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360 Forged Ferrari F-430 a.k.a. Rolling Death
I'm Baaaccckkkk! Here's our latest toy here at 360 Forged. This puppy is sitting on our new Carbon Fiber Straight 5ive with Nitto INVO tires.It's been a while since my last vid, so I hope you all enjoy!If you'd like to see photos of this ca...

5 years ago    142,639 views    360Forged
Evolution Performance, Inc. - First 9 Sec GT500!
Evolution Performance, Inc. - First 2007 Shelby GT500 In The 9's!9.96 @141.45 MPH Pass and Dyno Video Making 664 RWHP and 788 RWTQ with a JLT Carbon Fiber CAI, 2.5" Pulley, 75 Shot Of Nitrous, and a Evolution Performance Custom Tune!

7 years ago    95,262 views    EvolutionPerformance
AMS Cadilac CTS-V
The vehicle is currently being offered for sale at an asking price of $37,000. For more information please contact AMS Performance at 847-709-0530Martin's 2005 Cadilac CTS-VEngine/Drivetrain:•Katech 427 LS2 stroker motor with 11:1 compressi...

5 years ago    73,967 views    AMS_Performance
2007 Shelby GT500 Dyno Video Making 578 RWHP and 5
2007 Shelby GT500 Dyno Video Making 578 RWHP and 582 RWTQ with a JLT Carbon Fiber CAI, 2.6" Pulley, and an Evolution Performance Custom Tune! Also 2 More 1/4 Mile Dyno Simulation Runs! Evolution Performance, Inc. 610-485-3596

8 years ago    55,032 views    EvolutionPerformance
Rhys Millen's 750 HP is bred to break Pike's Peak
Rhys Millen will attempt to beat his own world record of 12 minutes, 9 seconds at Pike's Peak this year in the PM580 Pike's Peak Hyundai. This 1,850 pound, 750 horse power V6 beast is designed specifically to conquer the 156 turns to the t...

4 years ago    52,263 views    redbull
Textured Carbon Fiber Wrapping Vinyl Film
New Carbon Fiber Wrapping Vinyl Film with 3D Texture

4 years ago    42,162 views    stickercity
3M Di-Noc Carbon Fiber Vinyl Hood Install
Installation of 3M Di-Noc Carbon Fiber on a Honda Civic Hood. 3D Textured Carbon Fiber

4 years ago    39,435 views    stickercity
RTW Motoring Presents the Mansory Ferrari 458 Italia
As Mansory North America, RTW Motoring is proud to present the first Mansory Ferrari 458 Italia in North America. This video has everything from the tear down of this exclusive super car to the finished product. The Mansory package includes...

2 years ago    109,830 views    idagency
nissan 240sx with a carbon fiber s15 front end co
nissan 240sx with a carbon fiber s15 front end conversion

7 years ago    28,997 views    rozzadrift
Bugatti Veyron vs Lamborghini Aventador vs Lexus LFA vs McLaren MP4-12
On this special episode of Head 2 Head, Automobile Magazine's Jason Cammisa pits the world's most exclusive super cars against each other in a no-holds-barred drag race battle! Do the carbon fiber-bodied Aventador, LFA, and MP4-12C have wha...

2 years ago    12,124 views    scape_goat
ST Racing's 764hp record breaking Evolution 8
St-Racing's Evolution 8 has set a new record for highest horsepower on stock ECU.Car mods:BC280 camsMAP ported Stock manifold/stock tbDual Valve springsARP head and main studsManley I beams rodsJE pistonsETS HTA88 turbo with .63 housingETS ...

5 years ago    27,040 views    Evolution9
Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap by Stickercity
Carbon Fiber Vinyl decal wrap product information and application

5 years ago    21,236 views    stickercity
Full Carbon Fiber Ford GT? Ford SVT Headquarters T
Jamal Hameedi takes Garage419 on a tour of the SVT headquarters in Dearborn Michigan. We take a look at Cobra R's over the years, the GT500KR, a hanging Ford GT as well as an all carbon fiber Ford GT and of course all the engines casually l...

6 years ago    16,989 views    Garage419
BMW E46 M3 CS Project MMPower Design
BMW E46 M3 SMG II CS Edition MMPower Design Modified List.. Vorsteiner Front Bumper CSL Style.Vorsteiner Full Carbon Fiber Rear CSL Style.Vorsteiner CSL Boot Lid for BMW E46 Coupe Full Carbon Fiber.MMPower Design E46 M3 Matte Frond Hood Gri...

6 years ago    16,424 views    MMPowerTeam
Hot Rod Honda 600 w/1300 Hyabusa
Not your everyday Honda 600, this on has a carbon fiber body and is powered by a 1300cc Hyabusa engine for good measure. Solo 2 event on 11/23/07 @ California Speedway, produced by John Edwards @ Costa Mesa R&D.

6 years ago    14,234 views    enginemachining
SLR Wrapped with Matte White and Carbon Fiber Viny
Wrapped a silver Mercedes Mclaren SLR with matte white vinyl and matt carbon fiber vinyl.

5 years ago    14,626 views    stickercity
Destroying my sunspotted carbon fiber hood (Part o
Destroying my sunspotted carbon fiber hood (Part of the bargain with the company in order for me to get a new one)

7 years ago    12,337 views    RollinVibe
Chargespeed S2000 S2k @ Tokyo Auto Salon 2006..Ful
Chargespeed S2000 S2k @ Tokyo Auto Salon 2006..Full carbon fiber interior

8 years ago    12,357 views    342123
Formula Drift Long Beach Finals 2013 - BTS3 - Daijiro Yoshihara
BTS3 Playlist: Long Beach Top 16 Battle: Episode: Episode: Coming May 13thThe final day of Formula Drift Long Beach has arrived. Will Daijiro Yoshihara and his D...

1 years ago    8,397 views    GTChannel
Carbon fiber Volvo Amazon :)
Carbon fiber Volvo Amazon :)

7 years ago    8,688 views    SWEZlacker73
Victory by Design: Jaguar XJR-9
In the late 80's, Jaguar built the XJR-9 race car. They built five for the 24-Hours of Le Mans that went on to win in 1988. With a carbon-fiber chassis, 7-Liter V-12 engine it was the state of the art car for the time. the motor...

3 years ago    36,376 views    SpeedEngineBlock
Opel Astra OPC Extreme
The Astra XTreme, a concept presented at the 2001 Geneva motor show, was a single-production V8 powered Astra based on the G-series Astra DTM. Like the DTM race car, it featured a 4.0L V8 engine, producing 444 horsepower, gull-wing doors su...

5 years ago    4,761 views    mdq
2001 impreza 3rd color change, all carbon, down to 2330lbs, 06 wrx sw
2001 impreza carbon fiber lightweight project. 06 wrx swap, jdm sti tmic, 3" tbe, stg 2 ots map. as it sits 2011 2330lbs w/o driver

3 years ago    4,899 views    316215
This system is constructed of 2.50" diameter, mandrel bent, TIG-welded, 304 stainless steel, brushed finish tubing and uses all factory mountings for an approximate 1 hour install time. In recent testing, this exhaust system produced 12 hor...

1 years ago    5,690 views    afeTV
HKS Carbon Fiber Titanium Exhaust on a N/A 3000GT
HKS Carbon Fiber Titanium Exhaust on a N/A 3000GT

8 years ago    6,110 views    guest

6 years ago    5,252 views    CarDomain
Ashley Harris at DECALFX.COM is your source for vinyl graphics, headlight & tail light tint lens films in smoked, yellow, blue & red. We also offer 4 styles of carbon fiber vinyls. We offer thousands of decals, stickers, large size vehicle graphi...

5 years ago    6,338 views    DECALFX
Brian Crower's C-West Time Attack Honda S2000 JDM
Tyler McQuarrie pilots Brian Crower's Carbon Fiber C-West Honda S2000, winning the RWD unlimted class, and the overall best time in the Redline Time Attack series at Buttonwillow Raceway, running an overall time of 1:48.

6 years ago    4,638 views    riceboytv
3M Di-Noc Carbon Fiber Racing Stripe Installation
How to install 3M Di-Noc Carbon Fiber Racing Stripes on Mini Cooper S by

4 years ago    3,740 views    stickercity