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VIntage RNRTOT, or the "Lost Episode". I'll post wht I can and fill in the rest with more up-to-date video. This footage is 3 years old, and was stuck on a 16 gig card that refused to be read. I recorded until the memory was full and it locked the card. Eventually was able to force it into being copied an promptly discarded it. Also lost two 8 gig cards that had Whitey footage as well.<br /> <br /> That Star Wars type background noise you hear is the noise filter from Audacity. It used to be a loud hiss. Great program Audacity. Cleaned the audio on this fabulously. I could have gotten the the garble out if I kept tweaking the settings, but I was so pleased to even get the footage recovered that I couldn't wait to get going on it!<br /> <br /> Ok, ok. So I was lazy and impatient...

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