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Top Gear 18x06
Top Gear season 18 episode 6.Uploaded by Gdsamp.(C) | BBC 2012

4 years ago    167,284 views    Gdsamp
Top Gear 18x05
Top Gear season 18 episode 5.Uploaded by Gdsamp.(C) | BBC 2012

4 years ago    143,061 views    Gdsamp
Top Gear - 18x03 - 2012.02.12
-James reviews the Vauxhall Corza VXR and the Fiat Panda.-Jeremy and Richard attempt to make a car chase scene for an upcoming movie.-SIARPC

4 years ago    154,701 views    husyk
Top Gear - 18x07 - 2012.03.11
-Richard drives the new BMW M5.-SIARPC-James drives a Ferrari 250 GT California.-SIARPC-The guys see if they buy a car and race for less $$$ than a bag of golf clubs.

4 years ago    136,341 views    husyk
Top Gear - 18x01 - 2012.01.29
-The boys go to Italy to see what is best alternative to the Ferrari 458.-SIARPC

4 years ago    121,456 views    husyk
Trans Am 2012 Bandit
Trans AM 2012 Bandit by Trans American Muscle

4 years ago    24,011 views    GTRfanboy
2012 Corvette ZR1 Takes on Nurburgring
The Chevrolet Corvette returns to the famed German track - the Nurburgring - to test the 2012 ZR1 model. This year's test run eclipses the time set in 2008 by more than six seconds.

4 years ago    137,689 views    Chevrolet
Top Gear USA 3x01
Top Gear USA season 3 episode 1.Uploaded by Gdsamp(C) BBC USA 2012

4 years ago    77,743 views    Gdsamp
Top Gear - 18x02 - 2012.02.05
-Richard takes part in a NASCAR race.-Jeremy drives the SLS AMG Roadster.-SIARPC: Matt LeBlanc-James and Jeremy go to China to see how the auto industry changed over the last decade.

4 years ago    75,980 views    husyk
Top Gear 18x03
Top Gear season 18 episode 3.Uploaded by Gdsamp.(C) | BBC 2012

4 years ago    66,738 views    Gdsamp
Top Gear America - 02x09 - 2012.02.14
-The boys do a series of challenges in 18 wheeler big rigs.-SIARPC: Ed Bun

4 years ago    63,611 views    husyk
Retro upoutávka na Rally Český Krumlov 2012

4 years ago    60,623 views    VFTom
Top Gear 18x04
Hopefully this one won't have errors!Top Gear season 18 episode 4Uploaded by Gdsamp(C) | BBC 2012

4 years ago    53,453 views    Gdsamp
Top Gear America - 02x16 - 2012.04.03
-The guys buy each other the uncool-est cars sold in the USA, do a series of challenges, and sell them at auction.-Tanner goes to the UK to drive the Noble M600.-SIARPC

4 years ago    47,597 views    husyk
Fifth Gear 21x06
Fifth Gear - 21x06 - 2012.10.08 eqla3 .mp4

3 years ago    46,846 views    Eqla3
Dakar 2012 (Highlights)
The review of the 2012 edition of the Dakar.R.I.P Martinez Boero.

4 years ago    15,789 views    Fernischumi
Top Gear - 18x06 - 2012.03.04
-The guys see what is the best dedicated track day car then use them for their daily commute to work.-Jeremy drives two vintage cars powered by airplane engines from WW2.-SIARPC

4 years ago    40,870 views    husyk
Corvette C6 Z06 vs. 2012 Nissan GT-R vs. BMW E92 M3
Corvette C6 Z06 vs. 2012 Nissan GT-R vs. BMW E92 M3

5 years ago    24,917 views    89FoxBody
Human Race Car Engine Sounds
Human Car Sounds - Awesome Car Engine Impressions!Australia's Got Talent 2012 Audition

4 years ago    8,605 views    89FoxBody
Lexus LFA vs. Nissan GT-R Drag Race
2012 Lexus LFA vs. Nissan GT-R in a Drag race.

6 years ago    51,894 views    scape_goat
Billionaires Garage
One mans toys, only trusted to one company JP Logistics & Motorsports to move the vehicles from Los Angeles to Paris, FranceLike us on Facebook - us on Twitter - us ...

4 years ago    34,493 views    JPLogistics
2012 Nissan GT-R: The Promise Fulfilled for more GT-R videos. In September 2010, lead designer Kazutoshi Mizuno and a handpicked team brought the 2012 Nissan GT-R to the Nürburgring in a quest to reaffirm its status as the world's fastest production car. This...

5 years ago    82,016 views    GTChannel
Top Gear America - 02x10 - 2012.02.21
-The boys see which muscle car is best, the Mustang GT, Camaro SS, or Challenger SRT8.-Rut and Tanner see if the Boss 302 and Rousch Stage 3 Mustang is faster than 2 horses in a race.-SIARPC

4 years ago    31,783 views    husyk
Top Gear 18x01
Top Gear season 18 episode 1. Uploaded by Gdsamp. (C) | BBC 2012

4 years ago    31,234 views    Gdsamp
Farm Truck Wheelie @ 2012 Truck Shootout
Farm truck Wheelie @ 2012 Truck Shootout

4 years ago    11,304 views    GTRfanboy
2012 Camaro ZL1 Takes on Nurburgring | Chevrolet
Watch as the 580-horsepower Camaro ZL1 blazes Nurburgring in 7:41.27 - bringing the Camaro neck and neck with the Porsche 911 Turbo S and Lamborghini Murciélago lap times

4 years ago    87,833 views    Chevrolet
Top Gear America - 02x11 - 2012.02.28
-Tanner, Rutledge, and Adam take three of the unsafest cars from history, the Ford Pinto, the Chevrolet Corvair, and the Suzuki Samurai, and put them through a series of challenges.-Rutledge teaches Adam to be a better driver with the help ...

4 years ago    29,805 views    husyk
Crazy Japanese Tuned Cars at 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon
Crazy Japanese Tuned Cars at 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon

4 years ago    13,153 views    GTRfanboy
Top Gear America - 03x04 - 2012.09.04
-The guys drive 700 miles from Portland to San Fransisco on a single tank of fuel.-The winner of the challenge gets to a drive a King of the Hammers truck and race against an extreme kayak-er in the Rocky Mountains.

3 years ago    27,669 views    husyk