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Paintball ST
Video del juego de Paintball entre Sonora Tuning y Xtreme Bikers

5 years ago    276 views    garyst
This video is great. A car crushes a biker at a hi
This video is great. A car crushes a biker at a high speed and tosses the dude about 5 feet in the air. He literally bounces off the ground and starts running around the accident screaming that his bike is destroyed. I have no idea how he l...

7 years ago    191,502 views    Jami
Police chasing insane biker.By Prld
Police chasing insane biker.By Prld

8 years ago    186,793 views    DanStang
Biker Gang own a cop after friend get's wrecked by
Biker Gang own a cop after friend get's wrecked by it. It's old but this one is COMPLETE.

7 years ago    112,069 views    Blown427Stroker
Naked biker ...FUNNY
Naked biker ...FUNNY

8 years ago    111,074 views    684722
The person in this car should never have his drivi
The person in this car should never have his driving licens back !!! I hope the biker is ok. CRASH

8 years ago    111,570 views    guest
Top Gear - Season 10, Episode 9 - December 9th, 20
In this episode:* The Top Gear team compete in the Britcar 24 hour race at Silverstone in a BMW 3-series diesel powered by bio-diesel that they grew last season* James races some BMX bikers through Budapest to test out the brand new Fiat 50...

5 years ago    90,482 views    willtherealstigstand...
haha.. Unproffesional motorsycle biker!!
haha.. Unproffesional motorsycle biker!!

8 years ago    64,990 views    815201
Biker escaped from police
в момент ДТП байкер находился в состоянии сильного алкогольного опьянения, так же он убегал от полиции ( Байкер закладывал лихие виражи и, как оказалось позднее, уходил от преследования сотрудников Госавтоинспекции) по всей видимости, это...

1 months ago    1,161 views    fazzer
Flyby Loud Can-Am 20140320 140716
Out walking for something to spot , came upon the right street . Up a block was this trio of bikers . The riders approached n to my surprise its a Can-Am !!! Share , +1'd , Tumblr , like all my videos . Subscribe for more .

2 weeks ago    121 views    GrapheneRTS
romania accident part 2 , a girl is died......r.i.
romania accident part 2 , a girl is died......r.i.p....the biker was safe

7 years ago    44,293 views    011735
Car Crash Leaves 3 Bikers Down!
Car Crash Leaves 3 Bikers Down!

2 years ago    29,254 views    gixxer86
Long policecam vid of Finnish police chasing a cra
Long policecam vid of Finnish police chasing a crazy biker. The chase ends up in a crash of an biker.

7 years ago    44,802 views    micarone
Making friends in austria, biker vs. austrian poli
Making friends in austria, biker vs. austrian police, kawasaki ad...

7 years ago    45,695 views    DaMatt
Dirt Biker Steals First place like a Boss!

8 months ago    5,149 views    fazzer
Aggressive Bikers Attack and PayBack
Epic Final an 2.00 ! Нападение нескольких мотоциклистов на семьюАлексей ВьюхинEX - 3 - M!ST Пишет в вконтакте, он байкерВодитель не глядя в зеркала перестроился влево объезжая препятствие. я посигналил, на что он вильнул рулем, якобы "уг...

8 months ago    1,926 views    fazzer
Bizarre scene as car happens upon a biker seemingly dead on the road
According to the video information he simply fell asleep because he was drunk. They simply move him and the bike to the side of the road. Happy to see that they stopped to give aid. They could have simply driven on.

8 months ago    2,824 views    dayi
Biker Passing On Red Hits Police Cruiser
Biker Passing On Red Hits Police Cruiser, Hello Evidence No witness needed! Accident, Crash

4 years ago    31,032 views    Roma007
Bikers Brakes Fail At High Speed!!
That's really gotta suck i would have to change my undies aswell.

9 months ago    3,069 views    barrister
Biker suddenly out of turn

8 months ago    3,189 views    fazzer
Bad Luck for Biker
closely. Security Guard closed the barrier because of motorcycle coming from the wrong side. His mistake was that he didn't watch the Cyclist.

9 months ago    2,451 views    barrister
motocross graphics
Apart from the essentials of biker's accessories, you can also avail numerous other accessories from the assorted collection of crossbar pads, hard goods, decals, novelties and gifts, numbers, seat covers and other motocross graphics kits, ...

6 months ago    29 views    Jacksonkai
LiveLeak com Biker forgets cars have brakes too
ooops-a-daisy This is the riders explaination (not me): It was a nice day and I had to drive 3 hours south for work the next day and on the way I decided to stop in cedar key fl on the gulf coast for some lunch. Just crusin barely above t...

9 months ago    1,748 views    dayi
Biker confused lane
Турист перепутал направление дорог в Австралии. Мотоциклист ехал себе спокойно и вдруг неожиданно Guys, this is Australia! they are riding on the correct side of the road, except the sportsbike at the end of course

11 months ago    1,061 views    fazzer
Dirt Bikers All Love The Same Spot
Okay maybe they don't love it..

9 months ago    683 views    barrister
Brutal motorcycle crash at intersection
Biker at high speed crashes into the car.

9 months ago    1,449 views    barrister
Biker surprised, almost gets his head run over
Watch out for them swinging car doors.

9 months ago    555 views    barrister
Biker Crashes Into a Road Worker
Then Leaves the Unconscious Man in the Middle of the Road.This reckless biker wrecks his motorcycle after hitting a cop, then walks away while the unconscious officer lays in peril.Was he seeking help, drunk, disoriented, or just an asshole...

10 months ago    1,781 views    barrister