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The idea for this video came from a night of goofing off with friends and tossing ideas around. When this song began to play in the background, I knew I had to edit a drift video to it, but not just any drift video. That's when I decided to make a video using only the help of wearable/mountable cameras. Many questions arise when considering such a project. How will I get my hands on enough cameras? My old, broken GoPro SD sure wasn't going to cut it. And then, once I have enough cameras, how can I mount them in ways that keep the viewer interested throughout the entire video? I can assure you, this was a slightly daunting prospect that quickly found it's home in the recesses of my mind. That is, until Antonio Alvendia introduced me to Jason from ContourHD at the Apex'i/Lexus debut party in Seattle. I swear, that guy knows everyone!<br /> <br /> This video is far from perfect, but I feel it captures some of the excitement and carefree qualities of drifting that are often difficult to see or feel through a lens or comput

Category: Drifting

Tags: s13, s14, drifting

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