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RFactor Motorsports - 2014 Ford Fairmont Thunderbolt<br /> <br /> American Uber Coupe - Specs<br /> Engine - 6.1 Liter V8 580 BHP<br /> Standard Transmission - 6-Speed Manual<br /> Optional Transmission 1 - 7-Speed Manual<br /> Optional Transmission 2 - 7-Speed Electronic Manual<br /> Drivetrain - RWD<br /> Fuel Type - Gasoline/Petrol<br /> 0-60 mph - 3.5 Seconds<br /> Top Speed - 200 mph<br /> Original Price - $70,000<br /> Current Price - $70,000<br /> Made from - Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass<br /> <br /> This car has been on sale since 2004, I was one of the creators and is of the official american uber coupes of RFactor Motorsports & Top Gear RFactor. This is a true drivers car to here you drive it on either a track and everyday. Plus this car has no plastic materials in it which is good. It's literally a bargain supercar and I love it. All the opitions you get are standard like on every trim level on the Ford Fairmont range.<br /> <br /> It's allies are the Riley Thunderbolt, Chevrolet Supersport LT, Dodge Charger SRT8 Super Bee, Maserati Quattroporte GTS, & Cadillac CTS-V.<br /> <br /> It's rivia

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