustang, C4 C5 & C6 corvettes all Auto-xing!

6 years ago    2,837 views    MrFlipflops
Corvette C6 vs C5 Z06 Race 1
cannibalism! C6 vs C5 Z in a drag race at Rockingham Dragway

6 years ago    1,435 views    Evilways
Supercharged C5 Corvette VS HC C6 Z06 600hp pt.1.M
20mph roll

5 years ago    1,232 views    dascorcha21
C6 corvette vs C5, BMW M3 vs CTS-V TSM
Few roll races, all good runs and good night footage. enjoy.C6 is stock, c5 has intake and catbackcts-v has intake and x-pipem3 is stock

5 years ago    1,607 views    maxspeed96ct
Viper at PCA Octoberfest HPT Roadcourse event
1993 Viper Vs Corvette C5 Z06, C6 and Porsche 911, GT3, etc., etc. at PCA October fest Heartland Park Topeka's full roadcourse

5 years ago    814 views    early93viper
Chadmod vs Cammed LS1 Camaro vs LS3 Corvette Films:DatBoi_LS3 - Stock C6 LS3 VetteChadmod - Modded C5 Z06Boofthese - Cammed LS1 Camaro

5 years ago    619 views    frankie7
C5Z C6 Corvette STI Srt4 Camaros Cobra Civic WS6
Turboturd - Built B16 w/ GT32r HatchDatBoi_LS3 - Video WhorePopcorn - Cams/Meth/35r Srt4Leonel - 35r @27psi/Meth STIJesus Boost - 500hp+ CobraYelloWS6 - Bolt onBlkCamaro - Bolt onRedSS - Cam/NitrousTito911Sti - 35r @ 28psi/Meth/CamsBash - C...

5 years ago    3,005 views    frankie7