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So we're at Fontana AGAIN in yet another hot blazing summer day (Sept. 14). Subiefest this year was a first for us and we were blown away at the turnout. First entering the gates and then stopping almost immediately due to not just one full line but two stretching all the way down towards the end of the 1st turn of the entrance. Although we did concentrate more on interviews, there were many impressive builds throughout the fully packed show not only in the vendor area but the overcrowded parking lot. I had never seen such an attendance before in the industry not counting SEMA. Well here it is, Subiefest 2013.<br /> <br /> Soundtrack: Skrux - Universe (Mashup)<br /> <br /> Photography: <br /> Andrew Kuntjoro<br /> <br /> Videography: <br /> Mikey Dang<br /> <br /> Edit: Mikey Dang<br /> <br /> Special Thanks to:<br /> Continental Tires<br /> Whiteline<br /> Luccia Cafiero<br /> Rick from Rally Sport Direct<br /> Chris Haydostian<br /> Kelson from Crawford Performance<br /> <br /> Website<br /><br /> <br /> Facebook<br />

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Tags: subaru subie boxer, whiteline suspension, rally sport direct

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