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S4 AUDI B5 stage 3+KO4's 400 AWHP(18lbs) BOOSTVS
S4 AUDI B5 stage 3+KO4's 400 AWHP(18lbs) BOOSTVS LAMBO with modsIm in front of LAMBO!RESPECT...

7 years ago    26,073 views    TURBOZ130
Full length video of a Stage III+ tuned B5 Audi S4
Full length video of a Stage III+ tuned B5 Audi S4 going 300 km/h (185 mph) on a German Autobahn. The S4 also beats an E39 BMW M5 while going up a hill...

9 years ago    20,944 views    guest
Audi S4 vs Supra Drag Racing
Audi S4 B5 2.7L Biturbo Quattro vs Supra Turbo Drag Racing

5 years ago    3,581 views    Roma007

7 years ago    13,702 views    TURBOZ130
USP Motorsports VR6 Turbo B5 Audi S4 - 826awhp!

4 years ago    5,998 views    USP_Motorsports
750 hp Audi S4
One of the fastest b5's iv'e ever seen

5 years ago    4,900 views    B5S4FTW
AUDI S4 vs Jeep SRT8 Drag Racing
AUDI S4 B5 V6 2.7L TT Quattro vs Jeep SRT8 Drag Racing, Video cut Short S4 Won

5 years ago    4,805 views    Roma007
Modded BMW 335i w/ESS Stage 4 Flash vs Audi B5S4 S
Audi B5 S4 Stage 3+ vs. BMW 335i w/ESS Stage 4 flash, Stage 5 clutch and flywheel, downpipes. This was a 60 MPH roll - basically a 3rd - 4th gear pull. The Audi S4 had about 4 car lengths at the end of 4th and still pulling away.

5 years ago    2,761 views    lnferno
Audi S4 short run to 180 mph at night...
Just a quick sprint up to about 180 mph at night in a B5 Audi S4...

5 years ago    3,190 views    wwwNogaroBluecom
snow troopers b5 audi s4 running a 11.47@125fa
snow troopers b5 audi s4 running a 11.47@125fastest street s4 in the world

8 years ago    5,445 views    guest
GPS confirmed 177 mph in a Audi B5 S4...
The car wasn't quite topped out yet, the 6th gear rev limiter is set at 7100 RPM which gets about 185 mph.

5 years ago    2,830 views    wwwNogaroBluecom
Audi S4 3-Way Battle....STG3- B5 VS stock B6 VS st
Camera car is a stock 2004 b6 s4 the nogaro blue s4 in middle lane is a stock 2000 b5 s4the silver car in the far lane is my STG3- 2000 b5 s4 mods are: 2.5"x2 TBE--K04 TURBOS--GIAC X Chip(for k03's FTL)--Piggy pipes

5 years ago    2,537 views    Stage3B5S4
Audi S4 B5 quattro takeoff on snow
1st and 2nd gear on snow with M+S tires

1 years ago    1,503 views    jimmy021
B5 Audi S4 vs toyota supra
2000 B5 Audi S4 Tuned and cat back exhaust. FAST SUPRA

4 years ago    2,207 views    foxracing19swan
Stage 3 B5 Audi S4 Exhaust video UUC VM3
exhaust setup is..... Gutted stock downpipes and a UUC VelociMax 3 with the resonator removed.. i think it kinda sounds like a diesel truck now :-( ....the resonator is going back on....

5 years ago    1,553 views    Stage3B5S4
Audi s4 b5 2.7t snow drifting
Rocking my S4 in a roundabout in central sweden

1 years ago    840 views    jimmy021
Stage 3 S4 vs Gallardo
Stage 3 B5 Audi S4 vs Lamborghini Gallardo

5 years ago    3,612 views    B5S4FTW
after chasin him around berlin CT i he decided he didnt want anymore of my B5 A4 2.8.... lol haha im just playing he would have kicked my ***. too bad i didnt have a stage 3 Audi s4 i would hav slaughtered him on the highway.

6 years ago    293 views    CarDomain
b5 S4 vs. turbo s2000 vs. Mustang Cobra GT
Audi s4 vs. s2000 vs. Mustang Cobra GT

5 years ago    765 views    b5kidd
Power-on oversteer in a Stage III B5 S4...
A little AWD power-on oversteer fun in my Audi S4...

5 years ago    3,486 views    wwwNogaroBluecom
AUDI S2, S4 Quattro Drift
AUDI S2 I5 2.2L 20V Turbo, S4 B5 2.7L Biturbo Quattro Track Drift

5 years ago    1,836 views    Roma007
Fun Track Day at Most Autodrom in the Czech Reubli
A few laps of the Most Autodrom in my B5 Audi S4 in the Czech Republic...

5 years ago    2,550 views    wwwNogaroBluecom
USP Motorsports Audi S4 - Turbo VR6 - 9.7 @ 147!
New Record!USP Motorsports B5 chassis Audi S4, Turbo VR6, Precision 67mm turbo, custom USP Motorsports engine mounts, Tilton twin disk clutch, completely stock drivetrain! Making approx. 800awhp. Built and tuned by Chris Green.Pass made in ...

5 years ago    1,740 views    USP_Motorsports
Audi B5 S4 custom exhaust
Just a short vid with my custom 3" exhaust.It has stock downpipes with functional pre-cats, and a stainless steel custom exhaust from there... tiny rear muffler with chromed 'tdi' end piece, makes one hell of a sound.Other mods are a modded...

4 years ago    474 views    StefanW
2007 Ninja ZX-6R vs. Audi B5 S4 Stage 3
Two roll races; 1st from 60 MPH; 2nd from 10 MPH

6 years ago    2,940 views    lnferno
B5 Audi S4 at bandimere
True dual exhaust and intake

4 years ago    258 views    ZincGT
b5 audi s4 1/4 mile
b5 s4 1/4 at lvms only mod is true dual exhaust, stock boost, ran a 14.4 at 92 DA was over 5k ft and the temp was 94*

4 years ago    238 views    ZincGT
stage 3 audi s4
autospeed stage 3 audi s4 b5

5 years ago    1,542 views    CarDomain
Audi S4 in Snow
B5 S4 ripin up the snow

5 years ago    779 views    B5S4FTW