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SLOTCAR – Episode 04 – The Vegas Striptease
When a topless firewoman shows up to put out a blaze in Las Vegas, a rash of “unexplained” fires burn out of control in SLOTCAR. Tripp Raffle annoys Kurt and Kyle with stupid bush jokes.

7 years ago    27,385 views    SLOTCAR
Show off enjoys fresh road rash
Maybe he took the training wheels off too soon?

5 years ago    4,231 views    Pants
Pro-Street Dal Sangha (Green Turbocharged Mustang)
Pro-Street Dal Sangha (Green Turbocharged Mustang) Vs. Rash Dhaliwal (Blue Supercharged Mustang) Mission Raceway Park 2005

10 years ago    3,183 views    bryan_h2
Watch Epic Road Rash Video, Przypalił gumkę :D
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3 years ago    1,464 views    bartoszka
Rash Dhaliwal @ The Strip

7 years ago    461 views    SteveSS
Italian Moto Road Rash
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4 years ago    676 views    JukinVideo
Mission Raceway Street Legals and T/T
Street Legals And Rash Dhaliwal's Pro 5.0

7 years ago    1,902 views    SteveSS
Rash Dhaliwal @ The Strip

7 years ago    218 views    SteveSS
6th Crash Rash
No one was fatally injured in ANY of these incidents...even the guy getting thrown from the car.

8 years ago    6,553 views    JakeMniss
bad rash 4
bad rash 4

10 years ago    396 views    cobra 2003