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Ghost Rider In Subaru STi!!!
Ghost Rider In Subaru!!!Running from police in a STILoses 2 Police Helicopters!From Ghost Rider 5: Back To Basics, Jump the HornsgatanUPDATE: SPECS ON CAR STRAIGHT FROM GHOST RIDER HIMSELFHello to you all...Many questions regarding the Suba...

5 years ago    172,889 views    AK47Performance
Top Gear - Season 11, Episode 1 — (Full Version)
Season 11, Episode 1 — Originally aired on June 22nd, 2008 * In an effort to help viewers save money on fuel, Top Gear finds out which supercar is the most economical * Jeremy takes the Ferrari F430 Scuderia out onto the Top Gear trac...

5 years ago    143,631 views    CaspersZ06
EPIC Naked Man!
Watch this guy jump on cars in the nude!

3 years ago    20,163 views    scape_goat
Top Gear Season 12 Episode 7 - Full Episode (HQ)
Touring Car Rallying anniversary celebrated at TG. Christmas gift ideas for the car lover you know. Richard tries to beat 5th gear in a caravan jump across a field of cars. Jeremy tests the Battery Powered Tesla Roadster. No Copyright inten...

4 years ago    110,034 views    LanciaDeltaRally
Drunk Redneck Jumps His Suzuki Sidekick
When Rednecks get really drunk there are usually two results: Someone gets shot or a car goes off a man made jump. The camera man is as funny as the jump.

6 years ago    83,778 views    CarDomain
Car Jump Fail
Classic Overcalculated Stunt causes Damage

3 years ago    31,512 views    Roma007
Car JUMPS Over Another in Race!
This is the coolest pass I have ever seen!

4 years ago    9,365 views    scape_goat
Flying Horses
Over 100 mph in my 07 GT/CS! This is just the best jump of about 5. Started slow and worked my way up to this to gauge how it would land. I had no damage to the car at all, with only slight scratches on the K-member. I plan on going aga...

5 years ago    33,719 views    UnhealthyStateofMind
136 mph jump
Subaru Impreza rally car.

5 years ago    59,635 views    JohnnyMayday
Really Really Stupid.......
idiot jumps on a car doing donuts

6 years ago    34,620 views    crazyviolent69
Ken Block Subaru Impreza, DC Snowboard Team
Subaru Impreza Ken Block and the DC snowboard team combine a rally car with snowboarding at New Zealand's Snow Park NZ resort, Jumps and Snow Drift

5 years ago    18,483 views    Roma007
Big off road car jump
No editing here...guy has some serious stones!

5 years ago    53,397 views    turnkeyengine
Big jump with Lada Niva
A big jump with a russian car...

6 years ago    20,388 views    Lionel74
Kevin last Jump in his wrx in chandler at 120mph 1
Kevin last Jump in his wrx in chandler at 120mph 1 block away from the poice station. 2G's in damage and his parents gave the car to his sister.

8 years ago    21,346 views    Pajak
Crazy Car Jump Rope!
Crazy Car Jump Rope!

2 years ago    10,406 views    GTRfanboy
Titan Supra destroys a Viper at the Top End
Check out the NEW WEBSITE: Supra destroys a Viper in the top end after the Viper jumps out of the hole.For more on this car, get the DVD Vehicular Lunatics from

8 years ago    23,841 views    IMVFilms
Stunt Gone Wrong, Very Wrong
Basically, a guy jumps over one car, then gets owned by another car.

6 years ago    24,757 views    CarDomain
DiRT 3 Teaser Trailer Video
The DiRT 3 video opens with WRC driver Ken Block leading the field as his iconic Monster Energy-branded Ford Fiesta rally car kicks up a dust storm in a sundried Kenyan rally stage. Seamlessly hurtling into a torrential downpour on a muddy ...

3 years ago    31,331 views    mrobleto
Awesome Formula Offrad Jump!
From the Formula Offroad contest in Skien, Norway in 2009Driver Ole E. Samuelsen in the car MadnessUnlimited Class

4 years ago    65,598 views    MrBustadmo
Jump Over Car FAIL!
Jump Over Car FAIL!

3 years ago    7,171 views    89FoxBody
Subaru rally car jump 136mph
Subaru rally car jump 136mph

5 years ago    8,681 views    ErKanario
Top Gear Season 12 Episode 7
Fifty years of British Touring Car racing: the memories and the crashes • TG Stuntman takes on Fifth Gear's caravan jump record • Top Gear Awards 2008

3 years ago    9,676 views    TopGearFan22
cop car jump and twist @ dukesfest 2006
cop car jump and twist @ dukesfest 2006

8 years ago    17,203 views    570785
dodge, vs lx 5.0 NICE JUMP on the car, I CANT SEE
dodge, vs lx 5.0 NICE JUMP on the car, I CANT SEE YOU from pass side haha

7 years ago    10,396 views    countryboyqball
XAM ROW Car Jump!!! Ramp is the roof to a Chevy ca
XAM ROW Car Jump!!! Ramp is the roof to a Chevy cargo van. What up Dean Lindsey?

7 years ago    29,975 views    313279
Kid Smacks Head Jumping Out Of Car.
This stupid kid smashes his head onto the bumper of a car after trying to jump out of a car window. This accident should have been worse, but fortunately for this dumbass it was not...

4 years ago    10,147 views    MPLIGHTNING01
Dog Jumps Out of The Car on The Highway!
Dog Jumps Out of The Car on The Highway!

3 years ago    5,396 views    GTRfanboy
Ken Block On Subaru Jumps 171 Feet
Ken Block On Subaru Rally Car Jumps 171 Feet in the Air, Simple Physics

5 years ago    9,439 views    Roma007
Corvette has a big wreck between 6 & 7 at Sebring
I'm not really sure what caused the car that crashes to jump to the left so suddenly but he did, got wheels off in the grass and ended up in the wall hard; my friend Alberto had this video going as he drove under some of the debris raining ...

4 years ago    56,185 views    JohnnyMayday