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Cleaning home services in San Leandro We are providing house cleaning service in San Lorenzo, California. If you would like to learn more about cleaning house service in Castro Valley and other areas we cover, please visit our website for more...

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San Diego Bayfair 2010 - Unlimited Hydroplane Boat Racing
Sunday Sept. 19th at San Diego Bayfair on Mission Bay in California. Huge Turbine Powered Unlimited Hydroplanes, aka Thunderboats.Video Property of Kyle at SIK 2010

3 years ago    701 views    SIKvideos
Formula D Sonoma | Tilt Shift
Formula Drift made its yearly stop in Sonoma, California last weekend. I've been looking forward to this event, simply because I live less than an hour away and I had a guaranteed bed to sleep in. Upon my arrival, I found that I was not on ...

3 years ago    224,337 views    motormavensdotcom
Top Gear - Season 14, Episode 1 — (Full Episode)
Season 14, Episode 1 — Originally aired on November 15th, 2009 * Jeremy, Richard and James take an Aston DBS Volante, a Ferrari California, and a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder to Romania in search of an obscure stretch of tarmac that some ...

4 years ago    245,576 views    CaspersZ06
DC and Ken Block present Gymkhana FOUR: The Hollywood Megamercial.GYM4 surpasses the high-production style of Gymkhana TWO with even more spectacular effectsshot in the backlots of Universal Studios, California. Filmed over the course of fi...

2 years ago    54,618 views    Daily_Commute
Top Gear - 18x07 - 2012.03.11
-Richard drives the new BMW M5.-SIARPC-James drives a Ferrari 250 GT California.-SIARPC-The guys see if they buy a car and race for less $$$ than a bag of golf clubs.

2 years ago    111,645 views    husyk
American Trucker: Truck Limo
Robb's hanging out with The Botelho Brothers in California to check out the custom rigs they've created including one massive Peterbilt Limo which is throwing about 2000 hp to the flywheel. the motorsports authority for NASCAR, Fo...

2 years ago    91,799 views    SpeedTVSpeedX
First GTR sold in the USA
Here is some hand held footage of the very first GTR that was sold in the US to a Southern California customer. July 7th at 12.01am at Universal City Nissan in Los Angeles. The keys to the Black Obsidian GT-R Premium model were handed to Da...

5 years ago    87,831 views    DutchmaninLA
New Production CAMARO - First Reveal
GM introduces the new 2010 Production Camaro publicly at it's North Hollywood, California design studios. Streetfire brings you exclusive on the scenes coverage.

5 years ago    82,312 views    StreetFire
New Ferrari California Crash!
This is why you don't show off.

3 years ago    63,325 views    Daily_Commute
WORLD Racing 2010 Season Part 4
As the WORLD Racing team worked through the night to get their Scion tC ready for race day at California Speedway, it was apparent that them giving up and parking the car just wasn’t an option. Once again the boys pull it off and send Rado ...

3 years ago    72,754 views    WORLDRacing
★ FATAL CRASHES - Viewers Discretions Is Advised
Extreme Fatal racing crashes. You have been Warned☆ Von Trips - Monza 1961☆ Bettenhaousen - Indy 500 1961☆ Eddie Sachs - Indy 500 1964☆ Jochen Rindt - Monza 1970☆ Art Poliard - Indy 500 1973☆ Williamson Zandvoort - 1973☆ C Savage - Indy 197...

5 years ago    67,492 views    VAGPGR
Ducati Desmosedici D16RR Street Video from TVmoto
This is the teaser video my good friend Joel of TVmoto and I are working on, It is all shot in the San Francisco Bay area of California. I'm the one on the Desmo D16rr. Please keep in mind, this is just the intro of the 20 min. show we're w...

5 years ago    64,310 views    TVmoto
WORLD Racing - Redline Time Attack 2010 Season Opener
Rado and crew head in to Willow Springs, California for the 2010 Redline Time Attack Season Opener. Will the WORLD Racing crew give Chris Rado the car he needs to dip into the 1:45's at Buttonwillow? Chances are looking great for an Unlimit...

3 years ago    58,379 views    WORLDRacing
0-60 Dodge Viper ACR vs Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG
As seen in 0-60 magazine's ( Winter, 2010 issue. We bring together Dodge's Viper ACR and Mercedes-Benz's SLS AMG for a burn through the California desert. What if the two companies hadn't split -- would SRT and AMG ha...

3 years ago    52,322 views    0to60mag
DC and Ken Block present Gymkhana FIVE: Ultimate Urban Playground; San Francisco.Shot on the actual streets of San Francisco, California, GYM5 features a focus on fast, raw and precise driving action. Filmed over four days, director Ben Con...

1 years ago    11,631 views    Daily_Commute
Art Morrison 1955 Chevy Bel Air - Faster Than a Ferrari?
The Smoking Tire hits Supercar Sunday and the canyons with the Art Morrison 1955 Bel Air, one of the best handling hot rods around. We toss this 55 year-old car through some of the tightest curves in California to find out if there really i...

3 years ago    49,665 views    TheSmokingTire
The Underdogs Episode 2
Episode 2 of The Underdogs reveals a whole new side of brothers Adam and Noah Levy. Watch as they prepare their race-bred Subaru for the next Redline Time Attack event at Willow Springs Raceway in Rosamond, California. Episode 2 takes a clo...

3 years ago    50,092 views    TheUnderdogs
FIREBALL TIM 5Minute Drive with Actor RODNEY ALLEN RIPPY & the 2014 Ch
http://www.fireballtim.comWATCH THE OUTTAKES! For Episode 23 of 5Minute Drive, host Fireball Tim hangs with Actor RODNEY ALLEN RIPPY (Jack In The Box Fame) for a ride along Mulholland in a 415hp 2014 CHEVROLET SS!Visit Rodney on Twitter. @R...

1 months ago    7,616 views    FireballTim
Top Gear Season 5 Episode 3
* Jeremy drives the new Land Rover Discovery up a mountain in Scotland * In the news: Delivering a new Land Rover Discovery to a guy in Northern Ireland; Chrysler PT Cruiser Cabriolet; a Bugatti Veyron watch; Britain’s common toad, ...

4 years ago    49,364 views    gottaspeed
Bob Burnquist's "Dreamland" - A Backyard Progression
Among the most influential skateboarders the industry has ever seen, Bob Burnquist is still innovating. In his new webisode series, Burnquist grants his fans exclusive access to the private domain in which so many of his contributions to sk...

1 months ago    2,270 views    glonk
Kia's GT4 Stinger Makes Debut
Hearkening back to the glory days of purebred, affordable sports cars, Kia Motors America (KMA) today unveiled the brand’s most aggressive concept car ever when wraps came off the GT4 Stinger at the North American International Auto Show (N...

3 months ago    3,823 views    MultiVu
Muscle Car Of The Week Video #40: 1965 Shelby G.T. 350 R Racing School
http://www.musclecaroftheweek.com could say that this 1965 Shelby G.T. 350 R has lived several different lives. It started off as a Wimbledon White '65 Mustang Fastback, then went off to Shelby A...

3 weeks ago    1,339 views    V8TV
LS1 Turbo 280Z Datsun vs LQ9 FD RX7 1320 tvSrTeamPLATINUMPUMPKIN NOTCH ENTERTAINMENT Jdm GTR supra evo streetoutlaws street outlaws vortech murder novaMurdernova crazykelly teamboddie billyz he...

1 months ago    978 views    PLATINUM1320tv
REVEALED 2015 Ferrari California T 3.9 V8 Twin Turbo 552 hp 755 Nm 0-6
(from Ferrari Press Release) 2014 Ferrari California TIt makes its official world debut at Geneva in March but Ferrari's new mid-front-engined 8-cylinder berlinetta with retractable hard top, the California T will also be unveiled today on ...

2 months ago    812 views    glonk
902 PRODUCTIONS-Turbo Civic,Street Race,Running From Cops And Helicopt
racing built k20 k24 b series k iamtaiboogie streetracing races racing drag racing dragrace dragracing street race track ¼ slicks skinnies strip highway cops police music burnout out turbo all motor nitrous 4bangersproduction Yosolo 4 cylin...

1 months ago    734 views    npain
Crystallize - Lindsey Stirling (Dubstep Violin Original Song) On iTunesracing built k20 k24 b series k iamtaiboogie streetracing races racing drag racing dragrace dragracing street race track ¼ slicks skinnies strip highway cops police musi...

1 months ago    626 views    npain
racing built k20 k24 b series k iamtaiboogie streetracing races racing drag racing dragrace dragracing street race track ¼ slicks skinnies strip highway cops police music burnout out turbo all motor nitrous 4bangersproduction Yosolo 4 cylin...

1 months ago    648 views    npain
FIREBALL TIM 5Minute Drive with the 2014 Hyundai Equus & Actor Tony Do Episode 21 of 5Minute Drive, Host Fireball Tim takes a spin through Topanga near Malibu with Actor/Director & Sculptor Tony Dow. Tony played Wally Cleaver on "Leave it to Beaver." This week's ride... the luxurious...

2 months ago    1,723 views    FireballTim