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Car #714 into the 10's~! Atco test n tune with the Stangs! DESTROYED MY PREVIOUS BEST ALL MOTOR TIME OF 11.40's @ 119 TODAY WITH A HEALTHY 11.30 @120.5 on the second pass out, pump gas, all motor... Then we figured, eh, i'll spray a 50 shot just to see what happens, and, 11.03... then 11.01... then, they called for LAST CALL TO THE STAGING LANES, so me and my buddy with the ported blower / full bolt on's GT500 decided, why not race each other, and give it all we have last pass of the day...and, AMAZINGLY, WE RAN IDENTICAL 10.98's!!! Both of our first 10 second timeslips got on the same day, racing each-other, with our daily drivers!! Then we left the track, and used some of that tire tread up in a celebratory few smokeshows, lol... Enjoy!! Thanks to Shaun AED for making it happen with his kick ass tuning... Next time out to the track I'm confident we can go 11.20's at 121 all motor pump gas now that i've got the launch down!! Race weight today was just under 3800 lbs, and this car has 100% stock motor, trans

Category: Drag Racing

Tags: Mustang, Coyote, 5.0

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