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Top Gear - 21x06 - 2014.03.09 - Burma Special 1/2
The guys drive loris from Burma to the river Kwai in Thailand to build a bridge.Part 2:

6 months ago    88,401 views    husyk
Top Gear - 21x07 - 2014.03.16 - Burma Special 2/2
The guys drive loris from Burma to the river Kwai in Thailand to build a bridge.Part 1:

6 months ago    62,000 views    husyk
Top Gear - 21x04 - 2014.02.23
-James drives the Caterham Seven 620R and 160.-Jeremy drives the Alfa Romeo Disco Volante.-Richard drives the Mercedes Benz G63 AMG 6x6.-SIARPC: Jack Whitehall

6 months ago    53,384 views    husyk
Top Gear - 21x01 - 2014.02.02
-The guys see who got the best 80s hot hatch by doing a series of challenges.-SIARPC: Hugh Bonneville

7 months ago    33,400 views    husyk
Top Gear - 21x03 - 2014.02.16
-Jeremy drives the Zenvo ST1.-The guys see who got the best 1 liter engine city car by doing a series of challenges in the Ukraine.-SIARPC: James Blunt

7 months ago    31,311 views    husyk
Top Gear - 21x05 - 2014.03.02
-Jeremy drives the the Golf GTI, A45 AMG and M135.-Jeremy and James attempt to make a public information film for cyclists.-Richard drives the Porsche 918 Spyder.-SIARPC: Aaron Paul

6 months ago    30,082 views    husyk
Top Gear - 21x02 - 2014.02.09
-Richards drive the Alfa Romeo 4C in Italy and races Jeremy on a GIBBS quad bike.-James drives military vehicles in Afghanistan.-Jeremy drives the Mclaren P1 in Belgium.-SIARPC: Tom Hiddleston

7 months ago    22,771 views    husyk
Car Crash Compilation №96 of 16 05 2014
Accidents and crashes in Russia

4 months ago    17,332 views    zloiperch
Top Gear America - 05x01 - 2014.06.03
The guys drive resto-mod muscle cars and do a series of challenges to see who will compete in an NHRA drag race.

3 months ago    11,981 views    husyk
2014 Ford Fiesta ST: bikini car wash - Where do you take a dirty 2014 Ford Fiesta ST to be properly washed? After 3,000 miles of Floridian grime, a bikini car wash is the only way of course! Watch as three hot bikini girls wash, dry, and wax a bea...

1 years ago    11,333 views    Michael_Berenis
Top Gear America - 05x02 - 2014.06.10
The guys go trail blazing to see who got the best 4x4.

3 months ago    11,192 views    husyk
2014 Nissan GT-R Track Edition Only 150 lucky people will be able to own a 2014 Nissan GT-R Track Edition. But we can still drool over the hardcore built for track GT-R in this video. Related: Nismo GT-R confirmed

1 years ago    9,360 views    GTChannel
Top Gear America - 05x06 - 2014.07.08
The guys find who got the coolest car for grown ups by doing a series of challenges and racing on Pikes Peak.

2 months ago    9,180 views    husyk
2014 Lexus IS | Frontal Crash Test by NHTSA | CrashNet1
2014 Lexus IS 250, IS 350, F-Sport (XE30)Overall: 5 Stars Frontal: 4 Stars (Driver:4, Passenger:4)Side: 5 Stars (Driver:5, Passenger:5)Rollover: 5 StarsRisk of rollover: 9.7%NHTSA - New Car Assessment Program (NCAP), Frontal Test:Crash test...

1 years ago    8,421 views    CrashNet1
Fifth Gear - 23x10 - 2014.02.24
-Porsche 911 Turbo S vs Nissan GTR vs Noble M600.-Jonny drives the Bertone Jet 2+2.-Mini John Cooper Works GP undergoes team test.-Vicky shows Bertone designed cars on a budget.-Jonny attends top seed attempt for an electric car.

6 months ago    8,314 views    husyk
Top Gear America - 05x03 - 2014.06.17
-The guys see who picked the most iconic 80s car by doing a series of challenges.-Winner of challenges drives the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta.

2 months ago    8,220 views    husyk
Подборка аварий и ДТП на видеорегистратор 16 01 2014
аварии на видеорегистратор,аварии на дорогах,аварии жесть,страшные аварии,аварии с пешеходами,аварии на гонках,жесткие аварии,смешные аварии,жуткие аварии,аварии в москве,самые страшные аварии,ужасные аварии,жестокие аварии,жесть аварии,сме...

8 months ago    8,158 views    gurkano
Top Gear America - 05x05 - 2014.07.01
The guys see who is the best log hauler by doing a series of challenges.

2 months ago    8,035 views    husyk
FIREBALL TIM 5Minute Drive with Actor RODNEY ALLEN RIPPY & the 2014 Ch
http://www.fireballtim.comWATCH THE OUTTAKES! For Episode 23 of 5Minute Drive, host Fireball Tim hangs with Actor RODNEY ALLEN RIPPY (Jack In The Box Fame) for a ride along Mulholland in a 415hp 2014 CHEVROLET SS!Visit Rodney on Twitter. @R...

6 months ago    7,970 views    FireballTim
Top Gear America - 05x04 - 2014.06.24
-The guys build a snow bus and see who did the best mods by doing a series of challenges.-Winner of challenges drives the Nissan GTR in the snow.

2 months ago    7,895 views    husyk
Подборка аварий и ДТП на видеорегистратор 20/01/2014 HD 720p
Только новые ролики в ежедневной подборке!Подпишись на ежедневные подборки ДТП и аварий 2014 - to the daily collection of Accidents and crashes of -

7 months ago    7,415 views    gurkano
Sexy Linzie - 1200hp Underground Racing Lamborghini
1200hp Underground Racing Lamborghini with a hottie in the passenger seat!For the 3rd year in a row we took a hot girl out in an Underground Racing Lambo, this time it was a twin turbo Superleggera.This is probably one of the best girl/car ...

6 months ago    7,298 views    hightechcorvette
Fifth Gear - 23x13 - 2014.03.17
-Mercedes Benz E63 AMG vs Audi RS6.-Jonny drives the Range Rover Sport.-Seat Leon SC undergoes team test.-Vicki shows super saloons on a budget.-Jonny drives the Volvo V60 Plug In Hybrid.

5 months ago    7,183 views    husyk
2014 Ford Fiesta ST: 1/4 quarter mile drag race time - How fast can the 2014 Ford Fiesta ST run the quarter mile drag race? Shot at Orlando Speedworld during the heat of summer, watch as Fiesta Movement agent Michael Berenis runs the 1320 to set the standard quar...

1 years ago    7,181 views    Michael_Berenis
Need for Speed Official Trailer (HD) Aaron Paul - "Need for Speed" Official Trailer (HD) Aaron PaulFramed for a crime he didn't commit, muscle car mechanic and street racer Tobey (Aaron Paul) gets out of prison determined to settle the score with the man responsible ...

11 months ago    6,133 views    glonk
Dai's 2014 Formula Drift Car - Stock Impression and Tear-down - Behind
Comment below with what engine they should put in it.BTS3 Playlist: Previous Episode: take Dai's 2013 stock Subaru BRZ out to Willowsprings International Speedway for a drift impression. Next, we...

1 years ago    6,538 views    GTChannel
Crazy 2010 Camaro Donuts Burnouts and Police Chase. This Guy is Insane
BURNOUT MADNESS CRAZY AWESOME AMAZING DONUTS.KILLA-B2014 CAMARO Z28 BURNOUT.============CURACAOKORSOWKILLA-BCURAÇAOKORAAL TABAKEXOTIBOOSTDRIFT CURACAO2013 fail2013 failsfunny pranksfails 2013fail compilation 2013people are awesomeawesome pe...

1 years ago    6,589 views    NGP
Fifth Gear - 23x12 - 2014.03.10
-Jonny goes to the IndyCar 500 race.-Tiff drives the Mercedes Benz A45 AMG.-Lexus IS 300h undergoes team test.-Vicki find out the impact of driving a car with used oil.-Jason shows hot hatches on a budget.

6 months ago    6,091 views    husyk
2013 Eurosport DC: A Peek At The 2014 Jaguar F Type V8 S
Few days ago I showed you the 2014 F-Type S, Well this is the big boy F-Type S V8. This sucker packs a punch with over 495HP from a 5.0 supercharged V8. Honestly, with a difference between $10,000- $11,000, I think someone would be perfectl...

1 years ago    6,169 views    Kingers-Car-Channel