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Visit to view their brimming line up of specials and package deals. Hollywood Beauty Bar is a Hollywood Spa facility to go when you are ready to drop your anxiety and take a load off. The sanctity of silence is admired by all and executed by none other then the infamous Henry Volitar-who takes deep pride in the "magical" result his team of professionals bring to their customers every day.<br /> <br /> Eyelash extensions Los Angeles knows all about those and you will find them here. A smooth Hollywood waxing is also an option as 1 of the quality packages to choose from.<br /> <br /> If your muscles are tight and you are in Hollywood, massage is the answer you are trying to think of! Of all the spas in Los angeles the Hollywood Beauty Bar has definitely got the most value considering their proximity to all the main events. <br /> <br /> Apart from the truth that Hollywood Blvd is a loud and stressful road to stroll on, this Hollywood spa is nestled a block off of the one and only Blvd and after 30 seconds of en

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