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Fast and Furious 5?
If we were making the next one, it'd feature Paul Walker doing all the driving himself. Turns out, he really can drive. Here's Paul and a few friends, sliding, spinning and smoking tires at Willow Springs. Matt Farah from G419 joins us in...

7 years ago    465,672 views    bikinidrivingschool
Ford Unveils the 2010 Raptor at SEMA 2008
At SEMA 2008 Ford surprised us with a spectacular off road event showcasing the 2010 Raptor in all it's desert-running, Baja-capable glory. Check out the first footage of this new tough truck throwing dirt in the wild!

7 years ago    500,876 views    SEMA-2008
Porsche GT3 vs CBR1000RR vs R1 - INSANE VIDEO!!! car shirts! Click the link above or below in this description! My favorite is the Porsche One. I like to wear it while I'm tearing up the roads like this.Porsche 911 996 GT3 vs HONDA CBR1000RR vs YAMAHA R1na...

7 years ago    437,823 views    KingCoin22
2010 Moto2 Imola - Shoya Tomizawa Fatal Crash
2010 Moto2 Imola - Shoya Tomizawa Fatal Crash .

5 years ago    277,550 views    mattwerds22
Top Gear - 16x00 - 2010.12.26 - Middle East Special
The three “wise men” journey through the Middle East to Bethlehem in cheap 2-seater convertible sports cars

5 years ago    370,211 views    husyk
Ken Block and Vaughn Gitten JR. Drifting Together at SEMA 2010
Ken Block and Vaughn Gitten JR. Drifting Together at SEMA 2010

5 years ago    120,366 views    SEMA
2010 Mustang FIRST Reveal!!
An automotive star-studded evening in Los Angeles, Ford unveiled the 2010 Mustang.

7 years ago    256,482 views    StreetFire
Introducing the 2010 Ford Mustang
Introducing the 2010 Ford Mustang

7 years ago    190,144 views    Mix939
Top Gear - 15x07 - 2010.12.21
-The guys drive across the eastern United States exploring the roots of NASCAR and getting to see that part of the country in a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Gullwing, Ferrari 458 Italia, and Porsche 911 GT3 RS.-The annual automotive Christmas gift...

5 years ago    136,250 views    husyk
Formula Drift Seattle 2010
Last weekend, Formula Drift in Monroe, Washington was unforgettable. Tons of familiar faces and unusually warm weather made for the best FD experience I've ever had. Because I've been shooting at this so much lately, I was able to take my t...

5 years ago    115,263 views    motormavensdotcom
2010 Mazda3 LA 2008
2010 Mazda3 LA 2008

7 years ago    116,507 views    Autoblog
Supras at the Texas Mile - October 2010
Here are 2 of the really fast Supras at the Texas Mile. One went 223mph and the other ran 233mph. Texas Mile - October 2010

5 years ago    152,876 views    hightechcorvette
Top Gear - 15x01 - 2010.06.27
-Jeremy drives the Bentley Continental Supersport.-James drives to a volcano in Iceland.-Richard gives their resonably priced car a funeral.-Jeremy drives the Reliant Robin.

5 years ago    107,535 views    husyk
2010 Mazda3 driving footage
2010 Mazda3 driving footage

7 years ago    105,085 views    Autoblog
Top Gear - 15x02 - 2010.07.04
•The boys are given £5000 each to go out and buy 4-door saloons that could be used every day but that could also be used on a track. They then head to Germany to test them in a series of tests.•James drives the beautiful Porsche 911 Sport C...

5 years ago    101,194 views    husyk
Top Gear - 15x05 - 2010.07.25
•Richard races two snowmobiles over snow and ice in Sweden using the Dakar Volkswagen Touareg•James takes the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport to 259 MPH and the Stig races it around the Top Gear track•Jeremy looks back at F1 driver Ayrton Senna’...

5 years ago    98,666 views    husyk
Reisbrennen 2010 skyline supra civic hks greddy spoon
hottest import racing cars meeting in europe

5 years ago    52,045 views wo...
Top Gear - 15x03 - 2010.07.11
•The boys compare three high performance 4-door saloons — the Maserati Quattroporte GTS, Aston Martin Rapide, and Porsche Panamera Turbo•Can the Germans really make a better muscle car than the Americans? Richard drives the Chevrolet Camaro...

5 years ago    92,277 views    husyk
Formula Drift Atlanta 2010
Huge thanks to everyone who made this happen for me. I couldn't have made it out there without help from the Motor Mavens crew, specifically Antonio Alvendia, Andy Sapp and Joe Ayala. Thanks also to Robert Chew at Falken Tire for all the am...

6 years ago    83,101 views    motormavensdotcom
New Production CAMARO - First Reveal
GM introduces the new 2010 Production Camaro publicly at it's North Hollywood, California design studios. Streetfire brings you exclusive on the scenes coverage.

7 years ago    82,481 views    StreetFire
Methanol injected Supercharged Bigblock FRYING the
UCSMOKE - methanol injected bigblock setting the tyres on fire at Sydney POwercruise 2010

6 years ago    15,467 views    modifiedcarforums
Dumb NYC Workers Destroy Ford Explorer
Dumb NYC sanitation workers destroy Ford Explorer during the big snow storm in December 2010 with a loader

5 years ago    25,358 views    Daily_Commute
Ever wonder what it would be like to ride along with Vaughn Gittin JR in his 2010 Falken Tire Mustang, during Formula D practice?Or better yet... what would it be like to drive his car in a tandem battle against Darren McNamara, at Road Atl...

6 years ago    102,599 views    SpeedHunters
AMS Alpha 10 GT-R goes 9.3@153 MPH - Full video
September 30th 2010, AMS Performance Alpha 10 Package equipped Nissan GT-R piloted by John Shepherd sets a new R35 GT-R 1/4 Mile Record with a 9.33@153.24 MPH pass. World's Quickest & Fastest R35 GT-R!

5 years ago    86,557 views    AMS_Performance
Mark Webber Crash at Valencia (GP Europe 2010)
Mark Webber Crash at Valencia (GP Europe 2010)

5 years ago    109,263 views    Subaru1980
King Of Europe - DRIFT 2010. - Round 4. - Máriapocs, HUNGARY - XPROVID
King Of Europe - DRIFT 2010. - Round 4. - Máriapocs, HUNGARY - XPROVID Films.

5 years ago    8,056 views    HungarianDriftAssoci...
WORLD Racing 2010 Season - Part 10 - Debut of a Beast
The WORLD Racing crew has been hard at work finishing up their all new 2010 Team Need For Speed Scion tC. Follow them as they head in to Atlanta to debut the AWD beast and try to set a new FWD record in the Fwing tC. For more information, p...

5 years ago    96,452 views    WORLDRacing
The Hungarian Drift feeling
Promo video from the and the Hungarian Drift Association.Last race: 03.10.2010 See you in Tököl!

5 years ago    34,106 views    HungarianDriftAssoci...
Top Gear Apocalypse 2010
Just what will motoring be like in a post apocalyptic world that’s been blown to bits by nuclear bombs or a massive comet? It’s a burning question that’s on literally nobody’s mind, and we give you all the answers in this brand new, incredi...

5 years ago    67,137 views    sairus