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BURN OUT SESSION @ 11:29<br /> This video with MUSIC edited @<br /> Drag Racing some Street Legal Camaro's on the Curacao International Raceway.<br /> This in Feb 2013.<br /> The in video counter is not an official timing, but just in indication of where we're at. With no tuning, standard low cost street tires and normally aspirated engines ! <br /> No weight reduction on cars. This was a friendly race with a big surprise at the end of the video ! For your pleasure there was no music edited into the video.<br /> Please like and enjoy !<br /> Draai e lolei, saliña, salinja, salinas, hot pepper 2012, anunnaki, nephilim, potato strips, boltu cheiba, ganja, gangnam style, Harlem shake, shitake mushrooms, heavy, lightweight, oranges, bananas, Original, original, origami, melting, curaçao, korsou, korsow, breadsticks, UFO SIGHTINGS, ufo's, ufo sightings, signs, 300, mafia, Swedish mafia, Amish mafia, bearded weirdos without beards, popcorn, temptee, lam yuen, hanchi makaku, sosehi, calpol, dolo di kabes, ma

Category: Drag Racing

Tags: Fbody, Camaro, hp

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