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Add - Once again Area Rides was at Gateway Motorsports Park in Madison, Illinois for Midnight Madness 2013. Though both drags and drifting were featured, most of AR's time was spent at the drift course.<br /> <br /> This is one of the best events to hit on a Friday night. You can still hit all the cruises and still have time to drive sideways to 2:00 a.m the next morning! Everyone was there including Jeff & Jordan Stoltz of Rambling Around TV, Matt McElwrath of and more!<br /> <br /> You can see Midnight Madness #1 coverage here:<br /><br /> <br /> For other events in the area be sure to check out for info.<br /> <br /> Music:<br /> Artist:<br /> cdk<br /><br /> Track:<br /> The Game Has Changed (cdk-Rumblestep_Mix)<br /><br /><br /> <br /> <br /> AR Intro:<br /> SFX: Creative Commons Attribution<br /><br /> <br /> Artist:

Category: Drifting

Tags: Midnight Madness, Gateway Motorosports, Madison Illinois

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