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Porsche 996TT Vs 1200hp Viper race #2
Roll race from 65mph+ to 170mph between a Porsche 996TT Vs 1200hp ViperBHT vs Alky

2 years ago    3,312 views    BlackHorseTurbo
TEXAS MILE: 225mph Porsche 996TT Roll bar cam. BlackHorseTurbo
BlackHorseTurbo's 1000hp Porsche 996TT runs the Texas Mile at 225.9MPH

2 years ago    3,423 views    BlackHorseTurbo
TSS - Texas Invitational 2012: BHT Protomotive Porsche 996 Turbo vs.
60 mph roll race between a Protomotive Porsche 996 TURBO with 900hp and a Turbo C6 Corvette with 900hp

4 years ago    2,111 views    BlackHorseTurbo
Porsche 996 Turbo runs a 175mph 1/2 Mile trap speed (BlackHorseTurbo
Houston Mile Shoot out dash cam footage from a 996 Turbo running 0-175mph in 1/2 Mile

4 years ago    1,949 views    BlackHorseTurbo
Houston Half Mile Porsche 911 Turbo 187.6mph May 2013
Ride along with a Protomotive 1000+ horsepower Porsche Turbo at the Houston Half Mile event by Hennessey Performance.Stats from this run:1/2 Mile 15.9 seconds @ 187.6mph1/4 Mile 10.4 seconds @ 149.6mph0-60 3.2 seconds0-100 5.99 seconds0-300...

2 years ago    1,779 views    BlackHorseTurbo
Texas Speed Syndicate: Porsche Turbo (900hp) vs Ford GT (1100hp) roll
Texas Speed Syndicate's KOTS round 3: Protomotive Porsche 911 Turbo (900hp) vs. Hennessey Ford GT (1100hp). BlackHorseTurbo vs Mullet. This is a roll race from about 60mph.

4 years ago    1,478 views    BlackHorseTurbo
Porsche 996 Turbo Vs 900Hp C6 Corvette Grandsport (automatic)
Roll race from 60mph to 160mph between a Porsche 996 Turbo Vs 900Hp C6 Corvette Grandsport (automatic).BHT Vs JThurik

2 years ago    1,042 views    BlackHorseTurbo
Texas Invitational 2012: Porcshe 996 Turbo (BlackHorseTurbo) V Token
Porsche 996 Turbo (900hp) vs GT500 Turbo Mustang (900) 60mph roll race.

4 years ago    1,321 views    BlackHorseTurbo
Supra runs a low 6 second 60-130
Tommie Bahn

6 years ago    2,897 views    BlackHorseTurbo
Porsche 996TT Vs. Mustang GT 1/4 mile race
Vivid Racing Texas' Porsche 996TT

6 years ago    2,381 views    BlackHorseTurbo
VividRacing 996TT runs a 10.88s 1/4 mile at 133
VividRacingTX Porsche 996 TT 10.88s at 133.mp4

6 years ago    281 views    BlackHorseTurbo
Vivid Racing PorscheTT vs. Nissan GTR 2009 with BL
PorscheTT Vs GTR.AVI

6 years ago    1,394 views    BlackHorseTurbo
TT Viper goes 3.97 seconds 60-130
Bob Helms 3.97 60-130.mp4

6 years ago    633 views    BlackHorseTurbo
Porsche 996 GT2 Fly by
Jitsu fly

6 years ago    362 views    BlackHorseTurbo
Vivid Racing Texas 996TT runs a 198MPH at the Texas Mile
Texas Mile 198 run Final with music bed.m4v

6 years ago    203 views    BlackHorseTurbo
Houston's 60-130 event with racing footage
Movie 60-130.mp4

6 years ago    642 views    BlackHorseTurbo
Texas Mile: 212mph Porsche 911 Turbo, March 2012 (fastest Porsche at t
Watch a 900+ wheel horsepower Porsche 911 Turbo (996) from 0 to 212.4mph. Half mile trap speed was 174mph. Embedded speedometer video. This was the fastest Porsche and the 5th fastest car all weekend.

4 years ago    592 views    BlackHorseTurbo
BlackHorseTurbo's Porsche turbo runs a 10.96 1/4 @
BHT 10 sec

6 years ago    583 views    BlackHorseTurbo
2 996 TT's go head to head from 45-145MPH!
Camera car (BlackHorseTurbo) is tuned by Softronic and the other Turbo is tuned by Protomotive. Both cars have 24/18g turbos running 1.38 bar

6 years ago    1,200 views    BlackHorseTurbo
Porsche 996TT vs. 80's Camaro RS
1/4 Mile drag race

6 years ago    497 views    BlackHorseTurbo
Houston 60-130 event
These cars roll out big. This is how we do it in Texas.

6 years ago    432 views    BlackHorseTurbo
Porsche Turbo drag races at the Import Face Off at
Qualifying pass at the HRP during the drag portion of the Import Face Off 2010. Having already qualified with the best ET I decided to run again. I redlighted but ran a decent time non the less.

6 years ago    708 views    BlackHorseTurbo
C5 Corvette goes 10.44 at 142mph
Matt Powell C5 Corvette 11.mp4

6 years ago    434 views    BlackHorseTurbo
VividRacingTX 996TT with 3 nice kills at the track
Porsche 996TT drag races a C6 Corvette, Trans Am and Chrysler 300 turbo.

6 years ago    558 views    BlackHorseTurbo