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The Departure, Part 2: AN EVENING WITH ROBERT ROSE<br /> <br /> Robert "Bobby" Rose is a homeless crack addict pedaling around the streets of Gainesville, FL. He decided to visit our Thursday night car club meeting on his bicycle, where we conducted an impromptu interview. Watch as Bobby Rose comments on some Hondas, money, Presidential Candidate Barack Obama (at the time of recording) and fast food burger joints. After taking handouts from the locals, he proceeds to the nearest gas station to procure alcohol and cigarettes. He also professes the feeling most red blooded Americans have, "FTC!"<br /> <br /> IMV Films hired video contractors and interns to produce a few short videos, and paid them in Malt Liquor. These videos are a "departure" from the norm. They were shot using different equipment and edited on a MacBook Pro Laptop using Final Cut. Once IMV finishes its new editing studio, there will be new content soon!<br /> <br /> Please donate to help keep IMV Films in Production! Please donate to via Paypal

Category: Burnouts, Clubs/Cruises, Dirt Bikes/ATV

Tags: addict, Homeless, head

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