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Top Secret R35 GT-R aftermarket Exhaust sound clip
This exhaust has a remote control to go from both pipes to single output.

5 years ago    56,272 views    mindlessoath
Lamborghini Murcielago startup and walkaround, hug
Lamborghini Murcielago startup and walkaround, huge aftermarket exhaust. Sounds awesome! Switch to Windows Media Player for better quality video and sound.

8 years ago    39,624 views    qsiguy
2010 Camaro: Hotchkis Sport Suspension
Testing the new 2010 Camaro SS with Hotchkis Sport Sway Bars at Turnbull Canyon in Southern California. The new 5th Gen Camaro Super Sport is incredibly fast in stock form, but suffers from significant body roll and understeer at speed. We ...

5 years ago    34,906 views    hotchkis
2000 Ford F-250 Turbo Diesel --- Aftermarket Turb
2000 Ford F-250 Turbo Diesel --- Aftermarket Turbo, chip, etc --- LOUD AZZ TURBO

7 years ago    38,293 views    bigcountry31685
Dyno Compilation of our 734HP RB26DETT, HKS TWIN
Dyno Compilation of our 734HP RB26DETT, HKS TWIN GT3037'sNissan 240SX________________________________________JDMIMPORTS DIRECT.COMThe Pacific Northwest Premiere Importer of Japanese Automotive Front Halves, Motorsets, Aftermarket Parts, In...

8 years ago    29,845 views    guest
69 camaro stock 302 DZ engine dyno
dyno video of a 69 chevy 302DZ motor rebuilt to factory specs. In 1969 this motor was rated at 290hp@4400rpm in all actuality it makes 530hp@8500rpm and their were no aftermarket speed parts in this motor. The cam is an exact factory blue...

6 years ago    19,408 views    darknight
Rx7 (turbo back, intake, powerFC, aftermarket inte
Rx7 (turbo back, intake, powerFC, aftermarket intercooler, 330whp) vs Mx6 (t3/t4, methanol injection, 13psi)30mph roll on

7 years ago    17,538 views    Slammed94wagon
Hitting The Streets With Vortech And Paxton Superchargers
Check out these 4 heavy hitting supercharged street machines as they meet up and then roll out. This is the first in a new series of Videos for the brands of the Air Power Group, showcasing our products along with top cars, top builders, an...

2 years ago    7,035 views    VortechSuperchargers
2003 Honda 250EX quad atv...FOR SALE!!!!with elka
2003 Honda 250EX quad atv...FOR SALE!!!!with elka suspension, widened front suspension, white bros pipe and dyno jet kit, new tires and rims, aftermarket front bumper, a-arm, chassis, and underbody guards, also nerf-guards for your feet, an...

7 years ago    11,337 views    TeamMopar89
2002 Camaro SS Z28!
New Arrival!!! 2002 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 SS!! Check out this SS Z28 it is fast, it won't last long for sure! Aftermarket mods;Z06 wheels and K&N airfilter! We also JUST ADDED FLOWMASTER CAT BACK EXHAUST! Bone Stock the SS puts down an impr....

6 years ago    11,289 views    AutoConnectionUSA
The 2009 Falken Models
http://www.falkentire.comFalken is known worldwide for its high quality, high performance tires. However, there is an old saying that goes, You are only as good as the company you keep. Well, if the company in question includes the Falken T...

5 years ago    9,615 views    FalkenTire
08 Caliber SRT4 vs 05 Neon SRT4
Caliber has aftermarket filter and Neon has an aftermarket exhaust. 2nd Gear roll at about 40mph. I let off at about 120mph.

6 years ago    5,795 views    srt4turbodemon
MRC DYNO SYDNEY Turbocharged 215bhp Mitsubishi Exp
MRC DYNO SYDNEY Turbocharged 215bhp Mitsubishi Express van, 2.0L 16V SOHC aftermarket upgrade, stock internals @ 12psi. Std power 70bhp @ wheels. Over 300% power increase.

8 years ago    5,138 views    416789
STILLEN Nissan GTR and Inside STILLEN Tour
The Smoking Tire visits the headquarters of Steve Millen Sportparts, better known as STILLEN, and take an inside look at how STILLEN produces their high-quality aftermarket parts. We then get a ride in the STILLEN Nissan GTR with the man, S...

4 years ago    26,368 views    TheSmokingTire
SmartWasher Manufacturer Spotlight - Presented by Andy's Auto Sport dirty car parts? With the SmartWasher from ChemFree, cleaning tools and car parts will be much easier and also eco-friendly! They use a bioremediation process to break down toug...

1 years ago    4,335 views    AndysAutoSportTV
Aerodynamic Tricks on the New Camaro - Autoline Daily 1331
- Honda Restructures Acura- Forward Collision Warning goes Aftermarket- More E85 Stations- GM Hires Heavyweight Recall Investigator- Inside Chevrolet Camaro's RedesignGet more video everyday at

6 months ago    4,075 views    Autoline
Lambo Doors - Presented by Andy's Auto Sport doors open outward? How boring is that? Check out our latest video, featuring Lambo-style doors, which give your ride an exotic look, and just make life fun again! From stock replacement pa...

1 years ago    3,962 views    AndysAutoSportTV
Drift Mania Championship 2 Video Game Available NOW for iPhone, iPod,
Available now. For more details, visit: http://driftmania2.comVideo editing by Secret Level Films / Soundtrack by Templeton Pek - Barriers Music licensing by A'n'R Music LimitedWith over 10 million players worldwide, the #1 Drift game is fi...

1 years ago    3,988 views    iloveapps
MAP O2 Dump vs. Recirculated O2 Housing for Evo 8 & 9 - What is the difference between running a MAP O2 Dump Housing vs. an aftermarket O2 recirculated housing? Drastic in both performance and sound. Take a look at the two parts from the driver's POV and review whi...

1 years ago    3,873 views    Michael_Berenis
Scion FR-S KW Suspension Step-by-Step Installation The Scion FR-S is one of the most talked about cars in the aftermarket industry. GTChannel got the help from Tokyo Automotive to produce a step by step install video of a set of KW Variant III suspension kit on a br...

1 years ago    3,737 views    GTChannel
Heat Shields for Hoods - Presented by Andy's Auto Sport OEM hood comes with a heat shield so you should also protect the appearance and life of your new aftermarket hood with a heat shield. They're easy to install and extremely light weight! F...

1 years ago    3,510 views    AndysAutoSportTV
Quick Tech: Box Your Arms V8TV
So you want the strength of boxed and reinforced suspension parts but don't have the reinforced wallet to make it happen with trick new parts? Or maybe your particular ride does not have an aftermarket beefed-up control arm available. ...

6 years ago    3,901 views    V8TV
STS Twin Turbo - Presented by Andy's Auto Sport Tired of losing races, this Camaro came to us with 430 horse power and left, (spinning tires of course) with 600 horsepower! On this episode of Andy's Auto Sport TV, we're going to boost a ...

1 years ago    3,687 views    AndysAutoSportTV
Unlimited Products Fiberglass - Presented by Andy's Auto Sport you're lightening up your race car or are just looking for some custom body parts (such as a fiberglass hood, bumpers, trunk lid, etc.), Andy's Auto Sport carries all ...

1 years ago    3,468 views    AndysAutoSportTV
Andy's Auto Sport Interviews Goodmark
In this episode, Tony Pascale from Goodmark talks with Andy's about the products they make for your classic American muscle vehicles. At 2:00 you can learn about how their R & D is done on a true grit daily driven car to get a genuine test ...

1 years ago    3,830 views    AndysAutoSportTV
Soarer 1JZ T70 Single Turbo dyno run 407bhp
My T70 Single turbo Soarer on the Rollers Making 407bhp. Which I thought was not too bad to say it is a cheap ebay turbo, Mods include T70 turbo (obviously lol), Walbro 255 fuel pump, FCD, Front mount Intercooler, HKS air filter, decatted h...

1 years ago    3,536 views    tricky203
Omix-Ada - Presented by Andy's Auto Sport're kicking off our Project YJ build by replacing our rusty old windshield frame with a new one from Omix-Ada. If you have any Jeep needs, Omix-Ada is sure to have the part with over ...

1 years ago    3,325 views    AndysAutoSportTV
Tow Hooks - Presented by Andy's Auto Sport you take your car to the track or like the trend, tow hooks are easy to install and are useful. Maybe you have a car that often needs towed? From stock replacement parts to high-performanc...

1 years ago    3,205 views    AndysAutoSportTV
Lip Kits - Presented by Andy's Auto Sport On this episode of Andy's Auto Sport TV, we show you how to install a front lip on our project Integra. Lips come in carbon fiber, polyurethane, and fiberglass. Effects like these can really pull...

1 years ago    3,244 views    AndysAutoSportTV