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guy falls asleep at wheel and crashes, all caught
guy falls asleep at wheel and crashes, all caught on in car camera!!

8 years ago    222,715 views    guest
Dramatic head on crash caught on camera
Car driving wrong way smashes head on into a police cruiser

2 months ago    1,058 views    funham
Trooper Slams into Motorcycle
An Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper crash involving a motorcycle was caught by dash cam, and the Ohio State Highway Patrol has today released cruiser camera video of the impact. The accident involved the motorcycle and an Ohio State Highwa...

10 months ago    2,799 views    dayi
Top 20+ Car Crashes Compilation 2013 August
Car Crashes Compilation 2013 AugustTags: "Car Accident" "Car Crash" "Car Crashes" "Russia Dashcam",Vehicle Crashes,April Car Crash Compilation,Car Accident Compilation 2013,Car Crash Compilation 2013,New Car Crash Compilation,Fatal Car Cras...

11 months ago    2,857 views    onlylateesh
Car Swerve And Flip On A Highway
Check Out Related Content Here: The Original Link Here: Madness Caught On A Dashboard Camera.

1 years ago    5,665 views    johnsmith121
BAD Motorcycle Accident Crash Caught on Camera! - Hits curb sideways a
Check out the Youtube channel: - Motorcyclist hits curb sideways after setting down a highchair wheelie and flips bike numerous times.

8 months ago    706 views    Stunters
random chick caught posing on my NSX by security c
random chick caught posing on my NSX by security camera

7 years ago    34,114 views    8842b387
BMW X5 Fail Caught on Dash Camera!
BMW X5 Fail Caught on Dash Camera!

2 years ago    8,564 views    GTRfanboy
5 Cops Fired For Beating An Unconscious Man
Five police officers brutally kicked and beat an unconscious suspect after a high-speed chase through Birmingham, Alabama, in an incident caught on camera and discovered a year laterThe five officers have been fired, Mayor Larry Langford sa...

5 years ago    11,406 views    KingKnight
Deadly Gas Tanker Explosion in China Caught on Camera!
Deadly Gas Tanker Explosion in China Caught on Camera!

1 years ago    7,244 views    GTRfanboy
NY Red Light Camera Violation
My truck that was caught running a confusing red light in NY.First there is a green light with an arrow.Then there was an amber light with an arrow.My driver the name being withheld thought the light would just turn green NOT!The light fi...

4 years ago    7,797 views    Hippiegeo
Car being chased goes flying caught on dash camera
Car being chased goes flying caught on dash cameraMARION COUNTY, Fla. - Some amazing video out of Marion County as a car goes airborne after a high speed chase.Marion County Sheriff Deputies say Christopher Watson was driving the red Taurus...

4 years ago    6,796 views    jrsws6
Car Show Girls Caught FARTING on Camera!
Shakin their booties and... LOL

3 years ago    2,499 views    CarDomain
TX2K12 - Crashes, Close Calls and Blown Motors
These are a few of the incidents I caught on camera at TX2K12.There were other crashes but I didn't catch them on video.http://www.tx2k.comCheck out http://www.hightechcorvette.comhttp://www.houstonperformancedriving.comHTC Facebook http://...

1 years ago    1,492 views    hightechcorvette
Motorcyclist Gets Banned From Driving After Doing Wheelie!
Motorcyclist caught on camera doing 103mph wheelie gets banned from driving for 12

1 years ago    1,196 views    gixxer86
Flatbed Tow Truck Runs Quarter with Car In Tow!!
Was about to put my camera away when i caught this...

1 years ago    66 views    yellowjacket04
Caught On Camera
My first photo enforced intersection violation video

4 years ago    4,471 views    Bick66
Greg Davidson's Stock Car - The Texas Mile 2012
Here are a few of the runs of Greg Davidson's stock car.The best run I caught on camera was 240mph but I think the car went a few mph faster on a previous run. Engine was built by the School of Automotive Machinistshttp://samracing.comCheck...

1 years ago    807 views    hightechcorvette
Road Collapse By Flood
The camera guy was in Freeport, Maine when he caught this footage.

5 years ago    4,657 views    KingKnight
VIR Patriot following 73
As seen via a camera on the tank of a 2001 Honda RC51 track bike... I forget which session this was but I followed #73 on a black tribal CBR 600RR for a good while. I felt like he and I were of similar skill level and I felt comfortable wit...

5 years ago    1,239 views    junktionfet
Red light camera catches ricer
Watch as a ricer Eclipse shoots through an intersection and is caught by a red light camera! With audio!

2 years ago    1,978 views    Tampa_Sports_Car_Exa...
Fatal Car Crash Caught On Camera
Fatal Car Crash Caught On Camera

3 years ago    1,666 views    GTRfanboy
underground security camera caught me
underground security camera caught me

7 years ago    2,558 views    681c6b0d
Car Show Girls Caught FARTING on Camera! by DECALFX.COM is your #1 source for automotive vinyl graphics, headlight & tail light tint lens films in smoked, yellow, blue & red. We also offer 6 styles of carbon fiber vinyls. We offer thousands of decals, stickers, large size ...

2 years ago    405 views    DECALFX
Mustang Burnout Donut
Unfortunitly the camera girl caught the end of the show but oh well this will have to do...

5 years ago    1,142 views    CarDomain
Official First Start After Fire
This is the official first start of the Mustang that was in the Ups and Downs video that caught on fire. The video is very crappy because it was taken with my cell phone, but my camera is broken :( I'll try to get a better sounding video ...

6 years ago    1,042 views    Twilightblu92
Ferrari Enzo caught by a speed camera in Poland at
Ferrari Enzo caught by a speed camera in Poland at 218km h.flv

5 years ago    700 views    CaspersZ06
5-Wide Mustang Burnout Caught on Camera at
Five of our Mustang Project Cars are caught on camera as a few members of the AmericanMuscle team head out for lunch! They have to leave the headquarters in proper form, so they line 5 Ford Mustangs including our 2012 Bos...

2 years ago    411 views    americanmusclevideos
Corvette Connection's Race Car
We R&D on our own Corvettes first. Rich Lenhart, the owner of Corvette Connection and this awesome 1999 Corvette, puts the hammer down. 920 RWHP and 9.76 Quarter Mile ET caught on video. The roof top camera gives some real footage of wha...

5 years ago    530 views    Vetteguru