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Fully Built Inc 1000hp Turbo Cobra
Sneeks2nv's 1000hp Turbo Cobra built by FullyBuiltInc.comCompilation video of the build, dyno tuning, and some street pulls... MORE BOOST+NITROUS TO COME!

6 years ago    16,950 views    GRABALANE
Dyno Pull: 1200 hp Twin Turbo V6? goto www.nelsonr
Dyno Pull: 1200 hp Twin Turbo V6? goto to find out more. These are guys are the real deal when it comes to 500,1000,1500,2000HP! street cars!

9 years ago    13,947 views    363262
Guy's Lexus SC300 that we know. This was a Dyno in
Guy's Lexus SC300 that we know. This was a Dyno in Indiana. His car wasn't running correctly on all cylinders and since he couldn't do the dyno pull himself he didn't let the tech go to redline or use the nitrous so the car should have been...

9 years ago    12,041 views    Crazy AZN Man
7175 Toyota Supra on the dyno and highway - 1000hp
We dynoed the car at a local shop to make sure the car was healthy and in good shape for the upcoming tx2k12 meet. The car has a 71mm precision turbo running on e85 with a built motor tuned with a Motec M600.The car made around 937 after co...

3 years ago    3,042 views    briank03
800hp Supra dyno with a 6765 billet turbo -I dynoed my Supra today with e85 with one of those neat billet 6765 turbos (.96 AR and largest compressor H cover )It made 801rwhp/760rwtq at 28psi on an AEM tuned by Chris Hamilton.Amazing stuff, we did not have ...

6 years ago    2,403 views    briank03