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For being the 2nd Toyotafest I have ever been to, it was more packed than it was in 2012. Very overwhelmed with the turnout as I showed up later than expected and started coverage late. Overall, it was a great show but a bit too blended where it was difficult to find certain cars in the show. The next day was the Speed and Stance meet that was put together within a week. The meet was packed beyond belief to the point where the line was a 20-30 minute wait to get into Fontana Speedway and a little reminder that this is a meet and not a show. Very great turnout and with autocross, drifting, time attack, and a meet? Very good combination indeed.<br /> <br /> Special thanks to Meng Tea from FRS86 for the onboard GoPro footage from his run at the Dynamic Driving Academy Event (@ Speed and Stance).<br /> <br /> Soundtrack - Daft Lights (WhiteNoize Blend)<br /> Website<br /><br /> <br /> Facebook<br /><br /> <br /> DaYUUM<br /><br /><br /> <br /> Whiteline<br /> ht

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