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« Mégane Trophy V6 et son pilote vous emmènent en balade improvisée afin de faire le plein en sensation. »<br /> Paris, capitale de la France, symbole de la culture française, abritant de nombreux monuments mondialement connus ; quoi de mieux qu'un taxi pour vous faire visiter ? <br /> Renault Sport continue de relever les défis et pas des moindres ! <br /> //<br /> In the latest "Challenge Us if you can!", the Megane Trophy V6 and its driver will take you on a thrilling, off-the-cuff trip.<br /> Paris: the capital of France, symbol of French culture and home to a number of world-famous monuments. What better way to take in its landmarks than by taxi? <br /> <br /> <br /> Revoir les deux premiers challenge: <br /><br /><br /> <br /> <br /> *** WARNING ***<br /> This video was filmed exclusively on closed roads with a professional driver in ideal safety conditions.<br /> Under no circumstances should you attempt to drive this way on open roads.<br /> You must abide by the Highway Code and the rules of driving.<br /> This film should in no

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