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Truck accident in Giresun<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> Giresun in a traffic accident that occurred on the tractor, according to the information at a red light waiting 7 çarptı.Edinilen vehicle accident at noon, the Black Sea Coastal Highway Port Junction 'occurred in. Civelek Hussein Javid (58) led 61 K 11952 TIR plate on vehicle handling due to excessive speed, losing another truck waiting at a red light to avoid hitting the steering wheel turned to the left lane to pass. I can not get the speed of the management of the TIR Kaçgan 34 JU 6652 John Platter vehicle before slamming back in Port Junction 'vehicle was hit by the red light 5. Some drivers not come from injury, accident due to their fear and panic, shed tears.<br /> <br /> TIR 06 YUC 85 plate car accident 'under the nose bleed into the game, drive your car while the car accident Unal told Zechariah. Stating that you lost your driver steering Unal, 'says the truck driver, but do not know of another vehicle compressing itself. This tractor wheel broke and all the tools completely m

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