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Mitsubishi Evo 8 Dodges Car Pileup on Black Ice!
Mitsubishi Evo 8 Dodges Car Pileup on Black Ice!

2 years ago    12,365 views    GTRfanboy
BlaCk Ice Ridin
My girl driving my car and me tapin from hers...

5 years ago    14,315 views    CarDomain
Close Call for Subaru WRX Driver on Black Ice!
Close Call for Subaru WRX Driver on Black Ice!

1 years ago    1,435 views    89FoxBody
Crashes caused by black ice
Another slippery road.Watch the roadworker (or whatever it is), he's got the sign pointing to the wrong side.

5 years ago    9,169 views    993ti
1966 Pontiac Grand Prix for sale at Gateway Classic Cars in St. Louis,
1966 Pontiac Grand Prix coupe for grabs. This original survivor car is a smooth driver that will get you where you need to go. This is an original California car that was brought to Indiana in 1991 by a high school shop teacher. Car was rep...

1 years ago    75 views    GatewayClassicCars
Black Ice Cruizin
More footage of my girl

5 years ago    13,212 views    CarDomain
It Pays Off to Pay Attention...
It Pays Off to Pay Attention... Black ICE Sliding

5 years ago    4,998 views    Roma007
black ice comming back with a vengence 2013
black ice "vince DiRose car was burnt bad 2011 capitol raceway, car has been rebuilt look for it in 2013??? This is vince running etowns shakedown 2010 it has been rebuilt,bigger,better,faster look for the big,long smokey burnouts when it m...

1 years ago    851 views    zlumlord
Wicked John Force lookout new burnout king in my book,i know burnouts dont win races but hey Thats AWESOME 7.80

2 years ago    301 views    zlumlord
Serious Ice on Highway!
Serious Ice on Highway! Ice skating on black ice on HWY!

5 years ago    2,433 views    Roma007
Black Ice Causes Wild Crashes In Columbus, Ohio
Black Ice Causes Wild Crashes In Columbus, Ohio

2 years ago    1,575 views    GTRfanboy
Badass Black Ice Drifting
Badass Black Ice Drifting

8 years ago    2,557 views    guest
The caged convertible, h/c/i Ls1 Camaro Z-28 BLUE CANOE versus the stock mostly stock motor and lazy geared automatic Mustang Gt 5.0 liter BLACK ICE spraying a 125 shot of nitrous...

5 years ago    2,295 views    WyldFantasies
BLUE CANOE ls1 vs BLACK ICE n2o Rnd1
Camaro Z-28 Heads/cam/intake Ls1 vs Mustang Gt 5.0 on a 125 shot Automatic with stock 2.73 gear...

5 years ago    495 views    WyldFantasies
Ford Raptor Black Satin
This is a 2011 Ford Raptor SVT 6.2LMods include;- custom front & rear bumpers finished in textured black- Raptor Logos laser cut in skidplate & rear bumper- recon winch- 40" LED light in the front- 3x Red LEDs backlighting the Raptor in the...

2 years ago    617 views    CaliCarGirl
The BLACK ICE sn95 Mustang Gt 5.0 auto with lazy 2.73 rear gear takes on GETSOME and his WHITE STALLION a mostly stock 5 speed with a 3.73 rear gear on the virtual streets of Dragg City...

5 years ago    771 views    WyldFantasies
A boosted Integra BOOSTEGRA,(having technical issues and traction problems nontheless) challenges the BLACK ICE Mustang Gt to a race!

5 years ago    714 views    WyldFantasies
BLACK ICE two tone Mustang Gt rev
A short walk around of the BLACK ICE sn95 Mustang Gt 5.0, mostly stock, automatic lazy rear end gear with a nitrous kit.

5 years ago    1,474 views    WyldFantasies
1960 Cadillac
Check out this amazing 1960 Cadillac Series 62 Sedan! This car has a very unique black with red ghost flame paint job along with a black and red interior. This Caddie has a 390 CI V8 and an automatic transmission to push it down the road. I...

3 years ago    43 views    GatewayClassicCars
BLACK ICE n2o vs SLOCUS n2o Rnd1
NITROUS WAR! Mustang Gt vs Focus Svt!

5 years ago    441 views    WyldFantasies
Camaro Ls1 hci vs Mustang Gt 5.0 n2o Rnd2
The second round of the BLUE CANOE h/c/i Ls1 on the motor versus the BLACK ICE bolt-on 5.0L with a 125 shot, automatic with stock 2.73 gear...

5 years ago    435 views    WyldFantasies
black betty doin burnouts
black betty sliding on cement like its ice

4 years ago    456 views    CarDomain
Shakedown etown 2010 oct "black ice"
Vince DiRose can really smoke'em look out john force

3 years ago    266 views    zlumlord
Focus vs Mustang 5.0 NITROUS WAR Rnd2
The second race between the SLOCUS Svt Focus on a 75 shot versus the BLACK ICE sn95 Mustang Gt 5.0 on a 100 shot!

5 years ago    286 views    WyldFantasies
2011 LA Auto Show Day 3 - Camaro ZL1, C-Class ...
Derek DeAngelis and the Fast Lane Daily crew at the last day of the LA Auto Show. The new Camaro ZL1 convertible, the new Mercedes C-Class AMG Black Series makes it's North American Debut, Austin F1 is on thin ice, and the Jaguar XK-RS Conv...

2 years ago    305 views    FastLaneDaily
Black Ice
My '74 Challenger under construction.

4 years ago    252 views    Stepdaddy
The red h22 powered honda PRAYLUDE tries to avenge his buddy in the Preylude, to no avail. Faster than his buddy though, he almost comes back until we give it a little shot of the juice in third gear to maintain the lead...

5 years ago    356 views    WyldFantasies
Silent Blue 5.0 vs Black Ice sn95 (stock w/ nitrou
The sn95 BLACK ICE:Mustang Gt with lazy stock gear and stock automatic and a 100 shot of nitrous vsSILENT BLUE h/c/i Mustang Gt foxbody driven by Jesse the Assassin and built by HIPPEE RACING in this computer generated race on the virtual s...

5 years ago    2,223 views    WyldFantasies
Nitrous bottle mount in a babyseat of a Mustang 5.
The ultimate in nitrous accessories! The baby seat actually holds the bottle perfectly for an improvised quick secret nitrous installation into the BLACK ICE, getting a kill on the JUSTICE LX and slaying SNAGGLETOOTH again, one of the worst...

5 years ago    483 views    WyldFantasies