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Top Gear Season 21 Episode 5
Provided by Richard drives the Porsche 918 in Abu Dhabi.Jeremy and James shoot a public information film to promote safer cycling.Jeremy power tests the VW Golf GTI Mk7, BMW M135i and Mercedes A45 AMG.Star in a Reasona...

2 years ago    467,342 views    TopGearSpecials
Roll Racing-9 135i BMW vs Z28,M3,Evo,Sti,Srt4,Dsm,
Roll Racing-9 135i vs Z28, M3, Evo, Sti, Srt4, Dsm, Wrx, RsxS

8 years ago    37,073 views    PhoenixEvo
Caparo T1 - Alfa 8C-135i -Ray Wert v Matt Farah-Ga
Ray Wert of Jalopnik and Matt Farah discuss the Alfa 8C, Caparo T1, 135i, hybrids and American car quality.

8 years ago    23,107 views    Garage419
018 Top Gear Australia - BMW 135i Coupe
018 Top Gear Australia - BMW 135i Coupe

7 years ago    9,621 views    J1MZ
Top Gear Australia Season 2, Episode 1
Season 2, Episode 1 (Full Version) — Originally aired on May 11th, 2009 * James Morrison, who replaced Charlie Cox as a host, and Steve Pizzati compare the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 10 and the BMW 135i * Warren and James race Steve ...

6 years ago    8,958 views    CaspersZ06
Top Gear Australia Season one episode five - full
Top Gear Australia Season one episode five - full episode*Charlie reviews the Audi R8 at Hamilton Airport runway, sets a time of 1:11.87 (W)*Return of the what were they thinking board*Part one of the Pre Deligance Boat/car challenge: The t...

7 years ago    8,117 views    CullPearlYellowTT
Porsche Cayman VS BMW 135i

8 years ago    6,839 views    carversation
Top Gear Australia-Season 1, Full Episode 5
Season 1, Episode 5 — Originally aired on October 27th, 2008 •Charlie drives the Audi R8 on Hamilton Island’s airstrip and the Stig takes it around the track•The team converts an old Audi into a yacht for a race at Hamilton Island•Steve che...

6 years ago    4,355 views    CaspersZ06
my new bmw 135i racing my old subaru impreza
My girlfriend got a little excited... She wishes the bmw is the fastest. 2 bad i must disappoint her.

7 years ago    4,444 views    Nerdmans
037 Best Motoring - BMW 135i Mugen RR STi 20th M3
037 Best Motoring - BMW 135i Mugen RR STi 20th M3 Coupe

6 years ago    3,809 views    J1MZ
Fifth Gear - 23x01 - 2013.09.16
-Tiff and Jason see which super convertible is best.-New Range Rover undergoes team test.-Vicky sees which is better, BMW 135i or HP4.-Jonny finds super convertibles on a budget.-Jonny drives the Dacia Sandero 1000km to a ski resort.

2 years ago    3,640 views    husyk
CORSA Performance: BMW 135i
BMW 135i with a CORSA Performance Exhaust. NO interior DRONE!

7 years ago    4,273 views    CorsaPerformance
BMW M 135i : 0-260 km/h (Motorsport)
Embarquez pour une vitesse maxi à bord de la nouvelle BMW Serie 1 M 135i. Moteur : 6 en ligne Turbo Cylindrée : 2 979 cm3Puissance maxi : 320 à 5 800 tr/mnCouple maxi : 45,9 mkg à 1 300 tr/mnPoids : 1 425 kgPrix : 44 850 euroshttp://www.mot...

3 years ago    2,802 views    Motorsport-Magazine
Audi RS4 V8 vs BMW 135i Bi-Turbo
Audi RS4 V8 vs BMW 135i Bi-Turbo...sure its 306 vs 420hp but the Beemer ist leighter

7 years ago    4,324 views    xenondriver2
Billy Theodorakopoulos (Billy T) drives his Porsche 911 in fine fashio
Billy T has what it takes to be a race car driver. He has prepared his Porsche 911 Carrera very well and it shows. Billy drives his car just like there is a pack of wild dogs chasing him down the racetrack. He takes his car up to it's top s...

3 years ago    2,380 views    CanyonRunVideos
BMW 135 Test & Tune: EMRA Summit Point 11/11/2012 (#135 BMW)
Summit Point Raceway (2.0 mi.)NASA GTS3/EMRA ST2Sunday, November 11, 2012Test & Tune-#135 Hi Speed Motorsports BMW 135iDriver is Jonathan VasquezHi Speed Motorsports | G-Squared Media | AJ Hartman Racing-After the EMRA Races on Saturday, HS...

3 years ago    3,091 views    HiSpeedMotorsports22
1013MM Feature | BMW 135i // 328i
1013MMhttps://www.1013MM.com M.D.

3 years ago    2,296 views    Photo_MD
2009 Best Motoring 370Z Z34 Preview 01.28.09
Best Motoring Just relased their 2009 Volume 3. In this dvd, you can see the track battle between Nissan Fair Lady ZHonda S2000 CRPorsche Cayman SBMW 135i CoupePorsche 911 Carrera PDK

7 years ago    2,952 views    The370Z_com
135i BMW performance exhaust
135i BMW performance

8 years ago    3,943 views    carversation
BMW 135i upgraded turbo's drag racing
ASR Engineering Upgraded turbo's and Drag radials. 6 speed

6 years ago    2,603 views    TintProtector
BMW 135i aFe Exhaust Dyno
See and hear the 08-09 BMW 135i on the dyno with aFe Stainless Exhaust System, Super StockAir Intake System, and DAS Air Scoops.

3 years ago    1,990 views    afeTV
2013 BMW 135is
While BMW continues to trend toward the large and luxurious, the 2013 BMW 135is espouses the delights of the small and sporty. reviewer Mike Hanley says the performance coupe's "back-to-basics" approach makes for some fun, road-hug...

3 years ago    1,783 views    Carscom
#15527 - 2011 BMW 135I L6 Turbo - Take Off
2011 BMW 135I L6 3.0L TurboSport Series, REAR EXITMagnaFlow Part #15527Take Off

5 years ago    2,509 views    MagnaFlow
Paris 2012: Audi S3, Sportler mit guten Manieren
S wie sportlich. Künftig kann sich auch Audis kompakter A3 mit diesem Attribut schmücken und 35 PS mehr auf die Straße lassen. 300 PS, und die bei einem Drehmoment von 380 Nm bei 1.800 Umdrehungen. Daten, die so recht nach dem Geschmack spo...

3 years ago    1,667 views    UnitedPictures
08-09 BMW 135i aFe Dual Intake System, Stainless Exhaust, DAS Air Scoo
See and hear the 08-09 BMW 135i on the dyno with aFe Stainless Exhaust System, Dual Air Intake System, and DAS Air Scoops.

3 years ago    1,544 views    afeTV
BMW 135i vs. Infiniti G37S from WINDING ROAD Magazine
Another video short from WINDING ROAD Magazine.

3 years ago    1,160 views    WindingRoadMagazine
My 330 HP subaru impreza racing my new BMW 135 i
I just got myself the new 135 i bmw.We decided to run it against my 330 hp subaru. we decided on a 60 km roll that time

7 years ago    2,611 views    Nerdmans
Ls1 Rx7 Quick Highway Pull 3rd 4th and most of 5th
Watch the Scan Gauge 2 speedo in the beginning. It jumps 20 mph in about a second when I hit it.Car hit 129 indicated but the pcm speed reading is actually set up for a smaller tire. We were actually closer to 135

7 years ago    2,486 views    Sciff5
BMW 135I low boost VS GT500 30 roll

4 years ago    838 views    1993ka24det