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See the angle from a man's dash cam video as he accidentally drives into a flooded creek and his car is swept away.<br /> <br /> from author <br /> "This is a view from my D-TEG dashcam. I approached a flooded road and made a quick U-turn rather than driving into the water. This was a naturally smart move. Unfortunately my turn resulted in me plunging off a hidden embankment and splashing nose-first right into a swollen creek where I sunk straight to the bottom, I traveled several hundred feet underwater with the car quickly filling up. At one point I was completely surrounded by water and just holding my breath in the darkness. Somehow the driver-side and passenger-side windows broke and I was flushed from the vehicle. I surfaced after a bit and found myself racing down the creek. A cop called out to me and I was able to swim to him and his life-saving grab."

Category: Crashes/Wrecks

Tags: car crashaccident, raincar, fail, funny, funny videocrash

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