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Add<br /> <br /> This is a MUST WATCH UNBIASED review of the tao of badass. I've shown in previous videos how the tao of badass system has helped me understand women a lot more, be confident around women and how to get girls. In this video, I go really in depth to what you will get when you purchase the tao of badass. I bought the tao of badass course through the link above and I was able to get a huge discount off it as well as some really cool bonuses which I went through in the video. This product is a MUST buy if you want to master the art of seduction and be great with women.<br /> <br /> Hi everybody, this is Adam here. And I am taking you inside of The Tao of Badass today, and I'm going to show you The Tao Badass system. I've already logged in, and I'm going to show you the product, I'm going to show you how it is somewhat of a social network, and then I'm going to show you the bonuses that you'll get, if you click the link below and sign up using that link. Just to rephr

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