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Top Gear Season 1 - Episode 9
Top Gear Season 1 - Episode 9 FULL EPISODE - Segment on the Renault Espas - Jeremy reviews different Family people carriers for the school run: Toyota Land Cruiser and Volvo XC90 - Part one of lightened cars: Jason and Richard strip out a 1...

5 years ago    41,863 views    SVTDriver97
the slowest car EVER!
0-60 time: 11 seconds! the sebring is definitely the slowest car i have ever ridden in. possibly the slowest car ever. this is the 4 cylinder version, base model.

5 years ago    1,202 views    zweetty
Jeep SRT8 with Hennessey SRT600 Turbo system. Dri
Jeep SRT8 with Hennessey SRT600 Turbo system. Drive by video. Driftbox verified 0 - 60 mph in 3.7 seconds.

7 years ago    214,807 views    272127
Jeep SRT8 with Hennessey SRT600 Turbo system upgra
Jeep SRT8 with Hennessey SRT600 Turbo system upgrade. In car launch with 0-60 time of 3.7 seconds.

7 years ago    151,535 views    272127
Drag racing lawn mower burnouts and launch 0 to 15
Drag racing lawn mower burnouts and launch 0 to 150ft in 2.94sec @ 70mph, and it pulls the front wheels on the launch for atleast 60ft.

7 years ago    147,767 views    Kenneth S
Global News Special - 92mpg & 0-60 in 5 seconds. N
Global News Special - 92mpg & 0-60 in 5 seconds. New ale' now certified for the road!

6 years ago    129,667 views    27d781df
Adrenaline Motorsport Warsaw - SR 2008
Skyline GTR-r32 - 650 HPEvolution V - 450 HPE60 M5 - 507 HPCorvette C6 Z06 - 500 HP.and us:

5 years ago    117,049 views    l0c0
The Fastest bikes on this planet.... 0-60 in les
The Fastest bikes on this planet.... 0-60 in less than .50 of a sec. Supercharge 4 cyl. nitro methane1000 horse 1000 torque no getting sued by marvel comics for the names "spiderman" and " the hulk "Much Love to all the w

7 years ago    105,020 views    621991
0-60 Porsche 911 RAUH-Welt in Tokyo
From 0-60's Summer 2010 issue comes the famous and illusive Porsche tuner out of Japan: RAUH-Welt Begriff. Known for his outrageously tuned Porsches, we set out to profile his one-of-a-kind creations and bring you a once in a lifetime story...

3 years ago    63,221 views    0to60mag
new BMW M5 E60 507hp goes 0 to 270 km/h
new BMW M5 E60 507hp goes 0 to 270 km/h

9 years ago    64,107 views    guest
0-60 0-150 mph in the 2011 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG—When life gives you an E63 AMG, you flog the sh*t out of it! We tested the E63 from 0-150 mph (actually 151), 0-86 mph with the Race Start activated and did a few donuts to test out the, adhesion ability.If...

3 years ago    55,267 views    0to60mag
Exclusive: 2010 Ford Focus RS in Mexico
0-60 Exclusive: Ford Focus RS in Mexico ¡Oye! Flogging the Ford Focus RS on the free roads between Veracruz and Acapulco in Mexico dodging drug cartels and the federales during volatile times with Mark Donohue Williams at the helm and Bar....

4 years ago    58,513 views    DaPixelater
0-60 Dodge Viper ACR vs Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG
As seen in 0-60 magazine's ( Winter, 2010 issue. We bring together Dodge's Viper ACR and Mercedes-Benz's SLS AMG for a burn through the California desert. What if the two companies hadn't split -- would SRT and AMG ha...

3 years ago    52,322 views    0to60mag
Ferrari 458 Italia - Modified
Ferrari 458 Italia, modified by Oakley Design & tested by Performance Direct Motoring News. We were invited by French based Option Auto Magazine to CERAM test circuit to test out the modified Ferrari 458 and matching Ducati 1198 'Carbon Edi...

3 years ago    41,371 views    PDMotoringNews
This video shows a supercar beeing wrecked. A red Ferrari 458 Speciale with golden rims and italian flag color stripes. You can see details and the car beeing towed away.Check out the following articles for more information about the accide...

1 months ago    1,679 views    glonk
American Petrol Heads -- Smart ForTwo Car 0-60
Matt and Clark do their best to get a stock smart fortwo car to do 0-60. Hold on or many, many terrifying seconds!Smartcar 0-60Smart Car 0-60

1 months ago    934 views    AmericanPetrolheads
Kamui Kobayashi drives the Caterham Seven 620 R at Silverstone
Caterham F1 team driver Kamui Kobayashi takes to Silverstone to drive the breath-taking Caterham Seven 620 R for the first time. With a 2.0 Supercharged Ford Duratec engine producing 310bhp, the Seven 620 R will launch from 0 -- 60 in 2.79 ...

1 months ago    575 views    glonk
Porsche 911 Turbo S Vs Nissan GT-R review - Auto Express
Porsche 911 review: GT-R review: to our YouTube channel to the mag since it was introduced in 1974, the Porsc...

3 months ago    2,491 views    glonk
BMW M6 V8 twinTurbo dyno tested
visit BMW M6 V8 twinTurbo dyno tested at a Tach Motor works event.BMW M6 V8 twinTurboPrice: $125,5950-60 MPH : 4.0 sec1/4 mile run: 12.1 sec @ 123.1 MPH7 speed twin clutch Auto

6 months ago    6,199 views    Import2race
2011 subaru wrx launch control 0-60
42 degree weather. cobb v3 protune. invidia catback, cobb dp, aem cai. the launch control on the access port helps a lot.

5 months ago    781 views    h22-t
2013 Hennessey McLaren MP4-12C HPE700 3.8 V8 Twin Turbo 713 hp 0-60 mp
(from Hennessey Press Release) McLaren MP4-12C with Hennessey HPE700 UpgradeSealy, Texas-McLaren's new P1 hybrid supercar is an astounding machine, both in its total output of 903 horsepower and its staggering $1,150,000 window sticker. But...

6 months ago    3,822 views    glonk
2014 Misha Design Porsche 911 991 body kit revealed before SEMA 2013 -
2014 Misha Design Porsche 911 991 body kit revealed before SEMA 2013 - Will make it's debut on the iForged Foregestar booth - Agresive kit with new bumpers, revised side skirts, and a rear diffuser - vented hood and rear spoiler - available...

6 months ago    1,374 views    civicdelslow
Pagani Huayra Carbon Edition in Vancouver
Here is a video of the amazing Pagani Huayra Carbon Edition seen in Vancouver, British Columbia during the 2013 Vancouver Luxury and Supercar Weekend. This particular Huayra is one of only 22 produced so far and one of two Carbon Edition Hu...

7 months ago    3,209 views    supercarlust
falcon GT new FPV FG BOSS 315 2008
MY TOP 20 No 10 FORD - falcon GT 2008 the new FPV FG BOSS monaro & relatedAS IT WAS SEEN AT THE MELBOURNE MOTOR SHOW 29th FEB 2008 Due for release in a couple of months falcon GT 2008 the new FPV FG BOSSAS IT WAS SEEN AT THE MELBOURNE MO...

6 months ago    642 views    DRAGONSLiVED
Noble M600 accelerations and driving in Monaco
The Noble M600 is a very impressive handbuild British supercar produced by Noble Automotive. Its predecessor was the Noble M15. It is fabricated from stainless steel and carbon fibre and is powered by a turbocharged V8 engine produced by Vo...

6 months ago    2,086 views    supercarlust
Fast Five: The Ultimate Heist Vehicle Part 1 of 2
Check out part 2! on a scene in the Paul Walker & Vin Diesel action/heist film Fast Five, or Fast and Furious 5, we hit the ra...

2 years ago    32,717 views    Autotopia
Koenigsegg Agera
Koenigsegg Agera

3 years ago    28,716 views    0to60mag
W427 WALKINSHAW for the USA PONTIAC G8 fans look to the future
MY TOP 20 No 6 GM HOLDEN- HSV W427 WALKINSHAW for the USA PONTIAC G8 & GT fans look to the future HOLDEN SPECIAL VEHICLES GM HOLDEN AUSTRALIA build the fastest ever commodore 0 to 100 kmph in 4.7 seconds dry sump oil system carbonfibre GRI...

6 months ago    900 views    DRAGONSLiVED
0-60 Mustang Drifting Battle of the Sexes Featuring Vaughn Gittin Jr
Deputy Editor Matt Tuccillo ran his mouth against Vaughn Gittin Jr.'s driving skills. Then, his girlfriend showed up and kicked his ass—at drifting. Check out for the complete story.

4 years ago    33,036 views    0to60mag