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Add Would you rather get stabbed in the back with a sharp knife, give birth, or pass a kidney stone? While getting stabbed and giving birth sound very painful, some people have said that passing a kidney stone is on par ¨C excruciatingly pain. The pain makes more sense when you think about trying to squeeze a crystalized rock with jagged, razor-sharp edges through a tiny tube between your kidney and bladder, and then out your ureter into the toilet (sorry for the graphic images that might give you, but it¡¯s real!) I myself have suffered from kidney stones, so speaking from personal experience... boy can it be painful... and that¡¯s why I want to tell you about a home remedy solution that has really helped me. I came across the Kidney Stone Removal Report, which taught me how to dissolve kidney stones using natural and alternative home remedies. It is even endorsed by Dr. Scott Saunders MD.<br /> <br /> The one remedy that really worked for me involves drinking a certain

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